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Amma Vodi Implementation Guidelines 2021

 Rc. NO.ESE02-28021/27/2020-PLG -CSE Dt: 21/12/2020

Sub:School Education -Planning - NAVARATNALU Jagananna Ammavodi Programme Financial Assistant of Rs.15,000/- per annum to each mother or recognized guardian who is below poverty line household and sending their children to Schools/Colleges i.e., from Classes I to XII (Intermediate Education)-Implementation for the academic year 2020- 2021- Certain Instructions- issued–Reg. 

Ref: 1.This office Progs. Rc. No. file no ESE02-28021/27/2020-PLGCSE, dated 09.12.2020, 2. ESE02-28021/27/2020-PLG -CSE , dated 07.12.2020 towards implementation of AMMAVODI for the year 2020-2021 



AMMAVODI lists(Eligible/ineligible/withheld) available at HM AMMAVODI login.

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All the Joint Collectors, Development and the District Educational Officers in the state are informed that the Government have issued orders for releasing financial assistance of Rs.15,000/-p.a to each mother or recognised guardian from BPL families (Irrespective of caste, creed, religion and region to enable her to educate her child/ children from Class I to XII. 

2. The program is going to be launched on 09-01-2021 by Hon’ble Chief Minister. 

3. In order to identify the eligible unique mothers/guardians and to obtain the details of their bank accounts along with IFSC code the department has taken the following action: 

• Updated all the enrolled children in the child info along with details of mothers/guardian names, their Aadhar number, bank account number and IFSC code by 03.11.2020. 

• Keeping in view the representation of private schools associations the time was extended up to 19-12-2020, 06.00 p.m. 

• As per the updated child info the total number of institutions are 64,433 with 61,317 schools and 3116 colleges.

4. Based on the above exercise, the provisional list with the list of the mothers/guardians who would be eligible for receiving DBT under Jagananna Ammavodi has been arrived through the following process.

Identification of eligible mother/guardians 

5. The following mothers/guardians have been identified as eligible mothers/guardians for the DBT for 2020-21: 

1. All those unique mothers/guardians who were identified and whose names were socially audited in 2019-20, and whose children are studying from class I to XII during 2020-21 have been straight away identified for the benefit for this year also. 

2. Those mothers/guardians whose children are studying class I to XII but not covered in the above list if satisfy the following criteria:

Communicating the list of eligible mothers / guardians: 


6. The list of such eligible mothers/guardians is communicated as per the process shown below: 
1. A PDF consisting of such eligible students and mothers/guardians is placed in the web portal ( the Headmasters/ Principals of all schools/junior colleges 
2. The headmasters shall download and get a printout of the PDF and display on the school notice board. 
3. A copy of the PDF is also forwarded to the MEO concerned. The MEO shall take a printout and display in the notice board of the MRC concerned. He shall also communicate the copy of PDF to the Gram /Ward Sachivalayam through the CRP concerned.

Communicating the list of ineligible mothers / guardians: 

7. Similarly, a list of ineligible students along with mothers is also placed in the web portal school wise and class wise, and the same procedure as detailed above shall be followed for the display of the ineligible lists also.  

Communicating the lists of candidates withheld: 

8. In addition to the list of eligible and ineligible mothers there is also another list of those students and the names of their mothers/guardians are withheld based on: 

1. Whose parental income is more than Rs. 10,000 / Rs. 12,000 per month 

2. Students who were tagged to the mother previous year but now tagged to guardian this year, they need verification 

3. Those candidates whose details of mother are not tallied 

9. Students along with mother details whose names are withheld are being communicated to all the Educational Institutions on 21.12.2020 in PDF (Portable Document Format) or will also be communicated to the concerned Gram/Ward Sachivalayam, MEOs and to the Headmasters of respective schools. 

10. Those students / mothers may approach the Gram/Ward Sachivalayam concerned with evidences to get their eligibility. 

Mothers/guardians of Intermediate students: 

11. Regarding Intermediate Education list of students enrolled will be communicated separately. 

Grievances/editing the data:

12. The following shall be the mechanism for redressing grievances: 
1. If any student / mother would suggest for necessary corrections in aadhar, bank account number, IFSC code the same shall be entered by the HM concerned. 
2. If those ineligible students/mothers would like to challenge the list they may be advice to apply the same from the Gram/Ward Sachivalayam concerned. 
3. The Gram/Ward Sachivalayam shall taken up further necessary action to dispose of the grievance as per the SoP already put in place. 
4. The gram/ward Sachivalyam shall forward the grievances to the Joint File No.ESE02-28/24/2020-PLG -CSE Collector for disposal of grievances for those students/mothers contest on the corrections of their Aadhar Number, Bank Account Number and IFSC code. 
5. The incorrect details may be viewed in search bar with any of the credentials like, Mother Aadhar Number, Child Aadhar Number, Mobile Number, Child Id are with School Login as per the guidelines of UIDAI.

Where AADHAR details are not available: 

13. Wherever the Aadhar details of the mother are not available, those students parents can search their details in ( or at Village / Ward secretariat or at MEO office or at any nearby school.  

Display of list of unique mothers/guardians 

14. After completion of this exercise the list of unique mothers will be displayed on 26.12.2020. Display the list of unique mothers/guardians 

15. Therefore, all the Joint Collectors (Development) are requested to issue necessary instructions to the District Educational Officers / Regional Inspection Officers of Intermediate Education and Gram/Ward secretariats concerned to adhere the above instructions scrupulously.

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