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Implementation of Panel Inspection System for the High Schools

Sub:- School Education – Annual Inspection Calendar for conducting of Inspections – Implementation of Panel Inspection System for the High Schools and High School sections attached to Jr. Colleges –Instructions - Reg.
1. G.O. Ms. No. 32 Edn, (Rules) dated: 2-2-1988.
2. A.P. Educational Inspection Code- 1996.

1. Govt. In the G.O. ref. 1st read above, have defined the Inspection and Visit rules wherein it has been mentioned about Panel Inspection System and it has been in practice for a long time, but has become almost non functional for quite some time. But in order to ensure quality education,
Panel Inspection System needs to be made functional.
2. The Panel Inspection system is designed for the purpose of inspection of academic activities including teaching and evaluation of all the subjects being imparted in the high schools as well as different medium of high schools like Telugu, English, Urdu, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, Oriental Languages (Sanskrit,Arabic) and Oriya in the A.P. State by all the Inspecting Officers irrespective of their affiliation of subjects.
3. Therefore, the following guidelines and instructions are issued to all the field functionaries of the School Education Department for implementation with immediate effect.
• For this purpose All Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers should have the list of no. of medium of schools and number of subjects being taught in all the schools
• They should enlist the expert subject teachers, medium and language teachers in their jurisdiction at the first instance.
• All the names of above experts should be empanelled and mandal wise / division wise / district wise lists be prepared for use by the respective field functionaries.
• The above list should be communicated to all the field functionaries under their jurisdiction with specific instructions to prepare monthly  panels for the purpose of mandals, zones, etc.
• As far as possible the inspection teams shall be drafted taking the School Complex as a unit.
• The inspecting authorities of educational institutions should be instructed sufficiently for conducting monthly panel inspections and submit the report to the reviewing authorities promptly.
• Qualified Headmasters / subject teachers as well as medium subject/lLanguage teachers with having 10 years of service put in, in the subjects and medium of instruction should be enlisted in the empanelment duly following the criteria.
a. Reputation as good teacher among students,
b. Participation in service programmes of teachers and Science Fairs, Seminars etc.,
c. Contribution to publications and research etc., and
• Two and more panels shall be constituted in a division with the subject experts / teachers from the identified empanelment list in the division / district.
• The subject teachers should not be selected as the members of the Panel Inspection Team to inspect their home schools.
• The Inspecting Officer is the head of the Panel Inspection Team ie., RJDSEs / DEOs / DyEOs in their respective jurisdiction.
• The Inspecting officer shall explain the inspection procedures to the panel members before conducting inspections to the schools.
• The Inspecting Officer shall have discussions with the panel members for evaluating the performance of teachers and for finalizing the reports in each institution.
• The Inspecting Officer should focus mainly on school administration, school plan, maintenance of registers, utilisation of funds etc., along with all the academic matters.,
• The subject teachers should focus on class room teaching of the teachers on their concerned subjects, ie., observe the work of teachers in the class room and the other work related to his / her subject. For this purpose two types of formats may be prepared for evaluating the class room teaching of the teachers have been prescribed, one for the language subjects and another for nonlanguage
• Panel Inspection Team may be evaluated on instruction & evaluation procedure on teaching of school subjects of the teachers. And observe / inspect the instructional facilities provided in the schools
ie., library, laboratories, audio & visual aids, computer lab, digital class rooms / virtual class etc., and their functioning.
• The inspection team should also observe the performance of the students in the class room to assess teaching abilities of the teachers.
• The Panel Inspection Team shall asses keeping in view the constituents shown viz., i) teaching of school subjects – instruction, evaluation procedure and ii) instructional facilities (library, A.V.Aids,
File No.ESE02-30/102/2020-A&I -CSE
computer labs, digital, virtual class rooms etc) – physical facilities managements and services.



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