GO MS 36 Dt:22.03.2022 DA for the period from 01-07-2021 to 31-12-2021 – Sanctioned (UGS PAY SCALES)

 Dearness Allowances for the period from 01-07-2021 to 31-12-2021 – Sanctioned - Orders – Issued.


G.O.  Ms.  No.36       Dated:   21.03.2022

Read   the  following;

I. G.O.Ms.No.14,    Finance  (PC&TA)   Department,   dated  29-01-2019

2. G.O.Ms.No.94,    Finance  (PC&TA)   Department,   dated  04-11-2020

3. G.0.Ms.No.95,     Finance  (PC&TA)   Department,   dated  06-11-2020

4. G.O.Ms.No.38,    Finance  (pC- TA)  Depamnent,    dated   13-06-2021

5. G.O.Ms.No.SI,     Finance  (PC-TA)   Department.   dated  31-07-2021

6. G.O.Ms.No.99,    Finance  (PC-TA)   Department.   dated  20.12.2021

7. UO Note.No.1249673IPC-     T Al2020-1   Department,   dated  09-01-2022

8. G.O.Ms.No.8,    Finance  (PC&TA)   Department,   dated  17-01-2022.

9. Representation     received   from the JAC  of Polytechnic   Lecturers,   Andhra Pradesh.                                             ..*..


In   tbe  reference    81b read  above,   Government    have   released    Five   (5)  Dearness AUowance   (DA)   installments    due  from  01.07.2019    to  01.072021,     to  the  employees    of Government   of Andhra  Pradesh  who are drawing  pay in RPS-20  15 and  RPS-2022   and have also  released   the  same   to  the  employees    of  Government    of  Andhra   Pradesh,    who  are drawing  their  pay  in the  revised  UGC  Pay  Scales-20  16 upto  01.07.2021.

2.          In respect  of the employees   of the Government   of Andhra  Pradesh,  who are drawing their  pay  in the  revised   UGC  Pay  Scales-2006    &  the  Judicial   Officers,   whose   pay  were revised  as per Shri  Padmanabhan    Committee   Report,  vide G.0.Ms.No.73,     Law (LA&J  SC- F) Department   dated:  01.05.2010,   the Dearness   Allowance   (DA)  installments   were  released only  from  01.07.2019   to 31.12.2021.

3.         In the reference   9th read  above.  the AP Government    Polytechnic   Staffhas    requested to  implement   enhanced    DA  from   1st  July,  2021  by  7%  from  189%  to  196%  as  per  the Memorandum    issued  by the Government   of India as per OM No.l/3(   1)/2008-E.ll    (B), dated 01.11.2021.

4.          Government,     after   careful   consideration,     hereby   orders    for  the   revision    of  the Dearness   Allowance    (DA)  to the employees   of  the  Government    of Andhra   Pradesh.   who are drawing   their  pay  in the revised  UGC  Pay Scales-2006   and the Judicial  Officers,   whose pay were  revised  as per  Shri Padmanabban    Committee   Report,   vide  G.O.Ms.   No.73,  Law (LA&J  SC-F)  Department   Dated:  01.05.20  I0 from  189% of the  basic  pay to  196% of basic pay with effect  from  lSI  July,  2021.

5.         The  rates  of Dearness   Allowance   mentioned   at para 3 above  are  also  applicable   to:

I.Teaching   staff of Government   & Aided  Affiliated   Degree  Colleges   who are drawing pay  in the  Revised   U.G.C.  Pay  Scales,  2006.

II.     Teaching    staff   of   the   Universities     including    the  A.P.   Agricultural     University, Jawaharlal    Nehru   Technological     University   and  Dr.  YSR  Horticulture    University and  the  Teaching   staff  of Govt.  Polytechnics    who  are  drawing   pay  in the  Revised UGC/AICTE    Pay  Scales,  2006.

6.  Government    also  hereby   order   that  the  revision   of  rates  of  Dearness   Allowance mentioned   at  para  3 above   are  also  applicable   to  the  Judicial   Officers   whose   pay  scales were revised  as per Shri Padmanabhan    Committee   Report,  vide G.O.Ms.No.73,    Law(LA&J SC-F)  Department,   dated  01-05-20   IO.

7. The  Dearness   Allowance    sanctioned   in the para  3 above  shall  be paid  in cash  with salary of March,  2022  onwards.  The  arrears  on account  of payment  of Dearness   Allowance for the  period  from  lSI July,  2021  to 28th  February,   2022  shall  be credited   to the General Provident  Fund Account  of the respective   employees   in three  equal  installments   from April, 2022  salaries  onwards.

