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G.O.Ms.No.5O Dated.17-08-2021 : Takeover of willing Private Aided Schools including Minority Schools by the Government

Memo No. ESE-02-18022/119/2020-PS-3-CSE Dated. 31/08/2021

Sub: School Education - Private Aided Schools in AP – Policy for takeover of willing private Aided Schools including Minority Schools by the Government – - Guidelines issed- Regarding

Read:1.A.P Educational Act, 1982. 2.G.O.Rt.No.52 Higher Education(CE) Dept., Dated 06.04.2021 3.G.O.Ms.No.50 School Education(PS) Dept., Dated 17.08.2021

While enclosing a copy of Government Order at reference 3rd read above, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and the District Education Officers in the state are requested to call for applications from the willing managements of Private Aided Schools to voluntarily handover the management and infrastructure to the Government without any liabilities as per Rule 4 (A) (or) call for applications in writing from managements and aided staff of such Private Aided Schools whose managements are willing to surrender their aid in the form of surrendering their aided staff to the Government but not the assets and accordingly, the Government will absorb their aided staff into the needy Government/Local body Schools through a transparent web counselling process duly framing the rules for their service and other purposes. Consequently, the grant-in-aid will be withdrawn permanently for such institutions as per provisions of AP Education Act, 1982.

2. Therefore, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and the District Educational Officers in the state are requested to take necessary steps for inviting willingness of Aided managements as per the provisions of the G.O.Ms.No.50 School Education(PS) Dept., Dated 17.08.2021 and submit list of wliing schools on or before 15.09.2021.

Chinaveerabhadrudu Vadrevu 

Director, School Education 




School   Education    Department     - Policy  for takeover  of  willing   Private Aided  Schools  including  Minority  Schools  by the Government -   Orders - Issued.


G.O.Ms.No.5O     Dated.17-08-2021

Read   the  following:-

1.A.P. Education  Act,  1982.

2.G.O.Rt.No.S2, Higher Education  [CE] Dept.,  dated:  06.04.2021.


Decades  ago  when  the  concept  of providing   Grant-in-Aid   by the Government   to  Private  Educational   Institutions   was   initiated,   it  was envisioned  to improve  overall  educational  infrastructure.   Over the years, the  Education   sector  has  changed   drastically.   Especially   in the  recent past,  the  State  Government   has put  in massive  efforts  for strengthening education  particularly   with the  launching   of programmes/schemes    such as  Amma   Vodi,  Manabadi   Nadu- Nedu,   Vidya  Kaanuka,   Gorumudda, Toilet Maintenance   Fund  etc. Owing to all such schemes,  the educational infrastructure     especially    in   the   Government     sector    has   improved significantly.   Further,   there  has  been  an  increased   participation   of  the Private  Institutions   in the Education   Sector  in the  recent  past  providing greater    opportunities      for    accessing     education.     However,     despite extending   majority   of  the  Government   schemes   such  as  Amma   Vodi, Vidya   Kaanuka,    Gorumudda    etc.,  to  the   students   studying   in  aided institutions   on  par  with  GovernmentILocal  body  Institutions,   there  has been   a  steady   decline   in  the   student   enrollment    into   private   aided educational. institutions.  Additionally,it   has been  brought  to the notice  of the  Government   that  few  aided educational   institutions   could  not  run because   of  very  low  enrollments   and  high  operational   expenses.   This testifies    that    in   these    changed    circumstances,     the   Private    Aided Educational  Institutions   in the State seem to have  lost their relevance  and vitality  as most  of  them   are  lagging behind   the Government/Local  body and Private  Unaided  Educational Institutions  in terms  of performance   and quality  resources.   Thus,  the  Government   felt  that  the  present  policy  of extending   grant-in-aid   to  the  Private   Educational   Institutions   needs  a detail review  and course  corrections.

