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Guidelines  for conduct   of D.EI.Ed., 1st   Year (2018-20 batch)  Final Lesson Practical Examinations   March-2021

1.   Practical Examinations  shall be conducted  in two spells, i.e.,  l " spell from 31-03-2021 to
 08-04-~021 and 2nd  spell from 09-04-2021 to 16-04-2021.

2.   The duration for each practical Examination is 30·minutes.                             ,.

3.   The  Principal,  Govt.  DIET  of  each  district  shall  conduct  a  meeting  wi,th  Principals  and
Faculty members of all private D.Ed., colleges in the district concerned to apprise about the conduct of practical Examination.

4.   The Principal Govt. DIET of each district shall make arrangements for conduct of practicals
 MandaI wise and schedule them spell wise.

5.   Govt. DIETs /  Private colleges  where the intake capacity  is more than I00 candidates,  the Principals of Govt. DIETs shall make arrangements to appoint one more external Examiner for each subject from the private colleges where such subject teacher educator is available.

6.   Ten students from each college shall be allotted to one Primary school/upper primary school.

7.   Same batch of trainees will continue in the same school which is allotted for them for final practical Examinations till completion.
8.   Internal Examiner shall be the faculty member of the same institution and External Examiner
 shall be appointed from other colleges.

9.   In case, any internal or external examiner does not report, the principal of the DIET of the respective district shall make alternative arrangements.

10. The final lesson average marks awarded shall be furnished by the external examiner to the Principal Govt. DIET concerned in a sealed  cover denoting college code and name, subject. and  number  of  candidates  immediately  after  completion. of  practical  examinations.  The Principal Govt. DIETs shall receive the sealed covers from the external examiners concerned and submit them with a consolidated list to the Director of Government Examinations, A.P., Amaravati.

11.  The  Principal,  DIET  shall  record  the  attendance  of  the  faculty  members  of  the  college concerned and copy of attendance shall submit to the Director of Government Examinations.

12. The Principal of DIET in every district is requested to issue instructions to record the marks in the central register and the same is applied for other records also.

13. The  final  lesson  practicals  should  be conducted  in Telugu  and  Maths  methodology  @ 2 lessons in each subject with an instruction to teach one lesson in class I or II and one lesson in class III to V. Hence, the teacher trainee has to complete 4 final lessons.

14. The  external   Examinations    have  to be conducted   in Maths  and Telugu  methodology    only.  But the teacher   educator   concerned   has to assess  the  performance   of each  student   in Arts,  cultural education,   Yoga,  Physical  and  Health  education.

15. If duration   of spell  wise  given  days  is not  sufficient   for  practical   Examinations,    the  Principal Govt.  DIET  is authorized   to extend  it for one or two  days.

16. Each  practical   examination    has to be conducted   for  20 Marks.  The  division   of allotment   is as follow:

Guidelines for conduct  ofD.EI.Ed.,  2nd    Year(2018-20 batch)   Final Lesson Practical Examinations  April-2021.

1.  Practical  Examinations   shall be conducted   in two spells,  i.e.,  1st spell  from  19.04.2021 to 24.04.2021 and 2nd  spell from 26.04.2021 to 30.04.2021.

2.   The duration  for each  practical  Examination   i~ 30 minutes,

3.   The  Principal,  Govt.  DIET  of each  district  shall conduct  a meeting  with  Principals  and Faculty   members    of  all  private   D.Ed.,   colleges   to  apprise   about'the     conduct   of practical  examination.

4.   The  Principal,   Govt.  DIET  of  each  district   shall  make  arrangements    for  conduct   of practicals  Mandai  wise  and schedule  them  spell wise.

5.   Govt.  DI ETs / Private  colleges  where  the intake  capacity  is more  than  100 candidates, the  Principals   of Govt.  DIETs  shall  make  arrangements   to appoint  one  more  external examiner    for  each   subject   from   the   private   colleges   where   such   subject   teacher educator  is available.

6.   Ten  students  from  each  college  shall  be allotted  to one  Primary  school/upper   primary school.

7.   Same  batch  of trainees  will continue   in the same  school  which  is allotted  for them  for final  practical  examinations   till completion.

8.   Internal   Examiner   shall  be the  faculty  member   of  the  same  institution   and External Examiner   shall  be allotted  from other college.

9.   In case any  internal  or external  examiner  does  not report,  the principal  of the DIET  of the respective   district  shall make  alternative   arrangement.

10. The  final  lesson  average   marks  awarded   shall  be  furnished   by the  external   examiner to  the  Principal   Govt.  DIET  concerned   in a sealed  cover  denoting   college  code  and name,   subject   and  number   of  candidates   immediately    after  completion    of  practical examinations.    The  Principal   Govt.   DIETs   shall  receive   the  sealed  covers   from  the external  examiners   concerned   and submit  them  with a consolidated   list to the Director of Government   Examinations,   A.P.,  Amravati.

11. The  Principal,   DIET  shall  record  the attendance   of the faculty  members  of the college and copy  of attendance   shall submit  to the Director  of Government   Examinations.

12. The  Principal  of DIET  in every  district  is requested  to issue  instructions   to record  the marks  in the central  register  and the same  is applied  for other  records  also.

13. The  final  practicals   should  be conducted   in English,  EVS  and  Optional   Subject  @ 2 lessons  in each  subject  with an instruction  to teach  one lesson  in class  I or II and one lesson   in  class   III  or  IV  or  V.  Hence,   the  teacher   trainee   has  to  complete   4  final lessons.

14. The  external   Examinations    are  in English,  EVS. and  Optional   Subjects   only.  But  the
concerned   teacher   educator   has  to  assess  his  student's   performance    in'Arts,  cultural education,   Yoga,  Physical  and Health  education.

15. If duration   of  spell  wise  given  days  are  not  sufficient   for  practical   examinations    the Principal  Govt.  DIET  is authorize  to it for one or two days.

16.  Each   practical   examination    has  to  be  conducted    for  20  Marks.   The   division   of allotment   is as follow:


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