Friday, January 29, 2021

Publicity given on COVID-19 vaccination through schools and Teachers to the public

 Memo RC.No.120/PEP/B/SCERT/2020 Dt: 29/01/2021


Sub: SE-SCERT,AP – PEP- Publicity given on COVID-19 vaccination through schools and Teachers to the public – Using the material available in the Google Drive – Reg. 

Read : D.O. No.1-3/2020-IS.5 a letter by Santhosh Kumar Yadav,JS(SS-I) Dated: 13.1.2021

The attention of the all District Educational Officers and all Principals of Government DIET in the State is invited to the reference read above and informed that our country has very effectively faced an unprecedented public health crisis for the past several months in the form of COVID-19 Pandemic. Now, as we stand on the anvil of COVID-19 vaccine rollout, we are tasked with the need to address public expectations, both their eager anticipation as also any hesitancy, as is natural, at such a momentous juncture.

the Government in all readiness for roll-out of the vaccination programme, keeping in view that the vaccine will be available initially in limited stocks, the National Expert group on vaccine Administration for COVID-19(NEGVAC) has recommended prioritization during the initial phases to Health care workers, Front Line Workers, persons aged 50 years and above and lastly those below 50 years with co-morbid conditions. Of Course the bottom line is that the vaccine will eventually be available to everyone who needs it

And it is to be ensured that general public receives the factually correct and prompt information and updates on vaccine benefits and roll out progress. A vaccine rollout of this scale requires the active support of all key Stakeholders. We need to build an environment of universal vaccine acceptability and key will be an effective communication action plan at all levels. Relevant IEC material for this programme is available on sharable Google Drive, whose address is given below. 

Therefore all the Principals of Government DIETs are instructed to conduct the campaign for COVID-19 vaccine and roll out with support from all platforms available with school teachers and students without fail, and submit the compliance report to Director, SCERT,A.P.

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