Extraordinary Leaves GOs and Memos

Memo.No.4392-B/124/Al/Admn.II/02. Dt. 4-02-2002 

 Sub:- Establishment - State Audit Department- Counting of EOL taken on Medical Cerficate for Grade Increments
Reg, Ref:- Director of State Audit, Hyderabad Letter, Rc.No.7354/124/D2/2001, dt. 24.12.2001.  cited and it is informed that:

 i) The instructions issued in Circular Memo.No. 21102-B/371/A2/FRI/98 The attention of the Director of State Audit, Hyderabad is invited to the reference date.07.08.1998 are very comprehensive in regard to sanction of EOL 

 ii) Further EOL sanctioned on medical grounds counts for increments under 

 iii). Therefore it is the responsiblity of the Competent Authority who sanctioned the FR.25(b) ii. For this, the government Employees concerned need not represent for the same, since it is the duty of the head of Department concerned when the period of EOL is less than 6 months or upto 6 months and beyond that the Government as per the delegation allowed under FR.26(b) (ii) EOL on Medical Certificate to a www.teachrinfo.in Government Servant to see that the increments are release/sanctioned to the individual by addressing in the matter to the Head of Department/Government as such the Government Employees need not represent for sanction of increments in respect of the Extra-Ordinary Leave availed by them on Medical Grounds

GO MS 307. GO MS 307.

Fundamental Rules – Amendment to F.R. 54 (5) and FR 54-(B)(7), F.R. 26 (b)(ii) for counting EOL for sanction of notional increments and Pension – Orders – Issued.

Memo 21102 , Sanction of EOL on Medical Certificate.

వైద్యుల ధ్రువ పత్రం ఆధారం గా EOL మంజూరు ఉత్తర్వులు 

1.As per the existing leave rules, extra ordinary leave can be granted when no other leave is admissible. Extraordinary leave can be granted even when other leave is admissible if the Government servant concerned applies for the g rant of extra ordinary leave. 

2 Accordingly to F.R. 18 Rule 5-A of A.P. Leave Rules the maximum period for which a Government servant can remain absent on leave of any kind is five year. 

3 As per the 21 of A.P. Revised pension Rules 1980 all Extraordinary leave granted on Medical certificates shall count as qualifying service. In the case of extra leave, the appointing authority may at the time of granting leave allow the period to count for qualifying service when such a leave is granted due to the Government servants inability to rejoin duty on account of civil commotion or for prospecting higher scientific and Technical study. www.teachrinfo.in According to F.R. 26 (b) (ii) the extraordinary leave taken on Medical certificate or for any other cause beyond the Government servants control or for prosecuting higher technical studies, maybe permitted to be counted for the purpose of sanction of due increments.

 U.O. Note No. 13127-A/113/FR.I/98 Dated : 13-5-1998.

విదేశాలలో job  కొరకు వెళ్ళుటకు 5 సంవత్సరాలు సెలవు ఉత్రర్వులు 

Sub : PUBLIC SERVICES - Grant of leave for five years to Government employees to take up employment abroad - Orders - Issued - Reg. 
Ref : G.O.Ms.No. 214. Fin. & Plg. (FW.FR.I) Dept. dt: 3-9-1996. 

 In the G.O. cited orders have been issued permitting Government employees desirous of seeking employment abroad to apply and secure gainful employment abroad for a specified period, subject to conditions stipulated therein. 

2. It has been observed that when employees are applying for sanction of leave for taking up employment abroad or for permission to seek jobs abroad, the administrative Departments are circulating such proposals for obtaining orders in circulation of C.M. through C.S. and Minister (Finance). It is hereby clarified that all applications which "fulfill the guidelines of the G.O. can be approved by the Ministers concerned and that there is no need for such cases to be circulated to Minister (Finance) and C..M. through C.S. Further in respect of proposals where the conditions of the G.O. cited are satisfied, such cases need not be referred to the Finance and Planning (FW.FR.I) Department unless any specific clarification is required. 

