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School safety and Student safety – Certain guidelines

Rc.No. ESE02/254/2023-SCERT-Part(1) Dt :03/03/2023 

Sub: School Education – SCERT, AP –School safety and Student safety – Certain guidelines – Issued- Reg. 

Ref: 1. This ofce even proceedings dated: 16.11.2020, 24.11.2020, 9.12.2020 and 30.12.2020 , 01.09.2021 , 11.10.2021, 22.11.2021, 6.01.2022, 21.01.2022, 21.02.2022, 05.06.2022 and 19.08.2022

 The attention of all the District Educational Officers and Principals of DIETs in the State are hereby informed that The NATIONAL EDUCATION POLICY, 2020 lays down the goal for every educational institution – from preschool to University– “A good educational institution is one in which each student feels welcomed and cared for, where a safe and stimulating learning environment exists.” (Guidelines on School Safety and Security Guidelines on School Safety and Security @2021 ).

The ambience in schools must be positive and nurturing, where children feel safe and secure on the premises and with the care providers. Sense of safety and well-being will be instilled in students when action is taken against misconduct or abuse, such as corporal punishment, discriminatory practices, bullying and other forms of verbal, emotional or sexual abuse, by teachers, other personnel or other students. ( MANUAL ON SAFETY AND SECURITY OF CHILDREN IN SCHOOLS Developed by NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR PROTECTION OF CHILD RIGHTS)

The unfortunate sporadic incidents have taken place in the schools during the last few months which call for a reality check of the safety environment in the schools. Therefore, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, District Educational Officers and Principals of IASEs/CTEs/Govt. DIETs in the state are requested to give clear instructions to the respective field functionaries on the following. 

Implementation of Student Safety Guidelines: 

a. To follow the Student Safety Guidelines Strictly and create awareness among the students to avoid untoward incidents. 

b. The Principals and Headmasters shall immediately take up a review of  the guidelines already issued by this once vide reference cited. 

c. Create awareness about Good Touch/Bad Touch, Corporal Punishments and Child abuse 

d. Awareness about Child Helpline No.1098. 

e. Oath on School Safety Pledge 

f. Awareness of Helpline numbers, Posters and Complaint Box in assembly 

g. All government, aided and private unaided schools should display the following videos on 04.03.2023 to students on possible ways duly ensuring that awareness has been created among all regarding the Good Touch and Bad Touch as well as child safety in schools. 

h. The District Educational Officers are requested to submit the compliance report with photos by Monday i.e 06.03.2023 without fail.


We, the teachers, parents and students of (Name of School) pledge to ensure that our School is a SAFE, SECURE and HAPPY place for all. We pledge to support the Head of the School who shall

1. Leave the school building at the end of the school day only after ensuring that no child is left behind inside or outside the school premises. 

2. Ensure that students, teachers and staff stay back in school for various activities only with his/her permission. 

3. Meet and interact with all students and teachers regularly and at least once a week. 

4. Ensure that teachers are sensitive to the needs and concerns of students, especially those in the primary classes. 

5. Create a healthy, clean and non-threatening environment and curb bullying. 

6. Carry out evacuation drills regularly. 

7. Maintain a Suggestion/POCSO Box and check the comments shared by students regularly.

Important telephone numbers: - 

National Emergency Response: - 112 

State Disaster Helpline Number: -


CHILDLINE: - 1098 

State Counselling Helpline: - 

Hospital: - 

Fire: - 

Block Education Officer: - 

District Collector: - 

Name of Head of School: -

Download Memo

Download School Safety pledge

School safety Book by NCPCR


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