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DSC 2019 (SPL) - Instructions for complete the process - All Districts Merit Lists

Sub:- SE-IEDSS- Special DSC-2019-Recruitment to the post of School Assistant(Special Education) – Completion of recruitment process – Instructions issued – Reg.  
1. Government memo No.ES01-SEDN0CSE (RECT)/2/2018 Dated 8.2.2019. 
2. Go.Ms.No.24 School Education Exams Department Dated 15.2.2019 
3. Notification No.768/TRC1/2018-1 dated 15.2.2019. 
4. G.Oms.No.31 school Education Exams department Dated 6.5.2019. 
5. Hon’ble High court orders in W.P.No.6705 of 2019 dated 24.3.2020. 
6. Government memo No.ES01-SEDN0CSE (RECT)/2/2018 Dated 23.06.2020.

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All the District Educational Officers in the state are aware that notification was issued on 15.02.2019 for Special DSC-2019(IEDSS). The Teachers Recruitment Test was completed on 30.06.2019. Accordingly Merit lists were declared. 

     In view of the above, the following instructions are issued keeping in view of the guidelines given by the Government from time to time to complete the recruitment process of Special DSC-2019(IEDSS):


The number of posts notified with reference to the roster points, already displayed in the website for Special DSC 2019 should be verified and kept ready for the information of the District Selection Committee.

1.       A Provisional merit cum roster list shall be prepared out of qualified candidates to the extent of vacancies notified.

2.       Draw the Provisional Selection List as per Merit List based on the Rank assigned to the candidate and as per the Roster notified in the Web. Provisional list of Candidates is prepared based on the marks secured by them in the Computer Based Test of Special DSC 2019 and Service weightage marks, the personal details, study details and declarations submitted by them in their online application.

3.       While drawing the Provisional Selection List, 300 Roster Cycle should be followed scrupulously.

4.       Percentage of Local and Open has to be followed basing on the Presidential Order.

5.       No correction such as changing of Community, Date of Birth, Educational qualifications should be entertained. As such based on the details submitted by the candidates in the application form, the ranks were generated. Hence, any corrections, will lead to re-drawing of merit list, which will result in legal complications.

Court Cases:-

6.       The District Selection Committee may take a decision based on the Court Orders, as per the notified conditions as specified in G.O. Ms. No. 24 Education Dated:15.02.2019 and its amendments.

7.       The Selection Committee may download the Provisional Selection List of candidates through the software tool provided by Commissioner, School Education as per the roster points.

8.       The District Educational Officer should confirm the list of provisionally selected candidate’s with the Selection Committee.

9.       The provisionally selected candidates may be called for verification of certificates on the date and venue assigned by the Selection Committee. SMS alert to this effect will be delivered to the Registered Mobile Number of the candidate. The DEOs should give a wide publicity about the venue and date in Print and Electronic media.

10.     The candidate in turn should download the Intimation Letter from

11.     The candidates should bring the Original Certificates along with the Intimation Letter downloaded to the Verification venue notified.

12.     The District Educational Officer shall be the officer in-charge for his respective District for verification of certificates of candidates in the provisional list and for confirmation of candidature submitted by the candidate in his/her online application.

13.     Verification of certificates should be done with reference to the original documents relating to the data submitted by the candidates. For verification of the documents, eligibility norms and check list are provided. The documents produced by the candidate will be checked and decided as to whether the candidate is fulfilling the eligibility norms as submitted in the application or if there is any discrepancy in the data submitted in the application.

14.     After verification of documents, if the candidate is found to be fulfilling the eligibility norms his/her candidature may be confirmed.

15.     The Final selection List, appointment order will be issued by the Selection Committee and Member Secretary, Selection Committee of Special DSC 2019 after verification of all the relevant documents of the candidate that support the data submitted by him/her in his/her online application.

 16.    Arrangements to be made by the Selection Committees

                      i.    The DEOs should arrange the required number of teams and other personnel as shown in the proceedings so that the teams and other personnel get well acquainted with their role and the process of verification. The officers identified should be supplied with the copy of Eligibility norms, guidelines for verification, and notification for getting thorough with the eligibility conditions and other relevant information required for conducting error free verification.

                    ii.    The entire required infrastructure i.e., Computers, Printers, Internet, Stationery etc., should be arranged well in advance for smooth conduct of verification.


 a.      Table I: (Attendance) The Officers should sit team wise along with the provisional Selection List of candidates called for verification during that particular day take the signature of the candidates. After the attendance, candidate will be sent to the next table for further verification.

