Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Unwilling of certain deputed staff to IASEs, CTE, DIETs- Certain instructions issued

 Lr.Rc.No. 140/A&I/2020 Dated:02/11/2020

Sub:- School Education – Teacher Education – Strengthening of all Teacher Education Institutions – Filling up of the regular vacancies in IASEs, CTE, DIETs, by way of deputations from eligible School Assistants during the year 2020-21 – Representations received – Certain instructions issued – Reg

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1) This office Procgs.Rc.No.140/A&I/2020, Dated:17-06-2020
2) This office Procgs.Rc.No.140/A&I/2020, Dated:30-09-2020
3) Lr.No.268/2020, Dated:06-10-2020 of the MLC, Kadapa, Anantapur and Kurnool Teachers Constituency, APLC.
4) Lr.No.03/2, Dt:14.10.2020 of the President, A.P Teacher’s Federation (APTF), Vizianagaram District.
5) Lr.No.12/APTF-1938/2020, Dt:17.10.2020 of the President, A.P Teacher’s Federation (APTF), A.P., Vijayawada.
6) Lr.No.80/DTF/2020, Dt:17.10.2020 of the President, Democratic Teachers Federation, A.P., Guntur.
7) Lr.No.Spl-1/DIET/RCT/2020, Dt:19-10-2020 of the District Educational Officer, YSR Kadapa.
8) Lr.No.192/A1/2020, Dated:19-10-2020 of the Principal, DIET, Pallipadu, SPSR Nellore.
9) Lr.No.3731/B4/2020, Dated:20-10-2020 of the District Educational Officer, West Godavari.


The attention of all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education/District Educational Officers and Principals of IASEs, CTEs, and DIETs in the State is invited to the references read above, wherein necessary instructions and guidelines were issued for selection of teaching faculty to work on deputation in IASEs, CTEs and DIETs. Accordingly, the concerned committee have completed the process and submitted the lists of teaching faculty to this office. The selected teachers have reported to their duties accordingly at their respective institutions. 

Further, vide ref 2nd read above, orders were issued to draw the salaries of newly selected teaching faculty against vacant posts of Lecturer/Sr.Lecturer from their IASEs/CTEs/GCPE/DIETs duly informing that, teachers cannot claim any right over the posts nor this shall be treated as promotion. This is purely an administrative arrangement done in the overall interest of smooth functioning of DIETs

Further, it has brought to the notice of the Director of School Education, A.P that, several teachers are requesting that, the posts from where School Assistants were deputed to respective DIETs to keep vacant until their re-back after completion of deputation period. If not possible, provide an option to reback to previous places. Some of the deputed lectures are not willing to work due to loss of HRA allowances and other service matters and issue necessary instructions to relieve the unwilling lecturers if any.

In this connection, all the RJDSEs, DEOs and Principals of IASEs, CTEs, and DIETs in the State are informed that,

a. Teaching staff whoever is not willing to work in DIET on deputation basis, they may go back at once and, 

b. Requested the Director of Treasury Department to issue instructions to the District Treasury Officers in the State to admit the salaries of deputed School Assistants against the vacant lecturer posts at IASEs/CTEs/GCPEs/DIETs Colleges at Treasuries. Thereafter, their vacancies will be placed in general transfers. 

In view of the above, the under mentioned officers are requested to furnish the details in the prescribed proforma (Sl.No, DIET Name, Sanctioned Strength, No.of staff working, No.of SA deputed (committee), No.of SA willing, No.of SAs Not willing to work, Left over vacancies) of their respective institutions to mail id 'academic-inspections@apschooledu.in' to take further necessary action in the matter. 

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