Construction of Kitchen cum stores - as 10th component of Nadu Nedu scheme


(Director of Mid Day Meal &.  School Sanitation, Andhra Pradesh)

 Memo.No. ESE02-27021129/2019-MDM-CSED, ated:18.09.2020

Sub:      School Education-Mid Day Meal Scheme-Construction of Kitchen cum stores -Request for furnish of details of construction  of Kitchen cum Stores under Mid Day Meal Scheme-Request-Reg.

Ref:      1.C&'DSEProc.R.C.No.346/MDMI2011 ,Dated:20.02.2016.

2.Lr.F.No.6-112018-mdm-2-1,Dated     :16.01.2019    of    the    Under Secretary to Gol, New Delhi.

 Personal attention   of  the  District   Educational  Officers  is  invited   that   the Government of India  have sanctioned 50529 Kitchen Sheds @ Rs.60,0001 - per Kitchen Shed for the  construction  of Kitchen sheds for  Primary & Upper Primary in combined State of Andhra Pradesh State under Mid Day Meal scheme under Phase-l in the years from 2006-07 to 2007-2008. After  bifurcation  of the State, 31213 No.of Kitchen sheds @Rs.75,000/-  to the residual Andhra Pradesh State.

In the year 2011-12,the Government of India have sanctioned 24,754 Kitchen- cum-store rooms @  Rs.1.50 Lakhs per unit with  plinth  area of 28 Sq.Mt for combined Andhra Pradesh for  the  year  2011-12 under MDM programme  under  Phase-II. After bifurcation   of the  State,  13925 No.of  Kitchen sheds @ Rs.1,50,000/ - to  the  residual Andhra Pradesh State.

In the year 2018-19, the  Government of India have sanctioned 16689 Kitchen- cum-store  rooms @ Rs.2.90 Lakhs per unit  with  plinth  area of  20 Sq.Mt under MDM programme In SSMCmeeting,  the  Principal  Secretary  to  Government,  School Education Department has directed  to complete  the work of construction  of remaining Kitchen cum Stores under Mid Day Meal under NaaduNedu.

In view  of  the  above,  all  the  District  Educational  Officers  in  the  state  are requested to  submit  the  data  about  the  schools (covered under  nadunedu phase 1 program)  about  availability   or  non  availability    of  Kitchenshed  in  the  following proforma  urgently  as Honourable Chief Minister  has instructed  to   take  up kitchen cum stores construction  as 10th component of Nadu Nedu scheme.

This may be treated  as most urgent

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