Syllabus for Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) - 2021

Principles of Development and their Education Implication. 

● Factors Influencing Development - Biological, Psychological, Sociological, Emotional. 

● Dimensions of Development and their Inter-relationships- physical & motor, cognitive, emotional, social, moral, language related to infancy, early childhood, late childhood, adolescence. 

● Understanding Development- Piaget, Kohlberg, Chomsky, Carl Rogers, Erikson. 

● Individual Differences: Infra & Inter Individual differences in the areas of attitudes, aptitude, interest, habits, intelligence and their assessment. 

● Development of Personality- concept, factors affecting the development of personality. 

● Teaching and its relationship with learning and learner. Learners in Contexts: Situating learner in the socio-political and cultural context. Children from diverse contexts Children With Special Needs(CWSN), inclusive education. 

● Understanding of Pedagogic Methods- Enquiry based learning, Project-based learning, survey, observation and activity-based learning, cooperative and collaborative learning 

● Individual and Group Learning: Issues and concerns for organizing learning in the classroom like study habits, self-learning and learn to learn skills. 

● Organizing learning in heterogeneous classroom groups: Socio-economic background, abilities and interest. 

● Learning resources- Self, home, school, community, technology. 

● Classroom management- Role of a student, teacher, leadership style of the teacher, creation of non-threatening learning environment, managing behavior problems, guidance and counseling, punishment and its legal implications, rights of a child, time management. 

● The distinction between assessment for learning & assessment of learning, school-based assessment, continuous and comprehensive evaluation: perspective and practice 

● Understanding teaching and learning in the context of NCF, 2005 & Right to education act, 2009. 

● Paradigms of organizing learning- teacher-centric, a subject-centered and learner-centric theory of instruction- Bruner. 

● Teaching as a planned activity- Elements of planning. 

● Phases of teaching- Pre-active, interactive and post active. 

● General and subject-related skills, competencies required in teaching and attributes of a good facilitator.

టెట్‌లో రెండు పేపర్లు..

► టెట్‌లో 2 పేపర్లు (పేపర్‌–1, పేపర్‌–2) ఉంటాయి. పేపర్‌ 1–ఏ, 1–బీ, 2–ఏ, 2–బీలుగా వీటిని నిర్వహిస్తారు. 

► రెగ్యులర్‌ స్కూళ్లలో 1–5 తరగతుల టీచర్‌ పోస్టులకు పేపర్‌ 1–ఏలో అర్హత సాధించాలి.

► దివ్యాంగులు, ఇతర విభిన్న ప్రతిభావంతులు స్పెషల్‌ స్కూల్స్‌లో 1–5 తరగతులు బోధించాలంటే పేపర్‌ 1–బీలో అర్హత తప్పనిసరి.

► రెగ్యులర్‌ స్కూళ్లలో 6–8, ఆ పై తరగతులు బోధించాలంటే పేపర్‌ 2–ఏలో అర్హత సాధించాలి. అలాగే స్పెషల్‌ స్కూళ్లలో ఇవే తరగతులకు పేపర్‌ 2–బీలో అర్హత తప్పనిసరి.

Download TET 2021 complete syllabus 

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