2. The    Government has also noticed that in aided educational institutions, the percentage of  admissions gradually decreasing year on year while there has been  significant  improvement  in  student  enrollment  and  standards  in  the Government/Localbody Institutions. Also, filling aided staff vacancies in such aided institutions and possible demands of unaided  staff,  who  are  selected without  any transparent   method  of recruitment   i.e., without  a sanctioned vacant  post  and/or  without  a competitive  selection  process  similar to that of  recruitment    of   Government    Staff   through    appropriate    Selection Committee,   for  regularization      into  aided  posts   lead  to  huge  financial burden   on   Government's     exchequer.    Further,    such   regularization     is illegal   as   per  Apex    Court    Judgements     in   Umadevi     and   Manjula Bhashini      cases   and  Andhra   Pradesh   Act  2  of  1994  (Regulation   of Appointment    to  Public  Services  and Rationalization   of Staff Pattern  and Pay  Structure).   This  indicates  that  there  is a heavy  under  utilization   of the   available    aided   resources    in   the   institutions    while   directly    or indirectly   poaching   the  students     into  unaided   sections.   Furthermore, there    is  no  need  to  stress  any  further   on  effectively   utilizing   all  the available    resources    in   the   educational    institutions    to   achieve    the objectives   of  the  schemes   namely   "Jagananna       Amma       Vodi"      for continuing     education,    "Jagananna     Vidya  Kanuka"    for  School   Kits, "Jagananna      Gorumudda"       for     nutntious      Mid-day    Meals,   "Toilet Maintenance   Fund"  for maintaining   cleanliness  of ToiletComplexes,    and "Manabadi  Nadu-Nedu"   for strengthening   educational   infrastructure   etc. Thus,  it is a matter  of public  interest  to take  over  the voluntarily   willing private  aided educational  institutions.

3.To inquire  further  into the matter  before  taking  a policy  decision,  the Government     constituted     a   Committee     vide    G.O.Rt.No.S2,     Higher Education   (C.E.)  Dept.,   dated.06.04.2021    to  study  the  performance   of Private   Aided   Educational    Institutions    right   from   Schools   including Minority    institutions    in  the   State.   Accordingly,    the   Committee    has submitted   a report  recommending    that  there  is no  necessity   to   extend grant-in-aid     any  further  to  the  Private   Educational   Institutions   in  the State.

4. After   careful   examination    of  the  report   of  the   Committee,    the Government    hereby    orders   the   following    in   respect    of   policy    for takeoverof   willing  Private  Aided  Schools  including  Minority   Schools  in the State without  any fmancial  burden  on the exchequer   in the  following manner:

A. The    Commissioner     /  Director       of    School     Education,     shall immediately    call  for  applications   in  writing   from  managements    and staff   of   such    Private    Aided    Schools    whose    managements     are voluntarily   willing  to  handover  the  management   and  infrastructure   to the  Government  without  any liabilities  and accordingly,

1. The  Government    will  take  over  their  management    and    assets (movable   and  immovable)   without  any  compensation   payable  by the    Government      through     an    irrevocable      &   unconditional registered    deed  of  conveyance.    Consequently,    such   institutions will become  Government   institutions.

ii. Additionally,   to  enable  Government   for  absorption   of  aided  staff of  such  willing   aided   institutions   into  GovernmentILocal     body institutions,    the   earlier    orders    of   the   Government     such     as G.O.Ms.No.l    of Education   (P.S.2)  Department   dated:  0l.0l.1994, G.O.Ms.No.ll      of  School  Education   (Ser.II)   Department.    dated: 23.0l.2009,       G.O.Ms.No.12       of     School     Education      (Ser.II) Department.   dated:23.0l.2009     etc.,  will  be  amended   suitably   or new  orders  will  be  issued  as required   for implementation    of this policy.

iii. Once the process  of takeover  is completed,  the GovernmentILocal body  will  have  the  power  to  utilize  the  surplus  assets  (movable and  immovable)   of  the  institution   for  any  public  purpose   after taking    approvals     as    per    the    procedure     after    meeting   the requirement   of the  institution.  In addition,  the  GovemmentILocal body  will  have  powers   as  contemplated   under   Sections   61,  62 and63 of the A.P. Education  Act,  1982 only for this purpose.

iv. Also,  the   Government    will   absorb   the  existing   aided   staff  of suchaided  institutions  into GovemmentILocal  body  institutions  by duly framing  the rules for their service  and other purposes.

v. Further,  such managements   and their unaided/part-time    staff (both teaching  and non-teaching)   will be mandated  for giving  a legally binding   undertaking    declaring   that  they  are  fully  aware  of  the prohibitory    clauses    of   Act   2   of   1994   (AP   Regulation       of Appointments     to   Public    Services    &  Rationalization     of   Staff Pattern   and   Pay  Structure  Act,  1994) and they should  never  seek recourse  for regularization   now or later, on what-so-ever   grounds; only  the  competent    unaided/part-time    staff   (both  teaching   and non-teaching)    of  such   aided   institutions    will   be  continued   on outsourcing     basis   as per   the   suitability    and   eligibility   of  the individuals   and  as per  the  requirement   which  will  be  identified based   on  the  student   strength,   work   load  and  viability   of  the institution.   The  salaries  for   such  unaided  / part-time   staff  (both teaching   and  non-teaching)    who   are  continued   on  outsourcing basis  will  be paid  as per the Government   norms  issued  from  time to time from the Government  funds.

