Monday, October 26, 2020

Closure of schools without proper permission/ recognisation

 File No. ESE02-17021/12/2020-PESHI-CSE Dt:21/10/2020

Sub: School Education – Private Schools – Functioning of private un-aided schools without proper permission/ recognisation from the competent authority – Closure of schools – Instructions Issued - Regarding. 

Read:Lr.Rc.No:179/A2/2020, dt:19.09.2020 of the Regional Joint Director of School Education, Visakhapatnam

The RJDSEs/DEOs are aware that the permission for establishment of schools under private managements and their regulations are governed as per the rules issued and modified by Government from time to time. In the rules it was made clear that all the educational institutions should necessarily have proper permission/recognition from the competent authority and any educational institution should not be allowed to function without permission to start from the authority. The Right to Education Act2009 too prohibits the existence of un-recognized schools. Keeping in view the welfare of the students, existence of such schools is needed to be curtailed instantaneously.

Even then it came to the notice of the Director of School Education that several un-recognized educational institutions under private managements are mushrooming in the areas, pointing to the lack of proper surveillance, and admitting the children with connived propaganda. Existence of such schools may, ostensibly, mar the academics of ignoramus students and educational system. Besides, some of the field  officers are allowing the schools to function on the ground that the proposal for opening/ up-gradation/ recognition is under process.

Officers are allowing the schools to function on the ground that the proposal for opening/ up-gradation/ recognition is under process. Therefore, all the RJDSEs and the DEOs in the State are requested to:

1. Issue suitable instructions to the Deputy Educational Officer, Mandal Educational Officer etc., to identify the schools, functioning without proper permission/ recognition immediately. 

2. Issue the show cause notices to the un-recognised institutions to close down immediately. 

3. If any institution fails to respond to the show cause notice, get such schools closed down forcibly with the help of the local police and impose penalty on those schools as per rules in vogue. 

4. Make the list of Un-recognized schools of the District/ Mandal available with the Mandal Educational Officer/ Deputy Educational Officer so that the lists are accessible to the students/parents. 

5. Give wide publicity using Social media to enlighten the parents not to join their children in any un-recognized school. 

6. Ensure that the periodical inspections are done by the Dy.E.Os/MEOs properly and remedial steps are taken at the appropriate time for closure of un-recognized schools. 

7. The District Educational Officers and Regional Joint Directors of School Education shall also visit the schools randomly and initiate action instantaneously.



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