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Up-gradation of 292 High Schools into High Schools Plus for Girls - Providing required teaching staff

 Rc.No.ESE02-14/18/2022-E-VI Dated:16/09/2022

Sub:- School Education - APESS - Up-gradation of 292 High Schools into High Schools Plus for Girls from the Academic Year 2022-23 - Providing required teaching staff to the Upgraded High School Plus - Instructions - Issued.

Read:- 1. G.O.Ms.No.124, School Education (Prog-I) Dept., Dated: 07-07-2022. 2. Govt. Memo No.ESE01-SEDNOCSE/770/2022-Prog-I, Dated: 07-07-2022. 3. This ofce Procs.Rc.No.31/A&I/2022, Dated.07-07-2022 4. U.O. Note No.31/A&I/2022, Dated: 14-08-2022 from the Commissioner issued to the Joint Director (Services).

The attention of the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State are invited to the references read above and they are informed that the following abstract of Upgraded schools management wise and district wise is shown hereunder:

Consequent on introduction of +2 Courses i.e. Intermediate Education Courses in the above 292 High Schools from the Academic Year 2022-23, the following instructions are hereby issued for running the Courses with the necessary teaching staff.

• For running the Intermediate Education, the following staf for each course are required in each school.

 Bi.P.C / M.P.C / C.E.C One PGT of the respective subject One language teacher in English One language teacher in Telugu One language teacher in Hindi 

• The required qualifications for subject teachers and language teachers in the cadre of PGT are mentioned hereunder 

Post Graduate Teacher:

A. Academic Qualifications: 

Must possess two-year integrated Post Graduate Course from the Regional Institute of Education of NCERT or Master's Degree from UGC recognized University with at least 50% marks in aggregate in the subjects as specified as under:  

a. PGT (English) - M.A. in English. 
b. PGT(Hindi)- M.A. in Hindi. 
c. PGT(Telugu) - M.A. in Telugu. 
d. PGT (Civics) - M.A. in Political Science / Public Administration/ Politics. 
e. PGT (Commerce) - M.Com. in Commerce with Accountancy / Cost Accounting / Financial Accountancy as a main subject / Master of Financial Analysis provided having B.Com in Graduation level. 
Note: Holders of M.Com in Applied / Business Economics are not eligible  for the post of PGT-Commerce. 
f. PGT (Economics) - M.A., in Economics / Applied Economics / Business Economics / Rural Development / Mathematical Economics / Econometrics. 
g. PGT (Maths) - M.A. / M.Sc. in Mathematics / Applied Mathematics /Statistics / Applied Statistics / M.Sc. with Pure Mathematics / M.Sc. Maths & Computer Science / A.O. Maths.


should have studied the subject Mathematics at their Graduation level

h. PGT (Physics) - M.Sc. in Physics / Electronics / Applied Physics / Nuclear Physics / M.Sc (Tech) Engineering Physics with any specialization / M.Sc. (Tech) Instrumentation / Space Physics/M.Sc. Technical Engineering Physics /M.Sc. (Tech) Engineering Physics /M.Sc. (Tech) Applied Electronics / M.Sc. (Tech) Electronics / M.Sc. Engineering Physics and instrumentation / Meteorology & Oceanography /M.Sc (Tech) Co-Physics / M.Sc. (Astro Physics) /Any Physics based M.Sc. Course of any UGC recognized University


Should have studied the subject Physics at their Graduation level.

i. PGT (Chemistry) - M.Sc. Chemistry with specialization in inorganic / Organic/Physical Chemistry / Medicinal Chemistry / Industrial Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry/M.Sc. with Nuclear Chemistry / Environmental Chemistry / Mineral Chemistry / Fertilizers and Agro Chemicals / Phyto Chemistry &ForestProducts / Chemistry of Foods and Drugs / Synthetic Chemistry/ Applied Chemistry / M.Sc. Chemistry (Associate ship Exam in Chemistry) M.Sc, Chemistry with specialization in Petro Chemicals / Natural Products / Polymer Chemistry / Drugs and Pharmaceuticals / Forest Products Chemistry


Should have studied the subject Chemistry at their Graduation Level.

j. PGT (Botany) - M.Sc. in Botany / Life Sciences / Bio Sciences / Genetics / Micro Biology / Bio Technology / Molecular Bio / Plant Physiology / Biological Sciences / Plant Sciences / Environmental Biology / Modern Biology / Experimental Biology / Marine Biology.


Should have studied the subject Botany at their Graduation level,

k. PGT (Zoology) - M.Sc. in Zoology / Life Sciences / Bio Sciences / Genetics / Micro Biology / Bio-Technology / Molecular Bio / Plant Physiology / Animal  Biology / Environmental Biology / Modern Biology / Animal Sciences / Experimental Biology


Should have studied the subject Zoology at their Graduation level.

B. Professional Qualifications

: Must possess B.Ed. recognized by NCTE (or) equivalent degree with Methodology in the concerned subject from UGC recognized University. 

• Separate action is being taken in consultation with the Government for up-gradation of vacant SGT posts available in the districts into PGT. After fnalization posts will be allotted as per the requirement.
• The willingness of the School Assistants to work as PGT should be taken before issuing work order. 

• The working School Assistants (Subject / Language) in the respective upgraded management schools who are qualified and eligible to work as PGT needs to be identified and can be considered for instructing them to teach the Class XI also in addition to their regular classes allotted.
• If the School Assistants (Subject / Language) are not available in that school the respective authority should identify the qualified and eligible School Assistants from nearby schools within Mandal / Division and they may be redeployed to the up-graded school to work as PGT in respective subjects. 

• In respect of Schools where there are 02 same Subject / Language School Assistants including PGT, the concerned Headmaster of the up-graded High School and the concerned District Educational Officer may take appropriate decision for allotment of classes and periods to both teachers. 

• One increment should be given in addition to their present scale of pay as and when the orders are received from the Government for up-gradation of SGTs as PGTs.

• Preference is to be given in identifying the eligible and qualified School Assistants to the female teachers. However, if female teachers are not available, male School Assistants may be identified for issuance of work order. 

• The present Headmaster of the Up-graded school shall act as Principal of the School, till further orders. If the post of Principal is already in existence in upgraded school the present Principal may be continued. 

• The RJDSE of the respective school may address a letter to the File No.ESE02-14/19/2022-E-VI Commissioner of Intermediate Education, A.P. and Controller of Intermediate Board, A.P., to obtain permission and recognition to run the courses allotted and conduct the Intermediate examination for each academic year respectively, under intimation to this office. 
• In respect of Non-teaching staff, the instructions issued by the Government vide reference 2nd read above shall be strictly adhered to. 

• The respective District Educational Officers are requested to identify unutilized vacant SGT posts management wise for the purpose of upgradation into PGT posts and furnish the same to this office within 10 days. The Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Offers in the State are requested to follow the above instructions scrupulously.


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