CCL Memo and GO 35 dt:30.01.1980


Memo.No.13112 Accts/67-2 dt: 1.3.1958 

Sub: Holidays-Compensatory Holidays-Govt.Orders -communicated.

Ref: From the District treasury officer, Warangal, Lr.No.4560 dt.30.10.57

  The District Treasury Officer, Warangal is informed that a Government servant called on to attend office on authorized public holiday, except as punishment, should be granted another day in its place when opportunity offers subject to the following rules.

 1. Such holidays may not be taken by any government servant without the previous permission

 2. Not more than ten such holidays in all may e taken in a calendar year and no such holiday

 3. Not more than seven holidays may be accumulated and lower number may be fixed in his

 4. Such holidays may be combined with casual leave or other authorized holidays, provided

 5. Gazetted officers who are subordinate in an office, may be granted such holidays under the

 6. A question has now been raised whether a Government servant touring on public authorized holidays in connection with the performance of his duties will be eligible for compensatory holidays in view of holidays on which he performs journey. They are not entitled to this concession of compensatory holidays in view of holidays on which they perform journeys, not only because the condition that Government servant should be railed on to attend office on a holiday is not satisfied but also because the very nature of their touring makes such compensation unnecessary as travelling allowance and daily allowance are usually claimed b them for such days.

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MemoNo.5279-H179-2,Edn. Dated:30-1-1980

 Sub:- Education department – Teaching personnel drafted for intensive revision of Electoral Rolls From 1-6-1977 to 30-6-1977 – Reservation of leave for non-availment of vacation- Applicability of orders to teachers appointed as reserve enumerators – Clarification-Issued

 Ref: 1. G.O.Ms.No.581, Edn.dated 11-5-1977 2. From the Director of School Education Lr.Rc.No.1870/B11-4/78,dated 10-9-1979

 1.Orders were issued in G.O.first cited for the recall of the teaching staff under various managements for preparation of Electoral rolls. The District Educational Officers were also authorized to recall the teachers in consultations with the Collectors and Revenue Divisional Officers to enable to Revenue Officers to appoint the required number of school teachers (Government, Panchayat Samithis, Zill parishads, Muncipalities and Private Institutions) as enumerators.

 2. In the same G.O. it was ordered that leave on full pay shall be reserved to such of the teachers who are drafted for preparation of Electoral Rolls during the vacation period of 1976-77 to the extent teachers are recalled for duty without availment of vacation.

 3. In the reference second cited, the Director of School Education has requested the Government to clarify whether the teachers drafted for enumeration work as reserve enumerators and consequently prevented from availing themselves of the vacation from 1-6-1977 to 30-6-1977 when the enumeration work was carried out actively are also eligible for reservation of one month’s leave.

 4. The Government after careful examination directs that the reserve enumerators who were prevented from availing the vacation shall also be eligible for leave to the extent they were prevented from availing the vacation during June, 1977 when the work of revision of Electoral Rolls was attended to by teachers appointed as enumerators. 5. This Memorandum issues with the concurrence of Finance and Planning (Fin-Wing) Department vide their U.O.No.1696/50/F.R -1/ dated. 22-1-1980.


  G.O.Ms.No. 35 Dated:16-1-1981

EDUCATION – Drafting to teachers during holidays for enumeration, Census etc,...Reservation of EARNED leave – Orders Issued


1.Under the leave rules applicable to vacation Department, teachers under all management are eligible to earn leave 3 days in a calendar year. When they are prevented from utilizing summer vacation due to their being drafted for enumeration, Census etc, they are eligible for reservation of proportionate leave to the extent they are prevented from utilizing the summer vacation. During midterm holidays, they are being allowed to utilize compensatory leave to the extent they are prevented from utilizing the mid-term holidays, due to the above duties.

2. Proposals are being received by Government for reservation of leave in respect of teachers under different managements each time they are drafted for enumeration, preparation of electoral rolls, Census ete, during holidays.

3. Government has examined the matter and have decided to delegate powers to the heads of institutions concerned in this regard. Government accordingly authorize the heads of the educational institutions concerned to reserve proportionate leave to the extent teachers under their control are prevented from utilizing summer vacation due to enumeration, preparation or revision of electrol rolls, Census,..based on the certificate issued by the appropriate appointing authority for such work. They are also authorized to sanction compensatory leave proportionate to the extent the teachers under their control are prevented to utilize mid-term holidays due to the said work on the strength of the certificate issued by the said appointing authorities.

4. Government also direct that the remuneration offered for the work such as enumeration. Preparation or revision of electoral rolls Census etc,. done during vacation shall not be treated as enumeration within the scope of ruling 15 under F.R.-82

 5. The order issues with the concurrence of Finance and Planning (FW,FR-1) Department-vide their U.O.No.57972/A2/FR-1/dated 2-1-1981.

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