3. The Government servants who are desirous of accepting employment abroad should obtain specific permission from the Government before they undertake any employment abroad in terms of Para 5 (X) of G.O. cited, www.teachrinfo.in after receiving a specific offer from the foreign employer. It is, therefore, clarified that the intention of the orders issued in the G.O. cited is that the leave should not be utilized to secure job abroad, but should utilized for undertaking employment abroad. 

 GO MS 183.Dt:21.07.1978 

Extraordinary Leave - Execution of Bonds by Government servant - Further orders - Issued. G.O.Ms.No.183 Dated 21st July, 1978
 Read the following:-
1. G. O. Ms. No. 210, Finance (FR. I) Department., dt. 16-6-1964.
2. G. O. Ms. No. 224, Finance (FR. I) Department., dt. 3-11-1966.
3. G. O. Ms. No. 24, Finance (FR. I) Department., dt. 16-1-1971.

1.In the Government Order 1st read above the State Government have prescribed the form of the Bond to be executed by temporary Government servants, who are granted extraordinary leave for prolonged periods, in relaxation of rule 23(a) (ii) of the Andhra Pradesh Leave Rules Rule 444(b) of the Hyderabad Civil Services Rules, in continuation of other regular leave, if any, due and admissible, for higher studies in India or abroad. The Government Order 2nd cited, www.teachrinfo.in clarified that the above mentioned relaxation of rules is made subject to the condition that but for the grant of leave the Government servants would have continued to hold a post under the Government for the duration of the leave, and that they execute a Bond as prescribed above, binding themselves to serve the Government after return from leave for a period of three years (since raised to five years) in default to pay a sum of Rs. 2,000/- (since raised to Rs. 10,000/-). 

2. In certain cases, purely temporary (emergency) Government servants appointed under Rule 10(a) (i) of the Subordinate Services Rules have also been granted extraordinary leave for prosecution of higher studies in relaxation of the relevant leave rules and bonds also got executed as prescribed for the purpose. The point has, therefore, arisen whether in respect of such Emergency Government Servants, there is need to insist upon the execution of Bonds or not. 

3.Under the existing Leave Rules, Extraordinary Leave for prosecution of higher studies is not admissible to temporary Government servants working under emergency provisions, and that as per Note Under Rule 6-A of the Andhra Pradesh Leave Rules, such Government servants shall be deemed to have been discharged from duty with effect from the date from which they are not entitled to any leave. 

4.In view of the above rule position, the Government have considered over the matter and hereby order that Govt. servants working under emergency provisions should not be granted extraordinary leave for prosecution of higher studies in relaxation of relevant leave rules in future. In all those cases, however where such sanctions have been accorded in relaxation of the rules and Bonds got executed, the terms of the Bonds should be strictly enforced.

 G.O.Ms. No. 214. Date 3-9-1996. 

Read the following :-.
1. G.O. Ms. No. 196. Personnel and Administrative Reforms (FR- II) Department. Dt. 20-05-1991 of Government of Tamilnadu.
2. From the President A.P.N.G.OS. Association, Hyd. Letters. 3. G.O. Ms. No. 434 H.M. & FW Dept. dt. 30-8-1994.

1. The Government have received representations for allowing State Government employees to take extraordinary leave with permission to take up employment abroad i.e., www.teachrinfo.in in foreign countries. 

2. The Andhra Pradesh Non ñ Gazetted officers Association, Hyderabad has requested the Government to adopt the Policy of the Government of Tamilnadu in permitting their employees to secure and accept jobs abroad on extraordinary leave. 

3. In the reference 3 Doctors in the A.P. Medical and Health Service to go abroad for taking up employment / training for a maximum period of 4 years and 11 months subject to rd read above Government have issued orders permitting the certain conditions. 

4. In the context of acute pressure for Government employment and existence of surplus staff in some Departments. It has been considered whether a liberal view may be taken in the matter so as to enable government servants to g abroad for gainful employment for specified periods. 

