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Philately scholarship Scheme “ Deen Dayal SPARSH Yojana

 Memo No.67/A&I/2022 Dated: 29/07/2022

Sub: - School Education – Philately scholarship Scheme “ Deen Dayal SPARSH Yojana” for the year 2022 – 23 – Certain Instructions - Issued – Regarding

Ref:-1) Lr.No.APCO/Phil/MPR/22-23 dated: 19.07.2022 of the Assistant Director of postal Services, Vijayawada – 13.

while enclosing a copy of the letter and its enclosures in the reference cited, wherein the Assistant Director of postal Services, Vijayawada – 13 has informed that the Department of Posts, Government of India has launched a philately scholarship scheme "Deen Dayal SPARSH Yojana". This scholarship scheme is intended for the promotion of aptitude and research in stamps as a hobby in students. Under this scheme students of classes VI to IX who have good academic record and pursuing philately as a hobby will be awarded scholarship of Rs.6000/- per annum based on the marks scored in the philately project.

Further, a copy of the notification dated 22.06.2022 and application form issued by postal department inviting applications from the students of class VI to IX is communicated herewith. The last date for the submission of application is 26.08.2022, and also requested to circulate the Scholarship scheme and the notification among all the schools in the state so as to enable the eligible students to apply for the scholarship.

Therefore, all the Regional Join Directors of School Education and the District Educational in the state are requested to take necessary action in the matter duly circulating the Scholarship scheme and the notification to all schools under their jurisdiction so as to enable the eligible students to apply for the scholarship. 

 Lr.No. APCOIPhillMPR  122-23 dated at Vijayawada   DT: 19.07.2022

Sub: Philately scholarship  scheme "Deen Dayal SPARSHYojana" for the year 2022-23


I am  directed  to  intimate  that  the  Department   of Posts,  Government  of India  has launched  a philately  scholarship   scheme  "Deen  Dayal SPARSH Yojana",   This  scholarship scheme  is intended  for  the  promotion   of aptitude   and  research   in stamps  as a hobby  in students.

Under  this scheme  students   of class  VI to  IX who  have good academic  record  and pursuing  philately as a hobby will be awarded  scholarship  of Rs.6000/-  per annum based on the marks scored in the philately project

In this  regard,  a  copy of the  notification  dated   22.06.2022  and  application   form issued by this office inviting applications  from the students  of class VI to IX is sent herewith. The last date for the submission  of application  is 26.08.2022.

It is  therefore   requested   to  cause  circulation  of the  Scholarship  scheme  and  the notification  among all the schools in the state  so as to enable  the eligible students  to apply for the scholarship.

I am directed  to request  your kind cooperation  and support  for the circulation of the scheme and its successful implementation  for the benefit of the students.


Deen Dayal SPARSH Yojana for the students of Class Vl th  to IX'

Department  of Posts has launched a philately scholarship scheme Deen Daval SPARSH Yojana (Scholarship for Promotion of Aptitude  &  Research in Stamps as a Hobby) on 03.11.2017 for generating interest regarding Philately amongst students.

About scheme:

Students of class VI to IX having good academic record and pursuing philately as a hobby will be awarded scholarship on the basis of Philately Quiz & Philately Project to be conducted by Circle offices. The amount of Scholarship per awardee is to be Rs.6000/- per annum @ Rs.500/- per month.

salient Features:

1.   Eligibility Conditions:

I.    A Candidate must be a student (classVI to IX) of a recognized School within India.

II.    Concerned School should have a Philately Club and the candidate should be a m~mber of the Club.

III. In case the  School Philately Club hasn't  been  established a student  having his own Philately Deposit Account may also be considered.

Iv. A candidate  must have good academic record. At  the time  of  selection for  award of scholarship the candidate must have scored at  least 60% marks or equivalent  grade/ grade point in the recent final  examination in 2021 (i,e V, VI, VII & VIII final  exams for students  studying  in VI, VII, VIII &  IX respectively),  copies of  progress report/marks card/certificate   from   the   school  authorities   should   be  enclosed  along  with   the application. There will be 5% relaxation for SC/ST.

v, Requirement  of  having a  Philately Account/Membership   of  the  School Philately Club would be with respect to the Date of Application and the student applying would have to mention the same in his/her application form as mandatory.

2.Selection  Process: The Selection Process will  be consisting of  two  levels (level  1- Philately Written Quiz & level- 2- Philately Project).

i. Level l:   A Philately Written  Quiz at Regional level will be conducted on 2Sth September, 2022 by postal authorities in their respective Regions which would act as a Screening Test for the second level. The last date for submission of the application is 26th August, 2022. The philatelic written  quiz consists of SO multiple choice questions. Each question will be of one mark with no negative marking. Time duration for the written  quiz test will be One Hour. Department of posts reserves the right to change the dates at a later stage.

II.  level  2: Philately  Project: Students selected in the written  Quiz will  have to submit  a Philately Project for final selection within Fifteen days after the announcement of written test results. There will be no weightage of the marks secured in Philately Quiz in the final evaluation  and the final  selection would  be decided solely on the  basis of the  marks secured in Philately Project. The results of the selected candidates of the quiz Iwill  be announced through  our website  for detailing them on the list of Philately Project Topics & broad guidelines to be followed for preparation of their project. The candidates selected in Philately Written  Quiz can submit their  project on anyone  of the topic  from  the given list by the  Department  of Posts within  15 days. The projects should be addressed to AOPS(Philately),%     CPMG,A.P Circle, Krishnalanka, Vijayawada- 520013.


Philately  Written   Quiz:   Multiple  Choice Question  (MCQ) quiz consisting of    (Fifty) questions from  following  subject: Current Affairs,  History, Science, Sports, Culture, Gepgraptw and Philately (local & national).          

 Philately Prolect: The project should not be of more than 4 to 5 pages. While preparing the project, Students may use not more than 16 stamps and not more than 500 words. Detailed guidelines regarding the Project & sample project template will be issued after the annou  cement of Philately written  quiz to the selected candidates.

4.   Amount of Scholarship:

The amount of Scholarship is to be Rs. 6000/- per annum @  Rs. 500/- per month for a selected candidate. Top 40 students selected in level 2 (10 students maximum from each of the VI, VII, VIII & IX Class)will be awarded scholarships.

5.   Disbursement of Scholarship:

The scholarship will be transferred in the joint account (with parents) of awardees in India Post Payment Bank or Post Office Savings Bank in a branch, which has core banking facility.

6.   General Conditions:

i.An awardee is eligible for the scholarship provided he/she maintains good conduct and continues his/her studies as a regular student.

ii. Scholarship may be revoked at any point of time by the competent authority  on finding any irregularities in the eligibility criteria.

iii.A student  must continue  to  have a Philately  Deposit Account during  the  scholarship period.

iv.Student selected in previous DDSYscheme, has to  apply afresh. The Philately Deposit Account opened by them earlier should be live without  a break.

7. Application  Procedure:

Interested candidates may submit the application addressed to the concerned Postmaster General Vijayawada/Visakhapatnam/Kurnool  with  postage of  Philately  Stamps through  Speed Post in  prescribed  form  on  or  before  26m August,  2022  (see the  list  below  as Annexure). Proof/Certificate    in   fulfilling  the    eligibility  condition   prescribed  in  para  1 above  should  be enclosed along with the application. Applications  received through courier will not be accepted.     

8. Please visit      and  from   time  to  time  and  keep  updated  about   the  scheme, eligibility   etc.  Department    reserves  the  right  to  change  the  dates/modify the  scheme/eligibility criteria.  The decision  of Chief PMG, A.P Circle, Vijayawada  is final.





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