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Preparation of Research Abstracts to upload in NCERT Portal Every Friday

 Rc.No.10/TE/SCERT/2020 Dt.16/11/2020

Sub SCERT, A.P. – School Education – Preparation of Research Abstracts to up load in NCERT Portal Every Friday – Submitted -Reg

Ref 1. E-mail from Head, Division of Educational Research (DER), NCERT, Sri AurobindoMarg, New Delhi on 22-10-2020. 2. Online meeting with SCERT/UT Coordinators was held under the Chairmanship of Director NCERT on 28-10-2020 at 12.00 noon via Google Meet. 3. E-mail from Head, Division of Educational Research (DER), NCERT, Sri AurobindoMarg, New Delhi on 02-11-2020. 4. Note orders of the Director of School Education,AP, Amaravati, Dt: 05-11- 2020. 

With reference to the subject cited above, the Head, Division of Educational Research (DER), NCERT, Sri AurobindoMarg, New Delhi is undertaking the work related to preparation of abstracts and to upload abstracts of the research studies conducted at state level on Research Portal of NCERT. In this connection, an online meeting with SCERT/UT Coordinators was conducted under the Chairmanship of Director NCERT on 28-10-2020 at 12.00 noon via Google Meet in regard to preparation of research Abstracts. The Agenda and Discussion points of the meeting were as shown below:

Points Discussed in the webinar meeting:

1. Preparation of Abstracts

Preparation of Abstracts of the research studies conducted at the national and state levels by the NCERT and SCERTs for, uploading on Research Portal of NCERT for wider dissemination, as has been communicated by Ministry of Education (MOE), Government of India (r ef: Committee constituted to address point No.8 of the roadmap communicated by the MHRD vide letter No.10-24/2020-Sch.4 dated 23 rd June, 2020 ). This would include completed researches/ action researches by NCERT, SCERTs, DIETS, CTEs, IASEs, and so on in the last 10 years. However, to begin with, studies conducted during 2015-2020 may be covered.

a. Aspects Discussed

• Time period to be covered 

• Aspects/main points to be covered in the abstract 

• Word limit (maximum 500 words) 

• Possible sources (Research reports/ printed reports/ papers published/ PhD thesis, etc. 

• Cautions (report/ paper to be physically located) 

2. Process for Collating Researches

a. By NCERT 

• NIE-ERIC funded, Online survey of education, researches taken up across departments 

• CIET- researches related to ICT 

• RIEs - researches undertaken by RIEs • PSSCIVE-researches related to vocational educatioN 

• b.By SCERT coordinators 

• SCERTs • DIETs • CTEs • IASEs • Published 

3. Developing of Research Portal by CIET 

• Identifying areas/domains 

• Link etc. for states 

• Modality of placing on portal 

4. Proposed Plan • Weekly sending of Abstracts • Every 4 or 6 weeks a meeting 

Suggested Areas/ Themes: 

i. Educational psychology
ii. Environmental education
iii. Gender education
iv. Inclusive education
v. Language education
vi. Mathematics education
vii. Special education
viii. Value education
ix. Curriculum development
x. Social sciences education
xi. Assessment/Examination reform
xii. Vocational education
xiii. ICT/ Educational Technology

In this context, the SCERT, AP has to prepare the abstracts of researches related to School Education and Teacher Education at State level and to collect the abstracts from the DIETs / IASEs/ CTE / Published articles from district level, so as to submit the same to NCERT every Friday. A research committee has been constituted to look after all these things at state level with the following SCERT faculty.

Research Committee for preparing / collecting Research Abstracts from district level: 

1. Dr. K. Subramanyam, SCERT, Coordinator ( Over all in-charge)
2. Dr. S. Shamshuddin, SCERT, Asst. Coordinator (to prepare state level abstracts)
3. Dr. Ravikiran, SCERT, Member (Kadapa and Chittoor districts)
4. Dr. K. Saritha, SCERT, Member (East Godavari & West Godavari districts)
5. Dr. GR. Bhagyasri, SCERT, Member (Krishna & Guntur districts)
6. Dr. G. Kesava Reddy, SCERT, Member (Anantapuram & Kurnool districts)
7. Dr. Ch.V.S. Ramesh, SCERT, Member (to upload the Abstracts in NCERT Portal)
8. Dr. S. Kalesha Begum, SCERT, Member (Srikakulam & Visakhapatnam districts)
9. Dr. Rajeswari, SCERT, Member (Nellore and Prakasam districts)
10. Dr. MPCVKV. Prasad, SCERT, Member (Vizianagaram & Visakhapatnam districts) 

 Hence, all the Principals of Govt. IASEs/CTE/DIETs in the state are hereby instructed to constitute a Research Committee at district level and collect the published or unpublished Action Research abstracts / research abstracts and Published articles from the Teacher Educators / Teachers / Universities / PhD / M.Phil / MEd holders (2010-2020). The district level Committee should prepare the Research Abstracts in the prescribed Format for Preparation of Research Abstracts (given by NCERT) and to submit the same to the SCERT, A.P every Thursday.

Proceedings || Format for preparation of Research Abstract


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