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G.O.Ms.No. 57 Dt.30-10-2020, 70% fee to be collected for this Academic year by Private Un Aided Schools/ Junior colleges

 School Education Department–COVID-19-Private Un Aided Schools/ Junior colleges Fee to be collected from parents/ students fort he Academic year 2020-21-Orders–Issued.


G.O.Ms.No. 57       Dated.30-10-2020

Read the following:

1.  Notification of AP School  Education Regulatory  and monitoring Commission, Ibrahimpatnam Dated: 26.05.2020.
2.  Directions issued by Hon’ble AP High Court In WP No. 9563  of 2020  Dated: 29.05.2020 and 26.09.2020.
3.   Procgs.Rc.No.Spl/APSERMC/2020,   dt.25-04-2020   of    the    Chairperson, Andhra Pradesh School  Education Regulatory  Monitoring  Commission (APSERMC), A.P Amaravati.
4. Govt.Memo.No.ESE01/129/PS/A1/2020-1, Dt.29-04-2020 of School  Education Department.
5. Procgs.Memo.No.ESE02-17/217/2020-PS1-CSE, Dt.07-05-2020 of C.S.E., A.P
6.  Lr.Rc.No.386/APSERMC/2020,  Dt.18-10-2020  of  Chairperson,  Andhra Pradesh School  Education Regulatory  Monitoring  Commission (APSERMC), A.P, Amaravati.\


 1.The  Andhra  Pradesh School  Education Regulatory   and  Monitoring  Commission, proposed to review and  determine the  fee  structure for the  Private  Unaided  Schools and Junior Colleges in the state of Andhra Pradesh for the academic year 2020-21 and issued a  notification  read   1st above   directing  the  managements of  all  the  Private   Unaided Schools and Junior Colleges in the state of Andhra Pradesh to submit relevant data in the prescribe schedules. 2. Aggrieved  by the  same, KAY  VEE ORR Education, Mailavaram have  filed  a  Writ Petition and the Hon’ble AP High Court in WP No. 9563  in 2020  stayed the notification for a period of six weeks initially and extended thereafter. 3. In the  prevailing  circumstances due  to the  spread of the  Covid-19 pandemic, the resultant  lockdown  measures and  economic  situation  and  taking  in to  consideration  of the plight of the parents who are not in a position to pay the tuition fees for their children studying in the  Private  Un-aided Schools/Junior Colleges, on the  recommendation of the Andhra Pradesh School  Education Regulatory  Monitoring  Commission (APSERMC), orders were issued in the reference 5th cited, by the Government  directing the Managements of all the  Private  Un-aided Recognized Schools/Junior Colleges not  to increase any kind of fees during the academic year 2020-21 and shall collect  only tuition fee on monthly  basis until further  orders.

4. The  Chairperson, Andhra  Pradesh School   Education Regulatory   and  Monitoring Commission  (APSERMC)  vide   reference  6th   cited   has  informed  that,  after   review, considering   the   plight   of   the   parents  who   were   economically   incapacitated,   the Commission in exercise of powers under  Section 9 of Act 21 of 2019  has recommended to  impose a  reduction of 30% of tuition  fee  for the  academic year  2020-21 which  was allowed  to  be  collected in the  references 3rd  cited  ,  and  permit  the  managements  of private  un-aided educational institutions to  collect  70% of  the  tuition  fee  equivalent to which  they  collected during  the  last academic year  and  requested to  issue necessary instructions to all concerned in the matter .

5. The matter has been  referred to Health  Department  and   they have informed that World  Health   Organization  (WHO) has declared  the  Coronavirus  Disease  (COVID-19) epidemic affecting all the regions of the World as pandemic.

6.   To contain and  control  COVID-19, Government of India has declared Lockdown-1 from   25th   March   to  14th   April’2020,  Lockdown-2  from   15th   April to  3rd  May’2020, Lockdown-3 from  4th  May to  17th  May’2020 and  Lockdown-4 from  18th  May to  31st May’2020, In total  68 days of Lock down  are  implemented in accordance with directives issued by Ministry of Home  Affairs, Government of India. The Government of India slowly started Unlocking-1 from  1st June to 30th  June'2020, Unlocking-2 from  1st July to 31st July’2020,  Unlocking-3  from   1st  August  to  31st  August’2020,  Unlocking-4  from   1st September to 30th  September’2020  and  Unlocking-5  from  1st October onwards. Due to these lockdowns and slow unlocking  all the economic activities have come to a complete closure and  general public  more  so middle  class and  below  have  faced lot of hardships and financial  problems due to abrupt and unprecedented stoppage of economic activities.

