4 spell School Health & Wellness Programme – Under Ayushman Bharat


Present: V. China Veerabhadrudu,I.A.S., 

Rc.No.120/PEP/B/SCERT/2020 Dt:30-1-2021

 Sub: SCERT- A.P – Implementation of School Health & Wellness Programme – Under Ayushman Bharat –SRGs already trained by Ayushman Bharat –SRGs may be trained 1 Principal /1 HM and 2 teachers from each UP, Secondary and Senior Secondary schools of all govt. Managements– On Virtual Mode- Regarding.

Ref: 1. D.O.No2-50/2020-21/Dean (A), Dated: 04th Feb, 2020. 2. F.No.16-8/2020/Dean (A), Dated: 21st August, 2020 3. R.C.No.178/RKSK/2020, Dated. 14/10/2020.


A team of 42 SRG was trained on 11 Modules of School Health & wellness programme for 4 days i.e. from 25/08/2020 to 28/08/2020 given by Resource persons of Ayushman Bharath/New Delhi. They will in turn train the teachers and the training programme is scheduled from 01/02/2021 to 25/02/2021 in all UP, High School and senior secondary schools of all Government departments, i.e, Government schools, Government Aided, KGBV, AP Model Schools, Social Welfare and Tribal welfare Schools.

2. In continuation of this in 1st spell 4 districts, i.e. Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Kadapa and Kurnool, 3 aspirational districts and 1 non aspirational District will be started 1st spell - from 01/02/2021 to 4/01/2021, in 2 nd spell Ananthapuramu, chittoor, Nellore & Prakasam districts from 8/02/2021 to 11/02/2021 , in 3rd spell Guntur, Krishna, E.G., W.G. and Srikakulam Districts from 15/02/2021 to 18/02/2021 , in 4th spell KGBV, AP Model Schools, APRIES, BC welfare , Social Welfare and Tribal Welfare Govt. Institutions from 22/02/2021 to 25/02/2021.

1 spell – Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Kadapa & Kurnool – 01/02/2021 to 4/02/2021

2 spell- Ananthapuramu, Chittoor, Nellore & Prakasam – 8/02/2021 to 11/02/2021

3 spell – Guntur, Krisha, E.G, W.G & Srikakulam – 15/02/2021 to 18/02/2021

4 Spell- KGBVs, AP Model Schools, APRIES – BCW , SCW, TW - From 22.02.202 to 25.02.2021 

3. The trainings will be conducted by SCERT through SRG. The Schedule and list of the SRGs of the training programme are shown in annexures. 

4. In view of the above, the said SRGs will be involved in all trainings of School Health & Wellness programme /Ayushman Bharat, as per schedule without fail. 

5. The Director, SCERT, Ibrahimpatnam shall take immediate action to organise the trainings and co ordinate and report the progress to Director, School Education from time to time.

Download proceeding 

Spell wise RPs list 13 Districts

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