All Types of Leaves and GOs/Memos

1. Casual leave can be sanctioned for Half day also i.e., 10 30 AM to 1-30 PM or 2 PM to 5 PM (Note 3 under G.O.Ms.No. 112, Finance Department, dated 03-06-1966.) 2. An employee who is on Authorised leave can be recalled back to duty by cancelling leave sanctioned and in such cases the employee is eligible for T.A. (F.R.70).

3. Interim relief should not be paid in surrender leave. (Govt. Memo. No. 31948/398/PCI/1/98-1, F&P department, dated

4. Study leave to S.Cs & STS-Government in G.O.Ms.No. 342 (S.W. B3), Finance Department, dated 30-08-1977 has issued orders to the effect, that where acquiring higher educational qualifications are pre requisite for promotion in respect of S.Cs and STs are required; they can be permitted to acquire higher qualifications within the country with full pay and allowances and without loss of leave. However such of the employees who have put in not less than five years of service are eligible for such benefits and that too once in service only. Necessary bond has to be executed to the effect that they will serve the government after acquiring higher qualification.

A:- Applies for N.G.O. category

B: Two years or less duration thout of leave.

C: Two chances for qualifying Examination.

D:- Should come back to department or else Rs. 10,000/ penalty.

E: Only one such training programme.

5. According to sub rule 10 Annexure II of FR 74, the Medical Certificate should be obtained by the Gazetted officers, not below the rank of a civil surgeon and in respect of N.G.Os and last grade servants, it should be obtained from any Registered Medical

6. According to FR 26 (b) (ii); the Head of the Department is competent to permit the extra ordinary leave on M.C. to be counted for the purpose of allowing increment up to six months; and after that the government.

7. Leave generally should not be refused. Although leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right under FR 67, leave should not normally be refused unless such refusal is absolutely necessary (Govt. Mcmo. No. 160808/695/FRI/165-1, Finance Department, dated 12-05-1965.)

8. Subject to limit of ten days, the authorised holidays can be availed when they occur between dates on which compensatory leave is taken. The restriction of maximum period of 10 days does not apply when compensatory leave is prefixed or affixed to regular leave, but will apply only when compensatory leave is combined with casual leave or authorised holidays (Govt. Memo. No. 2690/ Political B/64-2, GAD, dated 03-10-1964).

9. Extra ordinary leave can be sanctioned at a time for five years or with break up periods if they secure a job in foreign countries (GO.Ms.No. 756, Finance (FRI) Department, dated 10 08-2002.).

10. In the case of grant of casual leave to a purely temporary and emergency government servants, the sanctioning authority shall use its discretion having regard to length of service put in by such government servant. (GO.Ms.No. 999, Finance, dated 30-5-1959).teachrinfo.i.n

11. Local Holidays notified in the District Gazettes cannot be permitted to be prefixed or affixed to leave (sub rule 3 FR 68). 12. A government servant cannot be compelled against his wishes to take leave on Half pay when on full pay is admissible to him (Ruling under FR 67).

13. A government servant should produce physical fitness certificate to return to duty after leave on Medical Certificate (FR 71).

14. A government servant on leave is prohibited to return to duty before the expiry of leave granted to him unless is permitted to do so by the authority which teachrinfo.i.n granted the leave (FR 72).

15.Leave may not be granted to government servant under suspension (FR 55)

16. Leave ordinarily begins on the day on which transfer of charge effected and ends on the day preceding the day on which charge is resumed (FR 68).

17. The order sanctioning earned leave/Half pay leave to a government servant shall indicate the balance of such leave at credit (Para 6 of G.O.Ms.No. 384, Finance and Planning Department, dated 05-11-1977.).

18. Commuted leave:- The commuted leave should be sanctioned only on Medical Certificate. The period sanctioned should not exceed half the number of days of half pay leave at credit (Rule 15 B; Rule 23; Rule 25 of A.P. Leave Rules, 1933).teachrinfo.i.n

A:- Commuted leave once sanctioned and availed of cannot be revised in to leave on half pay even at the request of the government servant since the option exercised in such case is final. (General ruling 10 in Annexure III under A.P. Leave Rules, 1933.)





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