Extension of summer vacation for Classes I to X up to 30th June, 2021


Memo Rc.No.151/A&I/2020 Dated:30/05/2021

Sub: - School Education – COVID 19 Pandemic – Extension of summer vacation for Classes I to X for all schools functioning under all managements for the Academic Year 2020-21 – Certain instructions issued – Regarding.

Ref: - 1) G.O.Ms.No.8 School Education (Prog.II) Dept., dated 12.02.2021. 2) G.O.Ms.No.11 School Education (Prog.II) Dept., dated 18.02.2021. 3) D.O.Lr.No.40-3/2020-DM-I(A), Dated:23.03.2021 of the Union Home Secretary, Chairman, NEC, GoI, New Delhi. 4) D.O.Lr.No.40-34/2020-DM-I(A), Dated:26.03.2021 of the Union Home Secretary, Chairman, NEC, GoI, New Delhi. 5) G.O.Rt.No.111, School Education (Prog.II) Dept., GoAP., Dated:19.04.2021. 6) This office Memo.Rc.No.151/A&I/2020, Dated:20.04.2021. 7) This office Memo.Rc.No.151/A&I/2020, Dated:29.04.2021 8) Meeting, Dt:25.05.2021 conducted by Hon’ble Minister for Education with all Recognized Teachers Associations. 9) Review meeting, Dt:27.05.2021 conducted by the Hon’ble Chief Minister with senior officers of School Education Department. 10) Order No.40-3/2020-DM-I(A), Dated:27.05.2021 of the Union Home Secretary, Chairman, NEC, GoI, New Delhi.

The attention of all the Regional Joint Director of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State are invited to the ref 10th cited, wherein the Union Home Secretary & Chairman, NEC, GoI has issued orders Dt:27.05.2021 that, the guidelines for surveillance, containment and caution issued in MHA orders Dt-29.04.2021, as conveyed by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW), GoI D.O. letter dated 25.04.2021, has been extended up to 30th June, 2021. Further, the Government has undertaken several measures including strengthening of surveillance for prevention, containment, and control of COVID-19

2. Further, keeping in view of the present situation of the State, and since the Government have decided to postpone the SSC Public Examinations, 2021 due to second wave of COVID 19 , the summer vacation for teachers and students of Classes I to X for all schools under all managements is extended till 30.06.2021.

3. Further, the Director, SCERT is requested to prepare a detailed academic calendar and the activities to be taken up through various means i.e., DD, Radio, YouTube, personal contact through WhatsApp groups etc., for online education for all classes from 12th June onwards. In case of SSC students, the headmasters concerned have to extend necessary academic support to the students from 1st June itself.


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