7.  The state of Andhra Pradesh is also badly affected due to pandemic of COVID-19, in all regions of  the  state. As many  as 9,074 containment zones are  formed in the  state where  1.10 Crore population live. Due to containment measures in these clusters there  is a  complete closure of  this cluster which  has not  only restricted the  movement of  the citizens  but   has  also  led   to   complete  closure  of  all  economic  activities  in  these containment  clusters,  which  further  have  deepened the  financial  crisis  already  existing due to lockdowns.

8. In order  to examine the  matter further  from  the  point  of the  view school/ college managements, Government have  called  for  the  remarks of  Director, School  Education (DSE) and Commissioner, Intermediate Education (CIE). The DSE and CIE while requesting for  implementing  the   recommendation  of  the   Chairperson,  AP     School      Education Regulatory  and Monitoring  Commission, informed that  the proposed reduction in the fees of  the  Private  Unaided  Recognized Schools/Junior Colleges is required and  it may  not affect the  managements substantially as the  total  operational and  maintenance costs, which  the  Private  Un-aided Schools/Junior Colleges may incur for regular  studies during normal  days, have been  definitely reduced due to the following reasons:

a)  that  all the educational institutions in the state were closed with effect from 22-3-2010  and   that   the   institutions  have   not   been   reopened  till  now   in  the academic year i.e., 2020-21 and  that  the  daily operational and  maintenance costs for the school have substantially reduced,

b)that   government  have   tentatively  decided  to   reopen  the   educational institutions from  2nd November, 2020  and  for a period  of almost five months the schools did not  function as during  normal  times and, to  that  extent the  normal operation costs for the school have substantially reduced,

c) that  the  institutions  have  been  directed  to  implement  alternative  academic calendar  and   to  encourage online  teaching  as per  the   PRAGYATA  guidelines issued by Government of India and as such the institutions would                  not have  incurred  substantial  expenditure  on  instruction  and  maintenance  all these days, and

d)  that  for  the  remaining months also the  School  Education department is proposing a reduction in the  load  of the  syllabus and  as such the  expenditure on instructional hours would also come down.

e) that  all co-curricular and  extra-curricular activities in the  schools have  not been  held all these months, and  also that  the  operational and  maintenance costs of school buses would have been  bare minimal during these months.

9.  Government after  careful  examination of the matter and on the recommendations of the Chairperson, Andhra Pradesh School  Education Regulatory  Monitoring  Commission (APSERMC)  and   also   in  consultation   with  the   Health,   Medical   and   Family  Welfare Department, and also the remarks offered by Director of School  Education, Commissioner of  Intermediate  Education  and   Under  section  7  of  the   Andhra   Pradesh  Educational Institutions (Regulation of Admission and Prohibition of Capitation Fee) ACT, 1983 (ACT 5 of  1983),  hereby   decided  to  impose  a  reduction  of  30%  of  the  tuition  fees for  the academic year  2020-21 which  was allowed  to  be  collected by the  Managements of the Private  Un-aided Educational Institutions and  shall collect  70% of the  tuition  fees from parents equivalent to which they collected during the last academic year, i.e., 2019-20.

10.  It is further  ordered that the present arrangement is necessitated and implemented in view of the grave  pandemic on account of COVID-19 and shall not be construed as  an  affirmation  of  the   fee   structure  being   collected  by  the   respective institutions. The appropriate fee  structure relevant for the  full academic year and  further particulars  shall  abide   by  the  decision  of  the  Commission  and  further   orders of  the Hon’ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh in WP No 9563/2020.

11.  The Special  Commissioner of Intermediate Education and  the  Director  of School Education, Andhra Pradesh shall take further  necessary action accordingly.

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