SSC Nominal Rolls Edit: Corrections in the Personel Details of Students in the Online Application Form


Peoc: Rc GE CPROORSLTIDPRP/1/2021-DGE Dated: 14-06-2021

Sub: SSC Public Examinations, 2021 Corrections in the Personel Details of Students in the Online Application Form - Opening of window for correcting the personal details - Reg


1. Instructions to HMs, Duted: 10-03-2021.

2. User Manual for updating Nominal Rolls, 2020-21.

3. Due dates vide Re No: 149/3-2/2021, Dated: 07-05-2021.


All the District Educational Officers and HMs/Head of Institutions in the state of Andhra Pradesh are hereby informed that, the last date for submission of applications and remittance of Examination Fee with Late fee under Tatkal scheme for SSC Public Examinations, 2021 ended on 14-05-2021.

Further, in spite of issuing specific and detailed instructions to verify the students' details thoroughly before confirming the SSC applications, the 0/0 DGE, AP, has received numerous requests seeking corrections in the Personal Details of the Students which were submitted by the HMs

In view of the above, in the langer interest of the student community, a last opportunity is being provided for undertaking "Minor Corrections in the Personal Details of the Students in the Online Application from 17-06-2021 AN to 22-06-2021 AN only

Hence, all the HMs are hereby instructed to thoroughly go through the HM Instructions 1 cited and User Manual 2 cited before making corrections in the personal data appearing in the Online Application form and utilize this final opportunity for correcting the errors. Unnecessary editing of personal data of students should be avoided strictly. The HMs are instructed to use the "Edit Option sparingly and strictly for correcting the errors which were previously abserved. Major corrections to the personal data should be avoided.

The "Edit Option" is being provided for the following fields only; NR Serial Number, Name of the Student, Father's name, Mother's name, Guardian's Name, Student's Photo, Student's Signature, Gender and Identification Marks only. The detailed instructions for entering the data are provided in the IM Instructions vide reference 1 cited. Final confirmation should be done only after cross checking all the details. Edit option will not be provided after the final confirmation

All the District Educational Officers in the state are hereby requested in communicate the same to all the concerned HMs and other stakeholders Any requests for corrections in the student data will not be considered aher the due date Le 22-06-2021 AN.


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