Saturday, August 7, 2021

India won Gold Medal in Tokyo Olympics in Javelin throw

 Neeraj Chopra Wins Gold Medal in Javelin Throw in  Tokyo Olympics.

Javelin Throw: Vesely finishes with a bronze. It means it's either a silver or a gold for India for sure. Jakub finishes with a foul. MEANS GOLD MEDAL FOR NEERAJ CHOPRA WITH ONE ATTEMPT LEFT.

Medal Confirmed for India

Men's Javelin Throw: Round six has started. Anxious moments for Chopra and India. Chopra is still no.1. Three athletes are done with their sixth throw. Top four left. A 75.72m for Weber. This means a medal is assured for India's Neeraj Chopra. Is still in first place.

Men's Javelin Throw: Czech Republic's Jakub Vadlejch moves to second position with a throw of 86.67m in his fifth attempt. That is a season best score for him. Vesely moves to third and Weber to fourth. Weber registers 85.15m in his fifth attempt. Still in fourth place.

Neeraj Chopra is up next. Another foul by Chopra. His last two throws have been fouls. However, he still is in first position after five rounds with a 87.58m throw.

Men's Javelin Throw: Round four currently underway. A failed attempt by Neeraj Chopra in his fourth. Still in first place though with a throw of 87.58m. Czech Republic's Vitezslav Vesely is second with 85.44m, Germany's Julian Weber in third place with 85.30m. Both have posted their season best score.

Men's Javelin Throw: Germany's Johannes Vetter, favorite for the gold medal, has been eliminated. Finishes 9th. Had the top seven throws for 2021. What a shocker!

Javelin Throw: Chopra in his third attempt. A low 76.79m for him in round three. Still first though. The 38-year-old Vitezslav Vesely registers a score of 85.44m in his third attempt. Moves to second place. Season best score for him. Another failed attempt by Vetter. Currently in 7th place.

The last four out of 12 will be eliminated after the first three attempts. Only the top 8 qualify to the medal rounds. Anxious moments for Vetter. Can be eliminated if Katkavets manages better than 82.52.

The 23-year-old Neeraj Chopra is next. RAISES HIS ARMS IN CELEBRATION EVEN BEFORE THE JAVELIN HAS LANDED. BETTERS HIS FIRST THROW WITH A 87.58m. Remains first in gold medal position. Weber manages a 77.90 in his second attempt. Vetter is next and goes down clutching his ankle. Slipped. Failed attempt for him.

Javelin Throw: Chopra in his first attempt. Manages an impressive 87.03m. That is better than his qualifying score. Germany's Julian Weber throws his season best of 85.30m. Moves to second position. Republic of Moldova's Andrian Mardare is third at 81.16m. Johannes Vetter manages an 82.52m in his first attempt. Moves to third. Pakistan's Arshad Nadeem just behind Vetter with a 82.40m. In fourth position.

Czech Republic's Jakub Vadlejch moves to third position now with a 83.98m throw. Weber is 2nd and Vetter 4th. Chopra remains at first position at the end of first round.

Javelin Throw: Neeraj Chopra's men's final begins. Chopra had qualified for the final with a throw of 86.65m in his very first attempt in the qualification round. No Indian in independent India has ever won a track & field medal. Germany's Johannes Vetter remains a favourite to win gold.

Wrestling: Match begins. Bajrang in blue. No strapping on his right knee today. Passivity charge for Daulet. He has 30 seconds to score a point or Bajrang gets a point. And Bajrang goes 1-0 up. Daulet has Bajrang in a headlock. He's looking to turn the Indian. But Bajrang defends. Bajrang goes for the single-leg takedown. Very proactive now. Send Daulet out of bounds. Another point. Leads 2-0 at the end of the first period.

నీరజ్ చోప్రా సంచలనం....ఒలింపిక్స్‌లో భారత్‌కు గోల్డ్‌ మెడల్

టోక్యో: భారత యువ అథ్లెట్ నీరజ్‌ చోప్రా సంచలనం సృష్టించాడు.

నెరవేరిన భారత్ కల

టోక్వో ఒలింపిక్స్ నీరజ్ చోప్రా జావిలిన్ త్రో లో 87.58 మీటర్లు విసిరి స్వర్ణపతకం సాధించి 135 కోట్ల మంది భారతీయులు ప్రపంచ యవనికపై తలెత్తుకొనేటట్లు ఔరా అని పించారు. ప్రపంచ ఒలింపిక్స్ అద్లెట్స్ లో భారత్ కు ఇది తొస్వర్ణం.

జయహో భారత్ నీరజ్ చోప్రాకు యావత్ భారత్ జేజేలు.

టోక్యో ఒలింపిక్స్‌లో ఇవాళ (శనివారం) జరిగిన జావెలిన్‌ త్రో ఫైనల్స్‌లో టాప్‌లో నిలిచాడు. భారత్‌కు గోల్డ్ మెడల్ తెచ్చిపెట్టాడు. టోక్యో ఒలింపిక్స్ మొత్తంలో భారత్‌కు వచ్చిన ఏకైన బంగారు పతకం ఇదే. అంతే కాదు మన దేశానికి ఒలింపిక్స్ చరిత్రలోనే జావెలిన్‌ త్రో పోటీల్లో మెడల్ రావడం కూడా ఇదే మొదటిసారి.ఈ గేమ్‌లో ఫస్ట్‌ మెడలే గోల్డ్ రావడం విశేషం. ఒలింపిక్స్ అథ్లెటిక్స్ చరిత్రలోనే భారత్ సాధించిన తొలి మెడల్‌ కూడా ఇదే.


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