GO RT 161 DT: 20.04.2021 Certain instructions in Compliance to COVID appropriate behavior

 HM& FW Department – Certain instructions in Compliance to COVID appropriate behavior - Issued - Reg


 G.O.Rt.No.161 Dated:20/04/2021.


 Government have issued instructions from time to time to maintain Physical distancing between individuals, wearing of masks and frequent hand sanitization of hands to prevent the spread of COVID infection. However, there is a non compliance of these guidelines and many people are infected in the recent past and surge in cases is reported in the last two weeks.

2. In view of surge in COVID cases in the State, the Government hereby issues the following instructions with immediate effect.

1. Wearing of masks by all individuals in public places is mandatory and non compliance shall attract penalty of Rs.100/- and police personnel on duty are authorized to impose and collect such penalty. Mask should cover both nose and mouth all the time. 

2. All the individuals shall maintain Physical distance of five feet between them in all public places and establishments and the in-charge of these establishments shall be responsible for enforcing physical distance. 

3. In any public place or venue, where ever there are fixed seats, the alternative seats shall be kept vacant in order to maintain the physical distance. Besides, wearing of masks, hand sanitization is mandatory to all Staff and General public. At public places or venues without fixed seating, a distance of five feet should be maintained. 

4. Thermal screening, hand sanitization and maintenance of Physical distance is to be done in all shopping areas, commercial establishments and public places where people visit. 

5. All Swimming pools shall be closed with immediate effect

3. The District Magistrate and Collectors shall enforce these guidelines henceforth to Contain the spread of COVID-19 in the State. 


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