8.         The employees   who  are retired  from service  between   01.07.2021   & 28.022022    and in respect  of those  employees    who are due  to retire  on or before  31 Sl  July,  2022  the arrears of Dearness   Allowance   shall  be drawn  and  paid  in cash as the employee   due for retirement on  superannuation     is exempted    "from making   any  subscription    to  the  General   Provident Fund during  the  last  four months  of service.

9.   In  respect   of  employees    who  were  appointed   to  Government    service   on  or  after 01.09.2004    and   governed    by  the   Contributory    Pension    Scheme    (CPS),   the  arrears   of Dearness  Allowance   payable   for the period  from  15t July,  2021  to 28th  February.   2022  shall be calculated   duly  deducting   the  10% of the arrears  for credit  to the PRAN  accounts   of the individuals    along    with   Government     share   as   per   G.O.Ms.No.250,       Finance    (Pen.   1) Department,   dated  06-09-2012.

10.       In the  event  of  death   of  any  employee   before   the  issue  of  these  orders,   the  legal heir(s)  shall  be entitled   to the arrears  of Dearness   aUowance.

II.        The  term  'Pay'   for this purpose  shall  be as defined   in FR 9(21)(a)(i).

12.       The    Drawing     Officer     shall    prefer    the    bill    on   Pay    &   Accounts     Officer, Ibrahimpatnam,     Vijayawada     or   the   Pay   &  Accounts    Officer!    the   Assistant    Pay   and Accounts   Officer  of the  Andhra  Pradesh  Works  Accounts   Service   or the  Treasury   Officer, as the case  may  be.

13.      The Drawing Officers shall ensure that the Bills are supported by proper schedules in duplicate indicating details of the employee, General Provident Fund Account IPRAN Account  Number   and   the  amount   to  be  credited   to  the  General   Provident   Fund AccountIPRAN,    wherever    necessary,    to   the   Pay   &   Accounts    Officer/Treasury Officers/Assistant  Pay & Accounts  Officers or Pay & Accounts  Officers  of the Andhra Pradesh Works Accounts Service, as the case may be.

14.      The Pay& Accounts Officerl Assistant Pay & Accounts Officer or Pay and Accounts Officer of the Andhra  Pradesh  Works Accounts ServicelDistrict  Treasury  Officer / Sub- Treasury Officer shall follow the usuaJ procedure of furnishing one copy of the schedules along with bills to the Accountant General based on which the Accountant  General shall credit the amounts to the General  Provident Fund Accounts of the individuals concerned. The second copy of the schedules shall be furnished to the Drawing Officers with Voucher Numbers.

15.      In respect of the employees  working  in the Government  Offices  under  his audit control, the Pay & Accounts  Officer shall consolidate  and furnish the information  in the proforma annexed (Annexure-f)  to this order to the Finance (PC-TA)  Department  by 31s1 July. 2022.

16.      The Deputy Directors of District Treasuries in turn shall consolidate the information &  furnish the same in the same proforma to the Director of Treasuries  & Accounts by 31 SI July, 2022 & who in turn shall furnish the information to the Government  by 31St   August, 2022.

17.      In respect of employees of the Local Bodies, the Drawing Officers shall furnish the above information in the prescribed proforma as per Annexure-I to the Audit Officer of the District concerned  before  30th  June, 2022 & who  will in turn furnish  the  consolidated information to the Director of State Audit by 31 SIJuly, 2022. The Director  of State Audit in turn shall furnish the consolidated  information to the Secretary to Government, Finance (PC- T A) Department by 31 st August, 2022.

18.      To regard to the  Project Staff: the Joint  Director  of  Works &  Accounts  of each Project  shall  furnish  the  information  in the prescribed  proforma  as  per  Annexure-I  to Director of Works Accounts by 3jSI July, 2022 & who in turn shall furnish the information to the Finance (PC-TA) Department by 31st    August, 2022.

19.      All the  Drawing  & Disbursing  Officers and the Audit  Officers  are  requested  to intimate to tbe employees  working under their control as to how much amount of arrears of Dearness Allowance  is credited to the General Provident Fund AccountIPRAN Account as per the Proforma  annexed  (Annexure-IT) to this order. They are  further  requested to adhere to the above instructions and any deviation or noncompliance of these instructions will be viewed seriously.

20.      All  Heads  of  the  Departments  and  Departments  of  Secretariat  concerned  are requested to issue suitable instructions to the Drawing and Disbursing  Officers under their control  and  to  see  that  these  instructions  are  followed  scrupulously.  The  Director  of Tre-asuries and  Accounts/Director   of  State Audit/Pay  &  Accounts  OfficerfDirector  of Works and Accounts, Andhra Pradesh, lbrahlmpatnam,  Vijayawada are requested to issue suitable  instructions  to their  subordinate  Audit  Officers  so  that  these  instructions  are carefully foUowed by them.

21.      This order is available online and can be accessed at http://apegazette.cgg.gov.in.


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