Lesson Plan For Class 3 English in new pattern 2022-23

 Lesson Plan For 3rd English (AUGUST -2022) 

Name of the Unit: The Recipe Book 

No. of Periods: 22 + 22 = 44

Prior concept / skills: 

Listens and responds to the teacher / peer / e-content 

Recognises household articles. Identify the things. 

Able to listen and comprehend Text and the poem. 

Able to decode and read the word and simple sentences. 

Uses glossary / dictionary and find the meaning of the word. 

Distinguishes between singular and plurals. Take dictation of words

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Reads small texts with comprehension. Identifies the details and sequence.
  2. Identifies simple singular – plural forms by adding ‘-s’ and uses them. Knows the spelling of kitchen items and take the dictation. 
  3. Uses meaningful short sentences in speaking and writing. Uses a variety of subjective personal pronouns in simple sentences. Uses full stops in writing English sentences. 
  4.  Expresses orally her/his opinion on the story and characters in the story in English or in home language. 
  5. Converses in casual discussions using May I / Can I in 2 exchanges. Engages in conversation. 
  6.  Reads the phonetic words with correct pronunciation and writes them while dictated. 
  7.  Sings and enjoy the poem with proper pronunciation and intonation.
Teaching Learning Process: (T.L.P.)
Induction / Introduction: (Generating interest, informing students about the outcomes and expectations for the lesson) Picture interaction / puppet play / story / rhyme / video of the lesson / lang. game Experience and reflection (task / question that helps students explore the concept and connect with their life) 

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