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Certain court cases regarding Transfers 2020 - Instructions to DEOs

Memo.No. 13029/3/2021-EST 3 Dt:-05/03/2021

Sub:School Education – Writ Petitions filed by certain teachers – Interim \orders by Hon’ble High Court – Certain Instructions– Issued

Ref: 1.Govt., Memo.No.1325804/Services. II/A1/2021, Dated: 26.01.2021. 2.Govt., Memo.No.1327524/Services. II/A1/2020, Dated: 26.01.2021. 3.Govt., Memo.No.1333547/Services. II/A1/2021, Dated: 05.02.2021. 4.Govt., Memo.No.1341309/Services. II/A1/2021, Dated: 09.02.2021.

The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the state are invited to references cited and they are requested to furnish action taken report on the orders of the Hon’ble High Court of A.P., immediately for onward submission of the same to the Government for taking further action in the matter.

Further they are informed that under no circumstances, any of the above cases shall not be escalated to the level of contempt of court on the Prl.Secy., to Govt. in which case, responsibility shall be fixed up on the concerned and action shall be initiated against them under Rule – 20 of A.P.C.S (CC&A) Rules, 1991, duly obtaining their written explanation as per the rules in vogue.

D Devananda Reddy, JOINT DIRECTOR (Ser.)


Memo. No. 1325804/Services.  IIIA 1/2021.  Dated:   26/01/2021  .

Sub:-School  Education   Dept. -  High Court of AP.   Interim orders  in WP.No's.    23883, 21293,23885,23918,       22215,23919    and 21307  of 2020 filed  by certain  teachers   to continue in their respective  work  places  which  have been merging  in Municipalities   - Regarding


1.  From    the Asst.  Registrar,  Hon'ble  High Court, AP.,   Orders  dated:  15.12.2020 in   W.P.No.23883/2020.

2.  From    the Asst.  Registrar,  Hon'ble  High-Court,  AP.,   Orders  dated:  10.12.2020 in   W.P.No.21293/2020.

3.  Fro~m the Asst.  Registrar,  Hon'ble  High Court, I,\.P., Orders  dated:  15.12.2020 in   W.P.No.23885/2020.

4.  From    the Asst.  Registrar,  Hon'ble  High Court, AP.,   Orders  dated:  15.12.2020 in   W.P.No.23918/2020.

5.  From    the Asst.  Registrar,  Hon'ble  High Court, AP.,   Orders  dated:  11.12.2020 in   W.P.No.22215/2020.

6.  From    the Asst.  Registrar,  Hon'ble  High Court, AP.,   Orders  dated:  15.12.2020 in   W.P.No.23919/2020.

7.  From    the Asst.  Registrar,  Hon'ble  High Court, AP.,   Orders  dated:  10.12.2020 in   W.P.No.21307/2020.

The  attention   of  the   Director   of  School   Education,   AP.    is  invited   to  the  subject references   cited.   He  is  informed   that,  the  Hon'ble  AP  High  Court  have  disposed   off  the following    W.Ps   with   certain    directions    to   respondents;    Apart   from   concerned    District Educational   Officer,  the  Prl.  Secretary   to  Govt. & Director  of  School   Education,   A.P.,  were also made respondents   in the said W. Ps

2.In the circumstances   stated  above,  the  D.S.E.,   A.P.,  is hereby   directed   to  monitor that  all the  cases  are  properly   examined    at  D.S.E.,   / D.E.O   level;  obtain   legal  opinion if necessary    and  take   immediate    action   either  to  challenge    in the  higher   courts   with justification or to  dispose   off  representations keeping   in view the  extant   rules  in force, as directed by  Hon'ble   Court.

3.He  is further    informed    that  under   no  circumstances,      any  of  the  above   cases shall   be  escalated    to  the  level   of  'contempt    of  court'   on  the  Prl.  Secy.,   to  Govt,   in which   case,  responsibility     shall  be fixed  up on the concerned  and action  shall  be initiated against  them  under  Rule  - 20  of A.P.C.S  (CC&A)  Rules,  1991,  duly  obtaining   their  written explanation  as per the rules in vogue.

4. A compliance    report  shall  be furnished   in each  case  to  Government    for  record.

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