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G.O. Ms. No.132 Dt:04-11-2022 Village and Ward Secretariat as the focal point for implementation of Sustainable Development Goals

 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - Making the Village and Ward Secretariat as the focal point for implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - Orders -  Issued.

G.O. Ms. No.  132    dated  04-11-2022

Read the following:-

1)  G.O. Ms. No. 110, Panchayat Raj & Rural Development (MDLI) Department, dated 19.07.2019.

2)  Note from the Special Chief Secretary to Chief Minister, No. 88, dated 01.11.2022.


In order to provide various Government / other services at the door steps of Citizens through Single Window system, to enhance transparency & accountability in delivery of Government services to the Citizens and ensure seamless delivery of Navaratnalu, Government  have established Village and Ward Secretariats (VWS) in the State, vide G.O. first read above.   Now the Secretariat system has become a backbone for implementing all flagship programmes of the Government.

2.The results  of Government  programmes/schemes  come out in the form  of indicators of the  Sustainable  Development  Goals (SDGs) .. The Village  and Ward Secretariats  are the focal  points that translate  Global SDGs into  local actionable tasks  at  the  grassroot  level.  In  order  to  ensure  that  all  SDGs  are  effectively implemented at the local level by the VWS, the following instructions are issued -

(a)   The   Mandai  level   supervisory   officers   of  functionaries   at  Village Secretariat and Municipal Commissioners in case of Ward Secretariat shall monitor the  programmes that pave the path for achievement  of Sustainable Development Goals. The Global Sustainable Development Goals should be translated into local actionabie tasks.   The details of the MandaI level supervisory officers is given in Annexure 1.

(b)    Data updation has to be done regularly and it should be reviewed on monthly basis by the Secretaries/Heads of Department /Collectors. For data updation, the information in the SDG Portal maintained by the Planning Department and the data from Consistent Rhythms would be synchronized to avoid multiple sources of information coming from the grassroots. The  Planning  Department would  ensure that this  is done forthwith and used to prepare presentations for review of Hon'ble Chief Minister.

(c)    While  monitoring  the  SDGs,  with  regard  to  the  eight  initial  set  of indicators consisting of improving the Enrollment ratio and attending to anemic mothers or malnourished children, etc.,  the  reports should also cover  the  individuals/households  not  covered  by  the  system   like mothers not coming to anganwadis, children not enrolled in school, and so  on.   For  getting  the  baseline  data,  quick  survey  of  house  holds should be done by ViliagelWard Volunteers and this data needs to be updated from time to time. This would be supervised by the Panchayat Secretaries/Data  Entry Secretaries  in  the Village  & Ward  Secretariat working under the technical control of the Mandai Statistical Officer. In general, the DES shall provide technical support at every administrative unit level to  the V&WS  Department. The  monthly  Survey  has to  be completed by 10th of every month beginning with November 2022.

(d)     All  Secretaries,  Principal  Secretaries,  Special  Chief  Secretaries  and Heads of Departments   shall inspect at least one Village & Ward Secretariat every fortnight and share their feedback and observation to Special Chief  Secretary to Government,    Village  & Ward  Secretariat Department and Secretary to Government, Planning Department. They will consolidate and make presentations to Chief Secretary during 3-5 p.m.  on  every  second  and fourth  Wednesday  of  every  month.  The standard presentation format for the Chief Secretary to Government / Chief Minister Office  shall be based on the formats given in  Annexure-

3 and prepared by the Special Chief Secretary to Government, Village & Ward Secretariats/Secretary to Government, Planning Department and communicated to the Chief Secretary/Chief Minister's Office  as well as shared with all Secretaries and Heads of Department by 7 Nov 2022.

(e)     In order to  avoid duplication  of visits  by senior  officers,  allocation  of secretariats will be done by Village & Ward Secretariat Department. The Village & Ward Secretariats  Department would prepare the schedule for all upto 31 March 2023 for all Secretaries/HoDs and communicate to all by 7 Nov 2022 in the format given in Annexure-2.  The Special Chief Secretary to Government, Village  & Ward Secretariats  in consultation with  the  Secretary    to  Government,  Planning  Department  shall  also prepare a standard  inspection format  in digital/paper  form by  7 Nov 2022 and communicate to all Secretaries/HoDs in the State. The inspection would focus on the eight indicators,' gradually expanding to 20 by April 2023

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