primary schools starts from February 1st 2021

 Memo Rc.No.151/A&I/2020 Dated:29/01/2021 

Sub:- School Education – COVID–19 – Reopening of Schools in a graded manner and Learning with Physical/Social Distancing for the academic year 2020-21 – Opening of Classes I - V from 01.02.2021 – Certain instructions issued – Regarding 

Ref:- 1) G.O.Rt.No.216, Dated:01.11.2020 from the School Education (Prog.II) Department, GoAP. 2) This Office Circular No.191/A&I/2020, Dt:03/11/2020 3) G.O.Rt.No.229, Dated:23.11.2020 from the School Education (Prog.II) Dept., GoAP. 4) Govt. Memo No.ESE01-SEDNOCSE/1324/2020-Prog.II, Dated:13-12-2020. 5) This office Memo.Rc.No.151/A&I/2020, Dated:17.01.2021. 6) This office Memo.Rc.No.151/A&I/2020, Dated:26.01.2021. 7) F.No.40-3/2020-DM-I(A), Dt-27-01-2021 of the Union Home Secretary & Chairman, NEC, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi

The attention of all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and the District Educational Officers in the State is invited to the reference 7th cited and informed that, in continuation to the orders issued in G.O 2nd & Memo 5th cited, the undersigned has been accorded permission for reopening of Classes I to V from 01.02.2021 daily in all government, aided and unaided private schools

Further, schools will function full day from 01.02.2021 onwards for Classes I to V daily as per the SCERT Academic Calendar (i.e., 09.00 AM to 03.45 PM for Primary Schools) subject to the following conditions and precautions:

a) Students may attend schools physically only with the written consent of parent/guardian. b) Wearing of masks is mandatory for all children, teaching and non teaching staff. c) Frequent hand washing and all related precautions to contain COVID 19 as per the guidelines/SoP already communicated in the ref 1st cited. d) Further, social distancing shall have to be adhered. In this regard, the following pattern


In view of the above, the under mentioned officers are requested to take required steps to reopen the Classes I to V from 01.02.2021 in all schools under all managements and issue necessary instructions to the field level functionaries to follow the above procedure for reopening of classes I - V and ensure strict enforcement of guidelines/ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all activities in the schools issued by the Union/ State Governments for strict compliance on COVID-Appropriate behavior in the schools without fail shall be followed: 

Download School patterns  || SOP

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