Saturday, December 24, 2022

Transfers Seniorit lists 2022 released

 AP Teachers Transfers provisional Seniority lists enabled . Transfers seniority lists can download subject wise District wise with the below link. Provisional Seniority list of AP Teachers Transfers 2022. Objects on this seniority will be taken and  necessary corrections will be made according to the grievances raised by the individuals. 

As per the revised schedule  Display of Provisional seniority lists based on entitlements points by the District Educational Officers from 22.12.2022 to 22.12.2022.  

Display of final seniority lists from 26.12.2022 at Teacherinfo website

Download Final Seniority lists soon 26.12.2022

Know your mandal Seniority here

Check your grievance status 

Transfers Official Website

Revised Transfers Guidelines GO MS 190 

Criteria for transfers

i. Transfers are executed on a request basis and on an administrative basis only.

ii. The following Principals (Gr.II)/Teachers are transferred in Govt./ZPP/MPP.

a) Principals (Gr-II) who have completed 5 academic years of service by the academic year 2021-2022 and teachers who have completed 8 academic years of service in a particular school must be transferred (more than half of an academic year shall be considered as a full year for this purpose and less than half shall not be considered ).

b) But those who retired on or before 31.08.2024 (within 2 years) shall not be transferred unless they request for such transfer.

c) There is no minimum service requirement to apply the transfer request.
a. Male Headmaster (Gr.II)/ Teachers below 50 years of age as on 31.08.2022 must be transferred and working in Girls High School. B. If female Headmasters (Gr.II) / Teachers are not available to work in Girls' High Schools, male Headmasters (Gr.II) / teachers above 50 years of age as on 31.08.2022 will be considered for posting to such schools. . .

iv. Following are the criteria for recognition of teachers transferred on redeployment:

a. If any post is vacant in the concerned school, the vacant post should be marked as surplus for relocation. In this case, no teacher is affected.

B. Any teacher, who has completed 8 academic years of service in a particular school, when a post is declared surplus and proposed for transfer, shall be considered for reallocation (category of posts under review).
C. If a teacher who has not completed 8 years of education in a particular school is a senior teacher in the school and prefers to go under redistribution, such a teacher will be given an opportunity to transfer.

d. In case (a), (b) & (c) are not available, the junior most teacher will be transferred according to the service rendered in the cadre. (05 points) will be given to him/her only if there is redistricting due to mapping of schools. In such case, the teacher transferred in transfers in 2020 means he/she will be considered for old station points.

Note: (1) In such cases, the service of aided teachers will be taken to count the services rendered in the cadre from the date of joining the Government/Local Bodies school. (2) In case of visually challenged/orthopedically challenged (>80%) teachers, they will be exempted and the next senior most will be affected under redistribution.

v. Teachers working in Government/MPP/ZPP schools under Municipal Corporation/Municipalities, transferred and admitted in Category - III & IV posts are eligible as per Hon'ble AP High Court orders. For old station points.


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