Employees go to Telangana on a permanent basis - Instructions

 Memo.No.14/49/2021-EST 4 Dated:05/11/2021.

Sub: - School Education – Information in respect of employees allotted/deemed allotted to AP who are interested in exercising option to go to Telangana on a permanent basis – Details called for Copy communicated – Reg. 

Ref: - Govt., Memo.No.154029/General/A1/2021-1, Dt.29/10/2021.

Copy of the Government orders issued in reference cited is herewith communicated to all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education/District Educational Ofcers in the State for taking further necessary action. 

This has got the approval of the Director of School Education, A.P., Amravati. 

Muvva Ramalingam, 


O/o the Director of School Education,

 A.P., Amaravati 

Circular  Memo.No.1512868/SPf&MC/2021    Dated  07.10.2021

Sub: Establishment  -   Collection  of  information   in  respect  of  employees allotted/deemed    allotted   to  AP  who  are  interested   in  exercising option to go to Telangana on a permanent basis -  Reg.

The   Government    have   decided   to   collect   information    in   respect   of employees,  allotted  /deemed  allotted  to AP, who are interested  in exercising option  to  go to TS on a permanent  basis. Accordingly,  such employees shall submit their option,  duly filling in the proforma enclosed to this circular memo by  07-11-2021      to  the  Head  of  Office,  if  any/   Head  of  the  Department concerned.  The Head of Office shall forward  the  options  duly certified  to the Head of the Department concerned within one week thereafter.

2. The  HoD concerned  shall  forward  all  such  options  to  the  respective Department   in  Secretariat,   duly   verifying   and  certifying   the   information submitted  by the employee, within  10 days from the date of receipt from the employees/Head of Office. All the Departments of Secretariat shall forward  the options received, if any, from the employees of their  Department/Hods,  to GA (SPF &MC) Department within one week from the date of receipt from the HoD for taking necessary further action in the matter.



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