Monitoring of IMMS app and Dashboard - instructions

 Memo  No. 789/MDM-CSE12021 Date: 31.08. 2021

Sub:-          School Education  -  Jagananna Gorumudda  (Mid  Day Meal)  and School Sanitation,  Monitoring of IMMS app and Dashboard - instructions  issued - Regarding

The attention   of  Regional Joint  Directors  of School Education  !  District  Educational Officers  !  Assistant Directors  (MDMEtSSi)n the state are informed  that  they are aware that, the  IMMS app  and  Dashboard has been  developed  and  deployed  as  per  instructions   of Honourable  Chief  Minister   for   close  monitoring   of   Jagananna  Gorumudda  and   School Sanitation  due to  the  fact  that  these  two  programs are  directly   related  to  the  nutrition, physical mental health and better  learning outcomes of students.

During the  review  by the  Principal  Secretary,  Education and Senior officers,  certain HMs and other  field  officials  have brought to the  notice that  the capturing  of  photos of the toilets  in  IMMS App in a daily  manner in schools, especially  high schools with  more  toilets consume long time  of the HMs and thereby the time spent on academic activities  related  role is reduced.

The matter  was discussed and the time  taken for capturing  of photos in the  IMMS app was practically   checked  in  a school by higher   officials   of -the Department.   After  detailed discussion on the time taken for capturing photos in app, it is decided that;

1.  HMs may assign the capturing  of photos to all teachers through the HM' login in such a
way that  all  teachers in the school wilt  be given responsibility  to capture  photos on rotation  basis, without  burdening HM     any particular  teacher concerned.

2.   For example,  if  four  blocks of  toilets are available  in school,  each teacher  may be designated for a block or two on a particular  day depending on the break available  to that  teacher.  The capturing  of photos t· f the toilet  blocks can be taken at any time  in a day.

3.   Boys block will   be given responsible for  male teachers  and girls  block  for  female

4.   The  concerned  HM shall  prepare  the daily  schedule  for  the  teachers  in  a  weekI
fortnight!   month by ensuring that all teachers    get equal opportunity I responsibility.

5.   The same is also applicable  for Mid Da~ Meal inspections and photos capturing  in IMMS
6.  CRPs also may be given responsibility  0t rotational  basis.

7.  Only Education Welfare Assistants and other officials  will  fill  in the inspection  form of TMF. However,  the HMs! designated teachers will  capture toilet,   urinals, wash basins and floor  photos.                                     .
8.   However,  It is the ultimate   responsibility  of the concerned HM to ensure that  photos related  to  Sanitation  are  captured  in  the  IMMS app  any time  in  a day under  TMF module and inspections details along ~ith  photos related  to MDM are entered   as per the schedule of inspections.

9.   A video tutorial  has been prepared and1communicated on the step by step cleaning of toilets.  This video  may be communicated to HMs and Ayahs for training  purpose.

10. Already  SOP on Toilet  Maintenance  Fund has been printed  and distributed.   Cleaning Tools, Bathroom Plastic Accessories & Cleaning chemicals have been distributed.   It is requested to ensure that  the SOP is followed  and the  materials  are used properly  as per the SOP.        
The above instructions  should be followed  scrupulously.

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