Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Sexual Harassment / Molestation / POSCO Act - Creation of Special Cell

 Memo.No.104/A&I/2022 Dated: 26/09/2022

Sub: - School Education-Disciplinary cases on allegations of Sexual Harassment / Molestation / POSCO Act - Creation of Special Cell - orders - Issued - Reg

Ref:-U.O.Note.No.27/CSE Peshi/ 2022 Dated: 13.09.2022 of the Commissioner of School Education, Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati.

It has come to the Notice of the undersigned that there are several disciplinary cases initiated against the teachers / non teaching staff based on the allegations on Sexual harassment/ Molestation of children in the schools. In most of the cases, criminal action is also taken under POCSO act and other relevant sections under CrPC. The charged person is also suspended and disciplinary action initiated. While the act is clear about the action to be taken, it is noticed that there is undue delay in fnalizing disciplinary proceedings by the respective disciplinary authorities. Due to the delay in fnalising the disciplinary action, in many cases, the teachers who were suspended on such serious allegations where reinstated either in the same school or nearby locations. This is serious travesty of justice and is giving wrong signals to the society. It is very important to take prompt and stringent action on such cases and give a strong message to everyone involved

2. It may be recalled that, based on the directions of the Justice Juvenile committee of Hon’ble HC of Andhra Pradesh, we have issued Guidelines and SoP for safety of children, especially girl children in schools. A complaint box is installed in the schools and posters to create awareness about sexual harassment/POSCO Act are displayed. Teachers were trained on various aspects of prevention of sexual abuse and provisions of POCSO act. Nodal officers are also appointed in every school for the implementation of the guidelines. In the light of the above, it is necessary to establish a Special Cell in the Commissioner of School Education to deal with the disciplinary cases on teachers and other employees related to Sexual harassment/ Molestation/ POCSO Act etc.

3. In this connection, the Special Cell is created with the following officers in the Office:- 

1. Smt. P.Parvathi, Director (Admin) O/o CSE 

2. Sri.Pattena Chowdary, Assistant Director (Ser - I & V) O/o CSE 

3. Smt P.Nagamani Assistant Director (Ser-II) O/o CSE

4. The above ofcers are directed to monitor with all the Regional Joint Director of School Education and the District Educational Ofcers in the state with regard to pending disciplinary cases related to the cases mentioned above. And also informed to all the ADs in O/o CSE to submit the list of such cases to this Special Cell. Any disciplinary case on these issues shall be expeditiously completed within three months. If there is any deviation, disciplinary action shall be initiated against the concerned as the case may be.  

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