Friday, February 24, 2023

Development of Online Course for State Resource Groups - Depute 10 teachers

 Memo.No. SS-15023/31/2021-SAMO-SSA, Dt: 23/02/2023 

Sub :- Samagra Shiksha, AP – SAMO - CIET-NCERT – Request to depute 10 faculty/ teachers for Online training on Development of Online Course for State Resource Groups/ Master Trainers of State/ UT and autonomous organizations from 27 th February, 2023 to 3rd March, 2023 in online mode – Instructions issued - Reg. 

Ref: - Lr.F.No.20.12/2022-23/DICT/CIET, dt:21.02.2023 of the Amarendra P.Behera, CIET-NCERT, New Delhi.

The District Educational Officers in the state are informed that CIETNCERT, New Delhi has informed that the NEP 2020 emphasizes 50 hours capacity building as mandatory for all teachers and school heads. Face-to face training has the limitation in reaching every teacher very year. Hence the intervention of technology is a need and online courses/ training becomes one solution to address scale and speed to bring the required skills in various stakeholders. Policy also emphasizes that teachers, teacher educators and school heads require suitable training to be effective online educators. Under PMeVidya, one of the major pillar is to offers online courses for enrichment and extension of learning process and to achieve to achieve the three cardinal principles of Education Policy viz., access, equity and quality.

It is further informed that the CIET-NCERT is conducting a five days online training from 27th February 2023 to 3rd March 2023 for creating State Resource Groups/ Master Trainers in every State/ UT and autonomous organizations to acquaint with the process of development of Online Course. These trained master trainers may take up further activity/ awareness programmes in their respective States/ UTs and organizations in order to orient all the stakeholders in the education ecosystem with the process of development of online courses.

In this regard, it is informed that the individuals are identified (list attached) has to attend the online training and the expectations from the deputed participants: 

1. All deputed persons is expected to attend the session all five days from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm with full dedication 

2. They will be expected to submit their assignments at the end of their practical sessions that will be evaluated 

3. They need to attend the post training assessment and score 70% and above 

4. Only this who have 100% attendance, complete all assignments and score 70% and above in the final assessment will be given training completion certificate. 

5. Participants should submit attendance certificate to the School Headmaster at the time of re-joining to the duty.

 6. Participants are expects to have access to desktop/ laptop with internet connections for doing all the assignments For any further queries, contact Dr. Angel Rathnabai, Programme Coordinator, CIET-NCERT ( 9971576911).

Therefore the District Educational Officers concerned are requested to issue necessary instructions to the individuals (list attached) concerned to attend the online programme as per the above schedule

Download Proceedings

Download List of Teachers selected 


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