5 Government after careful examination have decided to follow reform liberal  policy in the matter of permitting Government servants irrespective of categories to which they belong i.e., technical Non in Technical or Clerical to service and accept jobs abroad and pass the following orders on suppression of the similar orders issued in the reference 3 www.teachrinfo.in

 i) Government employees desirous of seeking jobs abroad, irrespective of categories to which they belong technical, Non ñ Technical or Clerical permitted to apply and resigning from service. However such of those scarce categories of staff / officers whose services are considered essential to this Government shall not be permitted to secure job abroad.

ii) The period absence during employment abroad will be treated as extraordinary leave without allowance but such period of absence will not be construed as a break in service it will not be count employment abroad will be treated as extraordinary leave without allowance but such period of absence will not be construed as a break in service it will not be counted service benefit such as increment, pay, leave etc., However in contribution towards pensions paid by the foreign employer or employee such periods will count for pension. 

 iii) That non ñ Government dues are pending recovery from the Government servant. 

iv) That no prosecution is pending or contemplated in the Court of law against the Government servant. www.teachrinfo.in

v) If the absence of the employee exceeds five years he ceases to be a Government Servants 

 vi) On return from leave the Government employee shall not claim any performance over others in their parent Department for promotion or higher pay by virtue of the experience gained in foreign employment. 

vii) All Government servants may act voluntarily to this scheme. 

Viii) The benefit of the scheme shall be given to Government servants one in the entire service. rd read above.

 G.O.Ms.No. 234 Dated: 27-5-1994

 Leave Rules - (Andhra Pradesh Leave Rules, 1933, Hyderabad Civil Services Rules) - Amendment - Enhancement of limits of exgratia allowance to Government employees on extra-ordinary leave for treatment for Tuberculosis/Leprosy/Cancer/Mental illness/Heart Diseases and Renal (Kidney) failures - Orders - Issued. www.teachrinfo.in
Read the following: - 1. G.O.Ms.No. 222, Fin. & Plg.(FW.FR.I)Department, Dt: 4-6-1976. 
2. G.O.Ms.No. 33, Fin. & Plg.(FW.FR.I.) Department, Dt: 12-2-1982. 

 In the Government order 1st read above, the limits for payment of ex-gratia allowance were fixed in respect of Non-Gazetted Government Servants on a pay not exceeding Rs. 500/- per month in the Dearness Allowance-merged scales of pay of 1974 and all Government Servants in the last grade service while on extraordinary leave for treatment of tuberculosis/Leprosy/Cancer and Mental illness.

 In the Government order read above, the limits for payment of ex-gratia allowance were raised according to Revised Scales of Pay, 1978 and amendment was issued 

For Note (4) under Rule 28 and 29 as follows: -

 For Note (4) under Rule 28: "A non-gazetted Government servant on a pay not exceeding Rs. 700/- per month in the Revised Pay Scales, 1978 while on Extra-ordinary Leave for treatment of Tuberculosis/Leprosy/Cancer and Mental illness, www.teachrinfo.in is entitled to an ex-gratia allowance equal to half of his pay subject to a minimum of Rs. 220/ - per month and a maximum of Rs, 350/- per month. 

For note under rule 29:

 Note: A Government servant in the Last Grade Service while on Extraordinary Leave for treatment of Tuberculosis/Leprosy/Cancer and Mental illness is endued to an ex-gratia allowance equal to half of his pay subject to a minimum of Rs. 150/- per  month and a maximum of Rs. 220/- per month Consequent on the introduction of the Revised pay Scales of 1986 and 1993, the Government after careful consideration decided to raise the existing limits as specified below with immediate effect.

 Progs.L.Dis.No.1933/G3/83 Date: 30-3-1984

Sub:- Establishment  Secondary Education ñ Z.P. Srikakulam ñ Suffixing and prefixing summer vacation to extra ordinary leave ñ certain clarification - Regarding.

1) Lr.Rc.No.12007/79-D1. dt.21-11-1979 of Dy D.E.O. Z.P. Srikakulam. 
2)Lr.Rc.No.12007/79-E1.dt.10-12-83 of D.D.O.Z.P. Srikakulam. 

The District Development Officers, Zilla Parishad , Srikakulam is informed that it has been clarified in directors proceedings third cited that the vacation may be confirmed with or taken in confirmation of any kind of leave i.e., earned leave, half pay leave, commuted leave or extra-ordinary leave. The district development officer should take action accordingly. D.SUBBA RAO, For Commissioner of School Education

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