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Public Services – Human Resources – Additional instructions / guidelines for transfers and postings of employees for the year 2022 – Orders – Issued.

G.O.Ms.No.122 Dt:16.06.2022. 

 Read the following: 1. G.O.Ms.No.31, Finance (HR.I-Plg.&Policy) Department, Dated: 26-02-2022. 2. G.O.Ms.No.24, GA (SPF – MC) Department, Dated: 06-04-2022. 3. G.O.Ms.No.116, Finance (HR.I-Plg.&Policy) Department, Dated:07-06-2022. 4. G.O.Ms.No.117, Finance (HR.I-Plg.&Policy) Department, Dated:07-06-2022 5. G.O.Ms.No.119, Finance (HR.I-Plg.&Policy) Department, Dated:13-06-2022. 6. Note.No.0024/Spl.CS(JR)/2002, Dt.14-06-2022 from O/o. Hon’ble CM. 7. Note.No.0024/Spl.CS(JR)/2002, Dt.16-06-2022 from O/o. Hon’ble CM  

ORDER: In the reference 1st read above, the Government have issued comprehensive guidelines on provisional allocation of posts & personnel in the restructured districts and divisions, duly mentioning that the employees deemed to be allotted provisionally and the employees provisionally ordered to serve in the reorganized districts shall be deemed to continue to be in their respective erstwhile district / zonal / multi-zonal cadres localized under the Presidential Order, for the purpose of lien, seniority, promotions and other service matters, as the arrangement of provisional allocation is purely temporary and made due to administrative exigencies in public interest. 

2. Further, the orders were issued in the reference 2nd read above, appointing the District Collectors and the District Heads of Departments of the erstwhile districts as “Nodal Officers” to look after the service matters of lien, seniority, promotions and other service matters in respect of the government employees of the departments concerned, who are working in the new districts on the basis of “provisionally ordered to serve”, until orders on final allocation are issued. 

3. In the reference 3rd read above, the guidelines / instructions were issued for transfer of employees for the year 2022.

4. Government, after careful examination of the matter & in partial modification of the guidelines / instructions issued in the reference 3rd read above, hereby order the following: 

a) Unit for consideration:

 i) For effecting transfers and postings of employees belonging to the district / zonal / multi-zonal cadres, the erstwhile districts / zones / multi-zones shall only be respectively considered as the Units, in accordance with the cadres localized under the Presidential Order. 

ii) For the transfers which are to be effected at the District unit level, a Committee shall be constituted comprising of the following officer for each Department concerned at erstwhile District level: a. Competent authority of the erstwhile district as Transferring authority. b. Competent authority/authorities of the newly formed districts as member/s. c. DRO/Administrative Officer/Superintendent, looking after the establishment matters in the office of Competent authority of the erstwhile districts, as the Member-Convenor. i

ii) The proposals for transfers shall be finalised by the aforementioned Committee, duly following the guidelines / instructions issued in the reference 3rd read above & the subsequent orders, & the Transferring authority shall issue orders after recording the minutes of the Committee meeting  

b) Orders to serve:  

i) In modification to the instructions issued at Para-7 in the reference 3rd read above, the employees who were provisionally allocated through “Orders to Serve” in the recent district restructuring may also be considered for transfers and postings, only where there is a dire need, subject to providing of substitution invariably.

 Transfers of office bearers of Recognized Employees Associations: 

i) In supersession of the orders issued in the reference 4th read above, the standing instructions issued in Circular Memo No.GAD01-SW0SERA/27/2019-SW, G.A.(Services Welfare) Department, dated 15-06- 2022 will apply on the transfers of office bearers of Recognized Employees Associations i.e., the office bearers of all the Recognized Service Associations in the State at State level, District level & Division/Taluk level be not transferred until the completion of three (3) terms or nine (9) years of stay in a particular station.  

d) Clarification regarding cut-off date:

 i) It is clarified with reference to Para-4(ii) of the G.O. mentioned at reference 3rd above, that the date of issue of the said G.O. i.e., 07-06-2022 shall be reckoned as the cut-off date for completion of five years at a station for effecting transfers invariably.

 5. The orders issued in the reference 5th read above, i.e., the directions of the Election Commission of India on the ban on transfers of certain categories of employees in the context of by-elections to the Atmakur Assembly Constituency of SPSR Nellore District shall be applicable as the Model Code of Conduct is in force up to completion of the election process, shall be complied by all the competent authorities concerned. 

6. The relaxation on ban on transfers is extended upto 30-06-2022

 7. The ban on transfers shall come into force w.e.f. 01-07-2022. 8. All the Departments in Secretariat, Heads of Departments & the District Collectors shall take necessary action in this regard accordingly.




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