Ban of using guides and unauthorized / private study material in schools

 Rc.No.11/T6/SCERT/2020 Dt. #Approved Date#

Sub:School Education – A.P – SCERT – AP, Amaravathi – Ban of using guides and unauthorized / private study material in schools - Orders – Issued – Reg  

Read:1.G.O.Ms.No.17, School Education(PE-Prog-II), dated: 14.05.2014 2. Note orders of the Director of School Education, dated: 03.11.2020 

The attention of the under mentioned Officers in the state is invited to the G.O. 1 st read above, wherein Headmaster is the first level supervisory officer to ensure proper implementation of curricular and co-curricular activities, teacher preparation, lesson plans, teaching learning process and conduct of exams properly by all the teachers. Using of guides and study material by the children and memorizing the finished answers will damage the children’s thinking capacities and self expression. Therefore, guides and study material shall not be used in schools. Head Masters should ensure this.

The exercises given under each unit/ lesson are analytical and thought provoking in nature and children should think and write on their own. There shall not copying of answers from the guides, study materials, copying from other children notebooks etc. This is one of the items under formative assessment with appropriate interest and care. Teachers should not encourage purchasing and using of guides, study materials etc.

It is observed that, certain schools in the state are still using guides and unauthorised private study material, which is against to the spirit of effective implementation of CCE. In this regard, it is to inform that as a part of improving the Educational Standards, Govt. has already issued orders vide their G.O. 1st read above, banning the use of guides and study material by the children and teachers in schools

Hence all the RJDSEs, District Educational Officers, Principals of Govt. IASEs / CTEs/DIETs in the state are once again requested to instruct the HMs/ MEOs/  Dy.E.Os under their jurisdiction to strictly implement the guidelines issued in the G.O.1st read above and take necessary steps for not using guides, unauthorized private study material in all schools in the State i.e. government, local bodies, aided and private recognized schools.  


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