Clarifications on Schools mapping ( Primary Schools merging)

 Some Clarifications issued by School Education Department regarding Schools mapping

Query raised: In Tadepalle(M), there is a High School within 3 KMs to be merged with PS/Ups with Strength nearly 1000 students, and if merged then the strength will be 1450 and more. Whether to merge the 3,4,5 classes with that High School or not?

Clarifications: If no other High School are available within the radius of 3KMs, then 3,4,5 classes may be merged to that High School only. If any other HS available having less enrollment than the above, a decision may be taken on the mapping basing on the infrastructure, enrollment and no of teachers available.

Query raised: To consider the Railway gates which were 1 KM and 2KM away from ZPHS, Tadepalli and any Canal with Bridge should be considered as Natural Barriers or Not?

Clarifications: No. If official railway gate, and Canal with Bridge are available then they should not be considered as a Natural Barrier.

Query raised: Need for construction of ZPHS at Amaravathi Mandal as the enrolment of UP school is 66 and in catchment area it is 260.

Clarifications: Proposal may be submitted to the EE, Engineering wing by proposing for construction of G+1. Subject to need and non availability in any other schools within the radius defined.

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