B. The     Commissioner!      Director     of    School     Education,     shall immediately   call  for  applications   in writing    from  managements   and aided  staff  of  such  Private  Aided  Schools  whose  managements     are willing    to surrender   their  aid  in the  form  of surrendering   their  aided staff   to  the   Government    but   not  the   assets   and   accordingly,    the Government   will  absorb  their  aided  staff  into  the  needy GovernmentILocal  body  Schools through  a transparent  web counseling process    duly   framing  the  rules  for their  service  and  other  purposes. Consequently,   the    grant-in-aid   shall  be  withdrawn   permanently   for such institutions  with the following  conditions  read with  Section  47 of the AP Education  Act,  1982:-

(i) If  any  such  institution   has  received   any  grant  from  the  Central Government   or  State  Government   or  their  instrumentalities,    the assets  created  with such grants cannot  be disposed  of / used for the purposes    other   than   for   which   it  was   granted   without   prior approval  of the Government,

(ii) If any such  institution  has  been allotted  any land  by Government either  free  of cost  or at a concession  rate  or even  on payment  of full  market  value,  such  land  cannot  be disposed  of / used  for the purposes    other   than   for   which   it  was   allotted   without   prior approval  of the Government,

(iii) If  any  such   institution  has  got  any  other  lands/assets    donated by   philanthropists     or   a   trust    or   other    organizations,     such land/asset  cannot  be disposed  of / used  for the purposes  other than for   which    it   was    donated    without    prior    approval     of   the Government.

C. Additionally,    for  the   purpose    of  absorbing    the   aided   staff  of such willing  aided   institutions      into    Government      /    Local     body institutions, Special  Rules  w.r. t. their  service  matters,  inter-se-seniority etc.,  will  be issued     on    the    similar   lines    of  the  concerned   Rules issued  videG.O.Ms.No.96,     HE(CE)Dept.,    dt:08-07-2008.     The  Rules so  issued   shall be  binding   on  such   aided   staff  who   are  willing   to be   absorbed    into   Government   as  the  absorption   is  based  on  their willingness  to do so.

D. Further,  for such aided  staff, presently  the total amounts  of salaries are being  paid  by the  Goverrunent   through  grant-in-aid.   Hence,  there won't   be  any  additional   financial   burden   on  the  Government    w.r.t. payment    of   salaries    to   them.   However,    other    benefits    such   as GPFICPS,   APGLI,  LTC etc., will be extended  suitably.

E. Additionally,    owing   to  the  withdrawal    of  the  grant-in-aid,    the Commissioner   / Director  of  School  Education   shall  accommodate   the existing  students  of such Private  Aided   Schools,  whose  managements have surrendered   their aid in the form of surrendering   their  aided  staff, into  Government/Local    body  Schools  of their  choice  in the  State  on the  request  of  their  parents  in  writing.  Further,   the  managements   of such  aided  schools     after    surrendering  their  aided  staff  will  run  as Private   Unaided   Institutions    and  hence   the  students   may   continue pursuing  their  studies  in such  Private  Unaided   Institutions.   Also,  the mothers   of  each   eligible   student   pursuing   education    even   in  such private  unaided  institutions    in the state are given Rs.lS,OOO per annum under    Amma    Vodi    scheme    for   sending  their  children  to  Schools implying  that such  students  and their  families  will  not  be subjected  to any  financial  burden  for  continuing   education in such  private  unaided institutions.

F. Also,   the  Government    hereby   authorizes   the  Higher   Education Department     as   nodal    department     for   all   matters    pertaining     to operationalization    of this  policy  including   issuing  of any  new/revised rules   and   all   the   concerned    departments    shall   route   all   matters pertaining   to  operationalization     of  this   policy   through   the   Higher Education  Department.

5. Accordingly, the  Commissioner/ Director     of School Education shall immediately  take  necessary  action,  in  consultation  with  the  Government, towards  standardizing  the  check-list,  deed  of  conveyance,     declarations regarding    aided    and   unaided    staff    etc.,   preparing     guidelines    for absorption    of  aided   staff  into  Government   I Local   body   institutions through a  web   counseling   process   and  also  for  sending   proposals,    if required,   for issuance   of  new  I special   Rules   and  I or  amendments    to relevant   Rules   for operationalizing    this  policy   after  getting   the  same legally vetted.

6. This   order    is   issued   with   the   concurrence    of   the   Finance Dept.,   videtheir   U.O.  No.  HROPDPP   /  16 / 2021  (Comp.No.1352507), dated: 22. 07.2021.





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