b.      Table II: (Knowing the Community details) Officers sitting at Table II will have the community details of the candidates. This team should verify the community of the candidate with reference to the provisional selection of the category of the candidate. If the candidate is found to belong to any of the reserved community, he/she may be directed to Table III where officers from different Welfare Departments are available for verification of community certificates. If the candidate belongs to OC category he/she may be directly sent to the Table-IV allotted for that particular team.

c.      Table III: (Community Verification) Officers from Welfare Departments are at Table III will verify the community certificates presented by the candidates. After verification of community certificate, the candidate shall be issued a slip by the concerned Welfare Department officer confirming the genuineness of the community certificate. Candidates with genuine certificates will be referred to Table IV. If any candidate’s certificate is found to be not genuine, they shall be directed to the Camp Officer, nominated by the Selection Committee for necessary action.

d.      Table IV:(Certificates Verification) The District Educational Officer should be provided a copy of the online application submitted by the candidate to the verification officers at Table No.IV. The candidate shall show the slip issued by the concerned welfare officer to the verification officers at Table IV along with the other documents. The verification officers should check all the documents produced by the candidates as per the check list and verify with the eligibility norm list.

Verification should be made in the following sequential order:

                i.     To verify the online data submitted by the candidate, with candidates name, father’s name, date of birth and identification marks of the candidate as per the SSC or its equivalent original certificate and RCI Certificate  produced by the candidate.

               ii.     If the candidate has submitted his community as SC/ST/BC or as PH or as Exserviceman the relevant documents should be verified. The relevant document would be the Community slip issued by Welfare Officers at Table III confirming the community certificate produced by the candidate.

               iii.     If PH candidate is selected under PH Category, a letter will be addressed to the concerned referral hospitals given in Annexure-III for issuing of concerned disability certificate. The Selection Committee should ensure that the Disability Certificate is issued prior to the date of submission of application by the candidate.

              iv.     In case of Ex-serviceman, the candidate himself/herself should have served in the Defence Department. The certificate issued by Department of defence should be verified if submitted as Ex-servicemen. Children of Exservicemen cannot claim recruitment under Ex-servicemen category.

               v.     The information relating to the certificates verified will be noted in the manual check list.

              vi.     Verification of the study details of the candidate as uploaded in the online application form will be done with reference to documents produced and the local status will be noted in the check list.

             vii.     Verify the Educational qualifications of the candidate as per the eligibility norm prescribed in G.O.Ms.No.24, Edn., dated:15.02.2019.

             viii.     While verifying the Certificates, if the Selection Committee Officers find any candidate with backlogs in Professional courses (Spl D.Ed/Spl B.Ed, etc) in the provisional selection list, such candidates' selection may be rejected.

              ix.     During verification it must be ensured that the date of acquiring requisite qualifying certificate/s is same as submitted in the online application form and it is acquired prior to the notification date.

               x.     If all the above details are found to be correct, the conclusion should be recorded on the check list as to whether all the norms are fulfilled or any discrepancies are noticed or any documents are still to be submitted by the candidate.

              xi.     After completing the verification of the documents, one hard copy of the requisite certificates produced by the candidate should be taken and put in one folder along with the downloaded online application, tentative selection letter and check list recorded by the verification officers. The Hall Ticket number and other details should be noted on the folder. The folder should then be handed over for safe storage.

             xii.     The Camp Officer in any case should sign the check list and handover one copy to the candidate.

             xiii.     If the candidate has fulfilled all the eligibility conditions the concerned folder should be sent to the teams arranged for feeding the data on to the weblink provided by the Commissioner, School Education. After data entry the folder relating to the candidate should be sent to the camp officer.

            xiv.     No extension of time shall be allowed to the candidates to produce the requisite qualification/ community/Ex serviceman/PHC/ Sports certificate/ Local status certificate.

             xv.     If the certificate in the Provisional Selection list is not found to be genuine, if he/she fails to produce the requisite certificates at the time of verification or is absent for verification of certificates, such candidate shall candidates shall not be selected and will forego the right for selection. A speaking order on the same day will be given.

            xvi.     In the place of the non selected candidate from the Provisional Selection list, the next eligible candidate/s shall be informed to attend certificates verification on designated date and time by drawing a revised Provisional Selection list/s.

           xvii.     The Final Selection List shall be drawn by the Selection Committee after completing the process of verification of certificates. The number of candidates finally selected shall not be more than the number of vacancies notified for that particular category of post.

           xviii.     In the process, posts if any unfilled, for any reason whatsoever, shall be carried forward for future recruitment.

            xix.     After such publication of the Final Selection list, the Selection Committee and Member Secretary, Selection Committee of Special DSC 2019, will issue Appointment Orders to the selected candidates.

             xx.     There shall not be any waiting list and selection made shall be final.







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