Friday, September 11, 2020

Complete the E-SR process before 30.09.2020

From                                TO: All Heads of Departments Pay and Accounts Officer AP, 
N. Mohana Rao, 
 Lr No. PAO/COORD/2020-21/50, Dt: 10-09-2020
 Sub: CFMS - Implementation of HCM Module in all HODs - Immediate Upload of Service Rules and eSR data into HCM System on or before 30-09-2020 - Reg. 
1. GO MS.No 99 (Finance HRII-FR) Dept, dated 27-06-2018 
2. GO MS. No 77 General Administration (Services - A) Dept, dt: 03-08~2020 
3. Instructions of the Principal Finance Secretary, Dt. 10-09-2020. 
 * * * *
 I invite your personal attention to the above subject. I inform that the Government of Andhra Pradesh is in the process of implementing Comprehensive Financial Management System encompassing automation of the public Finance Management and Human Capital Management. The Phase I of CFMS covered Expenditure, Receipt and Budget modules which are already rolled out with effect from 01-04-2018. The Phase II of CFMS covers the HCM module and works modules. The HCM module mainly covers the total life cycle of employees and pensioners. The salient features of the module are: 
 1. Maintenance of all Organisation Units (offices) along with relationships i.e., hierarchy. 
2. Maintenance of Department wise Cadre strength 
 3. Maintenance of Org Unit wise positions (cadre strength) 
 4. Maintenance of employee master data 
 5. Pay Structures and Centralised Payroll system 
 6. Electronic Service Register 
 7. Service Rules Master and System driven Service Rules Engine 
 8. Employee Self Services(ESS) - Employee requests like Leave requests, Loan' requests etc  
9. Employee Life Cycle Management (ELCM) - Promotions, transfers, increments etc 
10. Secured data management and roll based access controls 

 The primary focus of HCM is to create a well Knit horizontal and vertical work flows among all the units of Governance for ensuring a comprehensive and uniform Human resources management and facilitate an automated management of Employee Life Cycle events right from entry into service to exit on superannuation including conversion to a pensioner through Employee Self Service (ESS). Standard Payroll run process of SAP is in place to generate pay bills including arrear bills.

This module is implemented on pilot basis in 6 departments (5 HODs and Finance Secretariat) under administrative control of the Finance Department from 15t April 2020. Earlier meetings was already convened by the Finance Department on e" May 2020· and 6th August 2020 with all Finance Nodal Officers including 35 Secretariat Departments to emphasise the need of implementing HCM module and also to demonstrate the key process covered in this module along with process changes. As ESS and ELCM are dependent on past events, converting of existing physical Service Registers is the key to run ESS and ELCM processes in HCM. Therefore, it is immediate need to capture all past events as recorded in physical Service Registers. Further, the employee records with which the pay bills are now generated in HRMS (000 request application) have to be confirmed by DDOs to ensure the correctness before transferring them to HCM module of CFMS as these records form the basis for generation of payroll. 
 An internal review on e-SR data entry revealed that the progress of data entry by various departments is very slow. It is felt that the following activities have to be taken up on priority basis so as the HCM module is implemented smoothly in all departments. 
 1. Employee events as recorded in physical Service Registers have to be fed into Electronic Service Registers through the application provided for it. The application is active and log ins are provided to all employees and DDOs for data entry and confirmation. 
 2. The Payroll Data as available in HRMS (000 request application) has to be confirmed by the DDOs for migration into HCM System. 
 3. Data entry of service rules of each department in to the application provided by the APCFSS. Therefore as directed by the Principal Finance Secretary, it is requested to all the departments (as annexure) to expedite the data entry of departmental service rules and e- SR records of all the employees and complete the process on or before 30-09-2020 for smooth implementation of HCM Module and also nominate one nodal officer from each HOD for this purpose. It is also requested to send your JD/DD (Administration) and 000 to the awareness meeting scheduled to be held on 15th and 16th September, 2020 in 3rd Floor of C- Block, Anjaneya Towers, Ibrahimpatnam as per the schedule given in the Annexure.. download copy



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