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Know Vidyamruth Project uploaded status


As a part of Vidya Amrit Mahotsav every teacher has to upload innovative teaching video on Deeksha App. Many teachers have already uploaded videos.

Who hasn't uploaded the videos and who has uploaded can be found in the following dash board by District, Mandal, and School wise with this link 

Click here for Dashboard

Direct Link:  https://datastudio.google.com/reporting/ef2c19e7-6b6b-4752-b146-f73ee6169ebb


The objectives laid out in the National Education Policy 2020 necessitate fostering new behavior and practices in all stakeholders of the school education system. This can be achieved by developing the habit of continuous and innovative improvements. Acknowledging the potential of this approach, the Vidya Amrit Initiative was launched on July 29, 2022.

The Vidya Amrit Initiative aims to encourage, recognise and nurture innovations across the 1.5 million schools in our education system, by breaking down big ideas into a series of micro-improvements. Vidya Amrit Mahotsav, under Vidya Amrit Initiative, will promote and recognise micro-improvements for innovative pedagogy implemented by the teachers and school leaders across India. This starter pack serves as a guiding document for states to conduct the Vidya Amrit Mahotsav in their states. It introduces the concept of micro- improvements and implementation details for Vidya Amrit Mahotsav.

Getting DIKSHA Platform Rights

01 You will require platform rights to create resources, review resources, design programs, manage programs, to view and access data of the program. A list in Annexure Ill named 'Platform roles' explains different platform rights that are currently available

02 To get the platform rights, create/use existing 2 state email IDs. Use the template in Annexure II named "State Preparedness' to get the platform rights roles

03 For the first email ID, request for the roles to create resources and design programs. For the second email ID, request for the roles to. review resources, manage programs and to view data

04 State SPDC should share the template via mail to projectwpportsteamdiksha.org to get the platform rights. This process will take 2 working days

Micro-improvement Project and Program Upload

The Vidya Amrit Mahotsav Program and its Micro-improvement Projects have to be made available on DIKSHA. Details of these steps can be found in Annexure IV.

Upload Micro-improvement Projects

01 Fill out the Program and Project Template to upload Projects on DIKSHA Templates

02 The project template should have one mandatory stop for users to create a problem statement, one mandatory step for users to submit a video documenting their impact. Users can add more steps to document the tasks done for their Innovation project. 10s Sond the filled templates to projectsupportoteamdiksha.org. Test the templates manually

Micro-Improvement Approach

  1. DEAR Compliant
  2. Action Driven
  3. Available on DIKSHA
  4. Access to State Data

Aligned with the 'Learn-Do-Practice' of NDEAR, the micro-improvement approach breaks down desirable processes for school improvement into small, tangible and achievable objectives. Under this approach, these objectives are further broken down into logical, actionable steps. These objectives and action steps together form a micro- improvement. Each micro-improvement is a step towards creating a significant and sustainable change. Most importantly, it helps answer a critical question for all the stakeholders: What can do to make things 1% better today than they were yesterday?

"In order to make meaningful changes to the way we work, don't start with a mammoth challenge. Start small"

Vidya Amrit Mahotsay Implementation Plan

Vidya Amrit Mahotsav will recognize teachers and school leaders for their innovative pedagogical practices. Using the micro-improvement approach enabled by DIKSHA, states will be able to roll out their Vidya Amrit Mahotsav programs. Teachers and school leaders can submit their innovative practices as projects on DIKSHA. These projects will be evaluated and the best innovations will be celebrated and shared with everyone.

Suggested Communication Plan 

To ensure greater participation among school leaders, teachers and their school teams as well as to recognize and appreciate their efforts, the state can conduct various activities on different media.


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