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GPS CPS OPS Difference : GPSలోని ముఖ్యాంశాలు

GPS ... అవగాహన కొరకు

ప్రభుత్వం  అంటున్న GPSలోని ముఖ్యాంశాలు 

1.ఉద్యోగి చివరి బేసిక్ పే లో 33%  గ్యారంటీ పెన్షన్.. కానీ prc, da లు వచ్చినపుడు పెరుగుదల ఉండదు...

2.రిటైర్ CPS ఉద్యోగులకు హెల్త్ కార్డ్స్ లేవు...ఇప్పుడు GPS లో ఇస్తున్నారు.

3.GPS లో మినిమం పెన్షన్ 10000.....కానీ 10 years సర్వీస్ ఉండాలి..

4.రిటైర్ ఉద్యోగి చనిపోతే 66% ఫ్యామిలీ పెన్షన్... 66% అంటే ఉద్యోగికి రిటైర్ అయిన తర్వాత వస్తున్న పెన్షన్ లో..

ఉదాహరణ... ఉద్యోగి చివరి బేసిక్ పే 30000 అనుకుంటే అతనికి అందులో 33% పెన్షన్ రూ..10000 అవుతుంది... ఈ రూ..10000 పెన్షన్ తీసుకుంటున్న  రిటైర్ cps ఉద్యోగి మరణిస్తే ఆ ఫ్యామిలీ కి రూ.. 10000 పెన్షన్ లో 66%  అంటే రూ..6600 ఫ్యామిలి పెన్షన్ వస్తుంది.. ఇది కూడా PRC, DA వచ్చినపుడు పెరగదు...

5..రిటైర్ అయ్యే ముందు insurance cover..

Accidental death or disability cover..

Monthly basic pay...

a. 25వేలు లోపు బేసిక్ పే ఉంటే 50లక్షలు.

b.25వేలు నుండి 50 వేలు....40లక్షలు

c. 50వేలు-75వేలు-----30లక్షలు

d.75వేలు ఆ పైన........20లక్షలు..


Under the CPS (Contributory Pension Scheme) scheme, the quantum of how much pension will be received on the basic pay per month at the time of retirement cannot be calculated exactly. As per the government, exactly 33 percent of the pension will come under the same GPS. While the unions say that 50 percent of the pension would come under the old pension scheme. That has been repealed and CPS has come into force. The government has restructured the GPS to increase pensions by 33 percent on the last month's salary.

Representatives of several employee unions said they would consider the proposal thoroughly and submit their suggestions which they consider appropriate. The committee set up to discuss the CPS with union leaders and met them at the Secretariat in  Velagapudi on Monday. said that Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy wanted to ensure that the government employees benefitted after retirement. However, the implementation of the old pension scheme (OPS) has become a major challenge not only across the country but also globally. He said the implementation of the old pension scheme was a feasible factor in view of the state's economic conditions, future generations of government employees, and the welfare of the people.

The AP government constituted a fresh six-member committee, comprising three ministers and an equal number of senior officials, to examine the CPS even as government employees and teachers stepped up their agitation demanding that the scheme be abolished forthwith. Ministers Botsa Satyanarayana, Buggana Rajendranath, A Suresh, government advisor (public affairs) Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, and Chief Secretary Sameer Sharma will be members of the new committee while the Special Chief Secretary (Finance) will be the member-convenor.

The Committee shall examine the issue of CPS and deliberate and discuss with the employees' associations and furnish its recommendations to the government for taking a decision in the matter, the Chief Secretary said in an order. Simultaneously, the government conducted a meeting of the Joint Staff Council wherein it mooted the GPS, instead of doing away with the CPS. However, a section of the employees' associations said they oppose the GPS, and were firm on their demand for scrapping the CPS and reverting to the old pension scheme.

Education Minister Botsa Satyanarayana said that clarity over the CPS  would be given soon. Speaking to reporters  he said the government was always in favour of the employees and that they would address their issues and resolve them as far as possible. 



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