G.O.Ms.No.37 Enhancement of Spot Valuation rates

School   Education -  SSC  Public   Examinations,  April   2023 -Enhancement of rates  of remuneration    payable  to the  personnel involved   in conduct  and Spot Valuation   work  of SSC Public Examinations  - Orders  - Issued.

G.O.Ms.No.37   Dated: 20.04.2023.

Read the  following:-

1.G.O.Ms.No.23,   School  Education  (Exams)   Department, dated :31.03.2016.

2From the  Director  of Government   Examinations,   e-file bearing  Computer   No.1732988.

1. According to the G.O. 1 read above, the government has issued orders to raise the pay rates of employees hired to conduct SSC Public Examinations and perform Spot Valuation duties.

2.The Head of Government Assessments, vide reference second read above, has presented recommendations for upgrade of the current paces of compensation payable to the faculty engaged with direct and Recognize Valuation work of SSC Public Assessments.

3.Government after cautious assessment of the matter, thusly request for improvement of the paces of compensation to the staff associated with direct and Detect Valuation work of SSC Public Assessments w.e.f.,  April 20, 2023, as shown below: 

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