Never Search in google for this 12 things

 12 Things to Avoid Searching on Google


No matter how much yo gain benefits from the internet, you must be aware of these 12 most important things you should never google for your benefit:

1. Customer Support Numbers

The internet is the best place for scammers to hide. You may be searching for a customer care number hoping to fix your solutions but that might just take a wrong turn if you fall in the hands of scammers. 

Additionally, fraudsters are in disguise of customer service who have the ability to trick you into reveal your important information. In some cases, you may be asked to pay for an amount for solutions. 

Hence you must be careful and it is advisable that you 

2. Online Websites for Banking

Google has a great amount of websites that deal with online banking. However, some websites aspire to get your credential numbers for fraudulent activities. The act of phishing has increased over the course of years. 

Users enter a website that looks like the official website of the bank and then they enter their credential information. As a result, users fall into a compromised situation. Hence, always verify and then visit the official website for online banking purposes. 

3. Applications or Softwares

The reason why application shopping platforms like Google Play or Apple Store exists, is because they provide high-end security to those who download applications

If you download applications or software from the internet then you have a high chance of getting yourself in a malware attack. Malware gets into your system through download. Especially more from unknown or uncommon websites that take you to a different site when you hit the “Download” button. 

4. Medical Supplies

The facility of getting medications online has become an advantage to those who are unable to visit the local store all the time. However, buying them from the internet can be fatal and potentially dangerous. 

Even diagnosing and treating a condition based on certain symptoms that you search on Google is also not helpful or advisable as that could always be false or inaccurate. Hence, it is one of the things you can’t google. Appoint a meeting with a doctor instead. 

5. Weight Losing Tips and Tricks

As tempting as it may seem, it can be unsafe. You might come to notice a few banners on certain websites that give you tips or medications for losing weight in a week, without effort. 

You would never know the science behind that and it is better that you avoid it too. The intent of such tips is to lure you and your interest in a way that could put you in a great risk.

6. Government Domains or Websites

 According to recent reports, domains that are related to income tax, or local hospitals are the key places where scammers make their move. The domains names of these scammers are so similar to the official website, that making a  difference is hard. 

If you know the URL of the desired website and you’ve visited it before, then great. Otherwise, do not search for this on Google. 

7. Avoid Google When Logging Into Social Media Sites

Google has made it easy for users to log in to their social media sites via Google. As the act of phishing has become relatively common these days, it is at our best advantage to directly visit the social media site instead of using the help of Google to log into it. 

8. Offers Related To Shopping

The idea of scammers is to lure you in by enticing you with abnormally great offers in shopping. Google has a great amount of websites that are false. These websites have intriguing graphics and offer to give you. 

However, if you consider to buy products based on these offers, you may be giving up on your information. Your personal password, name, and credentials will be exposed and they might be misused by scammers further. Avoid searching for shopping offers unless it is from a verified website. 

9. Anti-Virus Softwares

Never search for anti-virus software on Google as you may get the fake products that are instead going to harm your system. In addition to this, these fake products, in the disguise of anti-virus software, will steal your credentials. 

Instead, get a paid version from the official website page instead of going for a free version elsewhere. 

10. Fake Coupon

Similar to the offers related to shopping, avoid searching for coupon son Google as you may be taken to a website that is fake. You may not even realize it and may end up in trouble. These are scammers that use your will to get your banking information. 

11. Finance Related Advices

There are many websites on Google that are always ready to help you with financial advice. These websites may not be genuine. Additionally, you may be asked for an amount of small money as a token of fees. And then you may be asked for more until you have no option than giving. 

Avoid searching for financial advice on Google. Get a professional’s help, in that case, precisely somebody you may know personally. 

12. Embarrassing Websites

Needless to say that if you end up searching for websites that are embarrassing then you may see ads related to the website occasionally. The google search engine optimized the search query based on what you search and then show you ads of it. 

So if you’re in an official meeting, and surfing the net for something important, you would not want an embarrassing ad to pop up. Hence, avoid searching for such websites. 


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