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August 6 నుంచి డిపార్ట్‌మెంటల్‌ పరీక్షలు: APPSC

అమరావతి, : డిపార్ట్‌మెంటల్‌ పరీక్షలు (నవంబర్‌-2020 సెషన్‌) ఆగస్టు 6 నుంచి 13 వరకు జరుగుతాయని ఏపీపీఎస్సీ తెలిపింది. పరీక్షల షెడ్యూల్‌ కోసం వెబ్‌సైట్‌ను సందర్శించాలని సూచించింది.

06/08/2021 FRIDAY (FORE NOON) - 10.00 AM to 12.00 Noon

paper code: Name of Examination

4. Departmental Test for Clerks in the Police Department (WITH BOOKS) 

20. Deputy Inspector's Test, Third Paper (WITH BOOKS) 

23. Subordinate Accounts Service Examination, Paper-III (WITH BOOKS) 

29. Accounts Test for Public Works Workshop Officers, Paper-II (WITH BOOKS) 

35. Excise Department Test, Test-C, Excise Manual-Second Paper (WITH BOOKS) 

64. Treasuries & Accounts Service Examination, Part-I, Paper-II (WITH BOOKS) 

66. Jail Department Test, Paper-III (WITH BOOKS) 

70. Registration Department Test, Group-I, Paper-II (WITH BOOKS) 

78. Departmental Test for A.P. Works Accounts Service, Part-I, Paper-II (WITH BOOKS) 

86. Departmental Test for the Officers of the Forest Department, Office Procedure and Accounts - Second Paper (WITH BOOKS) 

124. Transport Department Test, Part-II (WITH BOOKS) 140. Departmental Test for Accountants A.P. Electrical Department (WITH BOOKS) 

144. The Agriculture Department Test (WITH BOOKS) 

147. The Civil Judicial Test, Part-II, Paper-II (WITH BOOKS) 157. Juvenile Welfare Correctional Services and Welfare of Street Children Test, Part-I, Paper- II. (WITH BOOKS.

06/08/2021 FRIDAY (AFTER NOON) – 3.00 PM to 5.00 PM

paper code: Name of Examination

9. Subordinate Accounts Service Examination, Paper-II (WITH BOOKS) 

12. Deputy Inspector's Test, Second Paper (WITH BOOKS) 

13. Excise Department Test, Test-B , Acts and Rules (WITH BOOKS) 

14. Accounts Test for Public Works Workshop Officers, Paper-I (WITHBOOKS) 

44. Departmental Test for A.P Works Accounts Service, Part-I, Paper-I (WITH BOOKS) 

46. Treasuries & Accounts Service Examination, Part-II, Paper-I (WITH BOOKS 

48. Jail Department Test, Paper-II (WITH BOOKS) 

52. Registration Department Test, Group-I, Paper-I (WITH BOOKS) 

61. Departmental Test for Officers of the Forest Department, Land Revenue – Second Paper (WITH BOOKS) 

68. Departmental Test for Employees of the Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Department, Second Paper (WITH BOOKS) 7

2. Port Department Test, Lower Grade (WITH BOOKS) 

77. The Indian Evidence Act Test (WITH BOOKS) 106. Transport Department Test, Part-I (WITH BOOKS) 

152. Departmental Test for Technical Staff in the A.P Electrical Inspectorate Service (WITH BOOKS)

 156. Juvenile Welfare Correctional Services Welfare of street Children Test, Part-I, Paper-I. (WITH BOOKS

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