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SA 1 Exams schedule from 4th January 2023 in all schools in AP as per Schedule given by SCERT.

Download SA1 key papers prepared by subject experts here. These are not official Key papers 


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 6th General Science Key Paper 

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8th BS BYJUS Key Paper

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 10th TM BS Key Paper

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9th PS EM Key Paper 

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 10th PS EM Key Paper 


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CLASS VIII (KSV Krishna Reddy Sir)



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 8th Class Hindi Key 

10th Class Hindi Key 

 Sub: School Education - SCERT AP - Communicating Summative Assessment-1- Timetable & General Science Question Paper based on Content of Class VIII Mathematics, Tabs - Instructions - Issued - Reg.

Ref 1.G.O. Rt.No 220 dt 17.12.2022. 2. Rc. No: ESE02/591/2022-SCERT Date:23/11/2022 3.Academic Calendar 2022-23.

1. Attention of all Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Education Officers of the State are invited to instruction 2 read above, directions are issued to conduct Summative Assessment 1 from 02-01-2023 to 10-01-2023.

2. Government of Andhra Pradesh has made several special efforts to bring about a radical transformation in school education with the long term aim of preparing the students of Andhra Pradesh for a bright future.

3. Government has ushered in a new era of education by implementing education reforms with a view to transform the education ecosystem by strengthening the education value chain and investing in child-centric interventions to improve the overall canvas of the education value chain. Improving learning outcomes, with a specific focus on foundational literacy and numeracy, thereby enabling every child to compete globally.

Government of Andhra Pradesh prioritizes school education by launching programs like Jagananna Ammavodi, Mana Badi Nadu-Nedu, Jagananna Vidya Kanuka, Jagananna Gorumudda, Curriculum Reforms, Toilet Maintenance Fund (TMF), School Maintenance Fund (SMF), Samsung Supply. Tabs for Class 8 students and comprehensive educational and administrative reforms aimed at improving children's learning outcomes.

5. Winner of Yidan Prize, the world's highest education award for 2021, Prof. Hanushek said that education plays a huge role in enhancing the human capital of the population and results in greater innovation and creativity by individuals and society. The state of Andhra Pradesh has one of the largest public school education systems in the country, with a literacy rate of only 67.35%. Government of Andhra Pradesh believes that "Investment in education always gives the highest return".

As educational institutions around the world embark on a journey of digital transformation, adding an interactive flat panel to the classroom has become commonplace. Digital learning creates a truly integrated classroom...

7. To address this learning gap and ensure appropriate class-specific learning outcomes among children, the government has undertaken various initiatives from 2022-2033 by introducing learning apps like Google Read Along, PAL, Byju's etc. , for providing remedial teaching, teacher capacity building and effective educational supervision. The government has tied up with Byjus to provide free access to their products from class 4 to 10.

8. All content is available on a tablet and is portable; Text, videos, audio, animations and voiceovers make learning an immersive experience by engaging all the senses; student self-learning and self-evaluation; and personalized adaptive learning aids in targeted learning interventions.

9. The following specific studies state that:

According to various national and international studies, tablets have improved teaching by allowing teachers to adapt their teaching style to the needs of individual students and provide innovative ways of learning. It is especially useful for students with special needs. The devices have also improved student, teacher and parent interaction with learning. In particular, as a Dixon's City Academy teacher observed, parents became more engaged with their children's schooling and education: "Somehow, that interaction [learning composition] was more intense with the tablet and they were more motivated and involved and worked faster. ." Work didn't feel like work. In addition, tablets have been found to encourage both independent learning and collaboration with teachers and other students. A study by Rishu Bal, a research scholar in the Department of Education at Panjab University, Patiala, revealed that setting ethical standards and guidelines for proper mobile use can help students achieve a healthy balance. It is also said that mobile usage has a detrimental effect on the academic behavior of students in schools,

10. Although the government spends a lot of money to provide digital infrastructure to public schools, without proper utilization, monitoring and evaluation, the investment in the facilities will not yield the desired results.

11. Therefore, it is proposed to assess students' use of tabs in Class VIII as a one-time measure in the upcoming Summative Assessment-1 in Mathematics and General Science in Government Schools.

12. Therefore, all District Education Officers in the State are required to conduct SA-1in Mathematics


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