Not to sanction any leave to teachers from 25th April to 20 th May

 Govt memo issued to DEOs and RJDs that not to sanction any leave to Teachers/Headmasters from 25th April to May 20 .

Sub:- School Education – School Academic Calendar – 2021 – 22 – Functioning of Schools during the academic year 2021-22 – Not to sanction any kind of leaves to the Headmasters/ Teachers during the period from 25th April to 20th May, 2022 - Instructions - Issued.

The attention of all the Regional Joint Director of School Education and District Educational Ofcers in the state is invited to the reference 11th read above,where in necessary instructions were issued to them to run schools for the students up to 05th May 2022 and for the teachers upto 20th May, 2022, keeping in view the conduct the SA-II Examinations for classes I to IX, the baseline assessment in respect of English language, vocabulary, the SSC Public Examinations from 27 th April, SSC(APOSS)  Intermediate (APOSS) Examinations and Spot valuation of SSC and SSC(APOSS) and Intermediate (APOSS) etc.

In view of the above, all the RJDSEs / DEOs in the State are requested to issue necessary instructions to all the Dy. Educational Ofcers/ Mandal Educational Ofcers / Headmasters of all schools under all managements not to sanction any kind of leaves to the Teachers / Headmasters except medical emergency (with proper medical documents/evidences) upto last working day i.e 20th May, 2022. Any devaition to this instruction shall be treated as unauthorized absence. These instructions should be followed scrupulously.

S Suresh Kumar



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