Thursday, February 25, 2021

Essay Writing competitions to Children of all Schools in the State

ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్ రాష్ట్ర DEO లకు నమస్కరిస్తూ...

గౌరవనీయులైన రాష్ట్ర పాఠశాలల కమీషనర్ గారు అనుమతించిన పిదప ఈ వినతి పూర్వక ఈ మెయిల్ తమకు పంపటం జరుగుతున్నది. దయచేసి మీ పరిధిలోని అన్ని పాఠశాలలకు ఈ సందేశం అందజేయ వలసిందని ప్రార్థిస్తూ , అలాగే ఆయా పాఠశాలల యాజమాన్యాలను బాల బాలికలను వ్యాస రచనకు ప్రోత్సాహించమని నిర్దేశించిమని కోరుతూ...
ధన్యవాదములతో ,
నండూరి రామచంద్ర రావు.
99491 88444.


Respected Sir,

Good morning

I am Ramachandra Rao Nanduri , aged 71, from Hyderabad, Telangana.

Firstly allow me to mention that the good offices of the Commissioner of School Education, Government of Telengana , and Andhra Pradesh have already issued a Circular to all the DEOs in the States, regarding the subject matter of this email , contained in a pamphlet I submitted to them I am designated as the Chief Editor of JORDAR , a Telugu daily newspaper, starting publication from 27. 02. 2021

I am of a very firm opinion that it is time we provide a platform to our Children from their age of 12 years till 17 years ( studying upto12th class or Intermediate ) to voice their views on the situation generally existing in the Society as well as our Education system. As also suggest any practical changes we can adopt in general.

This I hope will induce them into creative thoughts and pursuits. As also by venting out their grievances / frustrations if any, they will be able to believe that as a society we care for them and their interests

To this end , we are inviting essays from the children of this age group , from all over our Country , on the topic :

" Your views on the present state of our Country in the spears of Social living & Education. Also suggestions to better the same. "

The essay, to be written either in Hindi or English is to be limited to 500 words , should be self-written.

The participant's full name , parent name, address , contact telephone number , and the School name are also to be provided in the covering letter.

The last day for submitting these essays is 31.03.2021.

As a socially conscious newspaper, we shall arrange a panel of Eminent intellectuals and linguists to evaluate these essays and choose 200 of the best in these

We will also be publishing excerpts from many of these essays ,along with the name of the student / participant .

We have also decided a system in which these 200 students will elect their own Working Committee for future plans.

There shall be no political pressure or involvement of any kind .

These 200 students shall be invited to participate in a two day seminar to be held in Hyderabad during November, December of this ye

Before concluding this appeal , our request to you is kindly bless and wish well for our endeavour . We request that you use your good offices in giving wide publicity in inviting these essays , by forwarding our pamphlets to all the Junior Colleges in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

In this regard it is my duty to inform you that I hav to the Ministry of Women and Child Development , Ministr Education and the Ministry of HRD, Government of India . I have  also written to CBSE Board  and am awaiting their response S

District Educational Officers of both the States of Telengana and Andhra Pradesh are also intimated about this " Essay" by the respective Government Departments also Sir

I request that you please impress upon the PrincipaCorrespondents of both the Government and Private Junior Colleges  under your jurisdiction the importance of making their wards largely participate by sending in their Essays.

Sir , Please do revert at the earliest with your views/ criticism / suggestions , if any.

Thanking you ,

Yours sincerely ,

Ramachandra Rao Nanduri

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