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Allocation of Non-Teaching Staff working in B.Ed., M.Ed., B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed now shifting to Higher Education

 Rc.No. ESE02-15021/69/2022-EST 5-CSE Date:28/02/2023

Sub: School Education – APMS – Recommendations of the Committee constituted to resolve various issues arising out of transfer the subject matter of B.Ed., M.Ed., B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed., - Currently with School Education Department to Higher Education Department – Allocation of Non-Teaching Staff working in the Colleges among the Posts already allocated – Certain Instructions – Issued.

Read: 1) G.O.Ms.No.22 GA(CABINET.II)Dept. Dt:04.03.2021.

2) Govt.Memo.No.1373294/Trg.A2/2021-1, Dt:19.03.2021.

3) G.O.Ms.No.15 HE (EC) Dept., Dt:12.04.2022.

4) Govt.Memo.No.1724969/Trg./A1/2022, Dt:14.05.2022.

5) This Ofce e Lr.Rc.No.ESE02-22023/7/2022-TRNG-CSE, Dt:27.10.2022.

6) Govt.MemoNo.1724969/Trg./A1/2022, Dt:14.05.2022.

7) This Ofce e Lr.Rc.No.ESE02-22023/7/2022-TRNG-CSE, Dt:27.10.2022.

8) Govt.MemoNo.1724969/Trg./A1/2022, Dt:05.11.2022.

9) UO.Note.No.ESE02-22023/7/2022-TRNG-CSE, Dt:17.11.2022.

10) This Ofce Procs.Rc.No.ESE02-22023/7/2022-TRNG-CSE, Dt:17.11.2022 (4 Colleges).

11) This Office Procs.Rc.No.ESE02-15021/69/2022-EST 5-CSE, Dt:03.12.2022.

The attention of District Educational Officers/Regional Joint Directors of School Education (mentioned in the address section) concerned are invited to the references read above, in which the government accepted and transferred the subjects of B.Ed, M.Ed, B.P.Ed, and M.P.Ed from the School Education Department to the Higher Education Department.

In the reference 6th cited, the government established a committee to resolve the issues that arose from the transfer of these subjects. The recommendations made by the committee were subsequently accepted by the government vide in the reference 8th cited. Accordingly, in the reference 10th cited, Government have issued orders that allocated the Cadre Strength of colleges between the School Education and Higher Education departments.

Therefore, the District Educational Officers/Regional Joint Directors of School Education concerned are hereby requested to allocate the staff working in the colleges according to the options exercised by them, in accordance with the norms given below.

1. Consider the candidature of personnel who have submitted options to work in the School Education Department based on their seniority in the allotted posts of college cadre strength to the attached schools.

2. If any personnel remain un-adjusted, consider their candidature for existing vacancies in their respective district unit (School Education).

3. If any personnel remain un-adjusted after considering district unit vacancies in School Education, they may continue in their present working posts/places at the college until the posts are flled, or any alternate arrangements are made by the Higher Education department, or they may be adjusted in arising vacancies in the School Education.

4. If the posts in the colleges were filled/adjusted with alternative arrangements by the Higher Education department, then the DEO/RJDSE concerned may fll the posts in the School Education department by reverting the last junior in the respective cadre. However, this option must be given the last priority to avoid legal complications.

5. If the personnel have given options to the Higher Education department and not possible to adjust them due to lack of vacancies, then the last junior in the respective cadre may be retained in the School Education Department.

This should be treated as most urgent.

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