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Contempt case no 1369 on Transfers 2020

 Between :-

I.A.No. 2    of 2021 IN CONTEMPTCASENo. 1369  of 2020

Sri Vadrevu Chinaveerabhadrudu,    I.A.S.,  Director  of School Education,  A.P., Anjaneya  Towers,  Road No. 7/104,  B Block, 4th VTPS Road, Ibrahimpatnam,   Krishna District.


.... Petitioner  / Respondent  No.1 In C.C.No.  1369 of 2020.

1.Velaga Venkateswaramma,    0/0.   V. Venkateswara  Rao, Occ : School Assistant(Hindi),   Z.P.H.S.  (Girls),  Vinukonda,  Guntur  District .

. . Respondent! Petitioner. In C.C.No.  1369 of 2020.

2.Smt R.S. Ganga Bhavani,  District  Educational  Officer,   Guntur,  Guntur  District. (Respondent  No.2 is not necessary to this  petition)

Petition   under  Section  70(2) Cr.P.c.,   1973 praying  that  in the  circumstances stated  in  the  affidavit    filed   in  support  of  the  petition,    the  High  Court  may be pleased   to   recall    the    non-bailable     warrant    issued   against   the    petitioner herein/respondent    No.1 in CC.No. 1369 of 2020 dated  6.1.2021.

WHEREAS the. said case coming  on for  hearing,  and whereas  the  High Court, upon perusing  the  affidavit   filed  therein   and earlier  orders  of this  Hon'ble  Court dt.  14-12-2020,  30-12-2020  and  06-01-2021  made  herein  and  upon  hearing  the arguments  of and of the  Govt.  Pleader for  Services-Ilion   behalf  of petitioner   and of  Smt  Kavitha  Gottipati,    Advocate   for  respondent   No.1,  the  Court  made  the following 


,"By an order  dated  06.01.2021     on account  of  non  appearance  of  the petitioner,   who is the  first  respondent  in the  contempt  case, a non-bailable warrant  was directed  to  be issued to secure his presence subject  to certain directtons;    In -this petition,    it request  is now made to  recall  the  warrant  so issued.   Unfortunately,  the  reasons stated  in  I.A.No.  1 of  2021,   which  was di.smissedon 06.01.2021     are  reiterated   in  the  present  petition   and those reasonswere already rejected  by the  above order dated 06.01.2021.

However,  this  petition   unfortunately  is presented  through  learned  G.P. for  services-III,  who  volunteered   to  file  vakalat  on  an earlier   occasion on behalf  of  the  petitioner.      Instead    of  appearing  as an  advocate  for  the contemnor  if  instructed   for  such  purpose,  this  practice   is  repeated   now. Therefore,   the   application   filed   in'  I.A.No.2   of  2021  presented   through learned G.P. for Services -III, on this short ground is not maintainable.

The  petitioner   is  stated  to  be  Director  of  School Education,  A.P.    He appears to  have a long career.    Upon dismissal of this  present  petition,   the option  left  to the Court is to commit  him to prison.   But in view of the above reason and not to see that  his career did not suffer  any dent by the action of this  Court,  it  is  desirable  to  accept  request  of  Sri  K.  Bhima  Rao, learned counsel  (who  is  now  G.P. for  Services -III),  who  offered   assistance in  this matter,   to  recall  the  non-bailable warrant.     Ms. Jampani  Sridevi,   learned counsel also filed  vakalat  now as an advocate for the petitioner.

Without  going into  merits  in this  petition,   which  in fact  do not stand for any consideration in  view  of  dismissal of  I.A.No.1  of  2021 earlier,   only  on humanitarian consideration and with  the fond hope that  the petitioner   would not  repeat  similar  act  in  future,   who  is duty  bound  to  appear  before  the Court  when  his  presence  is  sought,  non-bailable warrant   directed   to  be issuedon 06.01.2021 stands recalled

The  petitioner   shall  undertake   to  appear  before  this  Court  on  all  the dates  of  hearing  in  the  contempt   case unless  otherwise   ordered   in  due course.   The  petitioner   is directed   to  execute  a bond for  this  purpose  of Rs.10,000/- (rupees ten  thousand  only)  and Registry is directed  to  take  his personal  bond  accordingly.   The  petitioner   shall  appear  on  18.01.2021 at 2.15 p.m."
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