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Nadu Nedu –Procurement of materials- Specifications-Brand names

School Education Department-Nadu Nedu –Procurement of materials- Specifications-Brand names–communicated – regarding.

Memo.No.1157791/MBNN/2020   Dt.#ApprovedDate#  

Construction of Toilets with continuous water: 
i. Urinals: Central procurement and supplied based on the indent. (Field Engineer to indent through App )
ii. Wash Basins:Central procurement and supplied based on the indent. ( Field Engineer to indent through App) 
iii. Water Closets (Indian & European): Central procurement and supplied based on the indent.(Field Engineer to indent through App ) 
iv.Sanitary pipes: 75 mm/110 mm/150 mm dia 4kg/cm2 PVC for pipes, bends, elbows, junction boxes of Supreme /Finolex/ Sudhakar. 
Water Supply fittings: 
a. Pipes: 22.20 mm/28.60 mm/41.30 mm dia PVC pipes of Aaseervad/Astrol flow guard /Supreme /Finolex. 
b. Taps: 12.70 mm dia bib taps, push cocks of Jaguar /Hindware/Cera/Alton or 12.70 mm PVC taps of Prayag/ Watertec /Supreme /Horseway /Impoda 
Flooring and dedoing:
600mm x 600 mm size double charged non- skid vitrified tiles of Jhonson & Jhonson /KazariaSoamny /Nitco /Simpolo /Varmora and 45 mm x 300 mm size tiles of Johnson & Jhonson /Khajaria /Somany /Nitco/Bajaj/ HSIL (Hindware).

Electrification with Fans & Tube lights: 

i. Ceiling Fans: a. Demo schools only: Maximum of 5 Fans (4+1) per each class room/staff room and maximum of 3 per HM room based on the actual requirement. 

b. 1200mm 3 blade sweep high speed of Crompton/Usha/ GEC/Havels/Orient/GM. 

c. All other schools: Central procurement and supplied based on the indent. 

Approved supplier: Crompton.  

Tube lights: 

a. Maximum of 5 Tube lights (4+1) per each class room,4 per staff room, 4 per HM room and one per each verandah, 2 at Compound gate, one at toilet block, 2 for building back side corners based on the actual requirement. 

b. 1200mm length LED 20W Tube lights of Crompton/Philips/Havels/Policab/Legrand/ Goldmedal/ GM. 

Sockets: a. 16Amp and 6Amp socket per each room, HM room/Staff room of Crompton/Philips/Havels / Policab / Legrand /Goldmedal/ GM. 

Switches: a. Modular switches equal to the number electrical points of Crompton/Philips/Havels/ Policab /Legrand /Gold medal/ GM. v. PVC electrical pipes: a. 1.8 mm thick and 20 mm dia pipes in walls, 2.20 mm thick and 20 mm dia pipes in slabs of Sudhakar /Supreme/Nandi /Asirwad/Monarch/Finolex/GM. 

Copper lead wire (Multi lead wire): a. 7/20 (4.0, 3/20 (3.20 1/18 (1.0 copper multi lead wires of Havels /Policab /Goldmedal /Finolex/GM. vii.DB & MCB: a. 4way TPN, 8way TPN of Crompton /Havels /Policab/Legrand/Goldmedal/ GM.


i. 43/53 grade OPC cement shall be used. ii. Bharati Cements Pvt. Ltd/Bhavya Cements Pvt. Ltd/Dalmia Cement (Bharat) ltd/JSW Cements Ltd/My Home Industries Pvt. Ltd/Parasakti Cement Industries Ltd/Penna Cement Industries Ltd./Rain Cements Ltd./Sagar Cements ® Ltd/Sagar Cements Ltd/Sri Jaya jyoti cements Pvt. Ltd/Sri chakra cements Ltd/India Cements Ltd/The KCP Ltd./The Ramco Cements Ltd/Ultra Tech Cements Ltd/Zuari Cements Ltd/ Birla/Raasi/Ambuja/ACC.

IV.Steel: i. Fe 500 grade steel of Vizag TMT/Visakha steels /JSW/TATA.

V. Leak Proof material: 

i. Dr.Fixit/Master seal/New coat cool/Proofex/Fosroc/ Pidilite. 

VI.Drinking Water Supply: 

i. In case the demo schools are ready in all shapes the HMs & PCs can procure from the manufacturers within the cost norms communicated. 

ii. For the schools with students strength 75 and above Stainless Steel Water Filter with two stainless steel tanks having sizes 500 lit, 300 lit shall be procured. 

iii.For the schools with students strength less than 75 Stainless Steel Mini Water Filter shall be procured. iv.The Water Filters will be supplied through central procurement system within 10 days. Meanwhile these can be purchased from manufacturers to avoid delay.


i. The dual desks, teacher tables and chairs, teacher almirahs shall be supplied through indent system from agencies fixed already 

ii. Dual desks to students: The number of desks shall be arrived as half of the students strength or the class room space available, whichever is less. 10 % extra students over the present strength shall be taken to arrive for the student numbers. One bench can accommodate two children only. 

iii.Three type of dual desks will be supplied. a. 

Dual Desk 

 Type-I: For students from class I to III.Approved supplier is Methodox systems Pvt Ltd. Multi colour benches will be procured for this purpose.b. Dual Desk 

Type-II: For students from class IV to VI. Approved supplier is Zenith. Green colour benches would be procured for this type c. Dual Desk Type-III: For students from class VII to X. Approved supplier is Methodox systems Pvt Ltd.Blue colour benches shall be procured for this purpose iv.Teachers tables: As per the actual requirement. Size 1200 mm x 590 mm x 750 mm. Approved supplier 21st Century. 

v. Teachers chairs: 

As per actual number. Approved supplier: 21st Century. vi.Almarahs to Teachers: Size 1980 mm x 900 mm x 450 mm. One almarah for 4 teachers. For each extra number of teachers over and above multiples of 4 one extra Almarah can be added. Approved supplier: Methodox systems pvt. Ltd. 

VIII.Green Chalk Board: 

i. All the black chalk boards shall be replaced with green chalk board. These boards shall be supplied based on the indent from HMs App 

ii. Number of boards shall be arrived based on the number of class rooms at one board per one class room 

iii.Specification: Ceramic steel writing board of size 2400mm x 1200 mm with vitreous enamel steel sheet made of 0.3 mm to 0.4 mm thick steel sheet (having vitreous enamel coating both sides) 0.095 mm thick top surface coating and back surface coating thickness of 0.03 mm supported with 9 mm thick MDF board back support and backing with 0.25 mm thick galvanized steel fixed with anodized aluminum frame 20 mm wide and 1.20 mm thick. 

iv.Approved supplier: Prince Board India. 


i. Walls & Ceilings: 

a. The old surfaces shall be properly racked out and shall be cleaned to ensure surface is dust free. 

b. Top quality paints and top brands shall be used. 

c. Wall putty shall be applied for wall surfaces and ceiling surfaces and smooth surfaces. 

d. For inside faces and ceilings two coats of acrylic emulsion shall be applied over the wall putty coat.

e. For outside faces two coats of acrylic weather proof emulsion shall be applied over the wall putty.

 Further it is to inform that the base rates and negotiated rates of various brands are being put in the STMS for the purpose of HMs, Parent committee members , Field engineers. They shall not pay more than the rates put in the STMS. The field officials shall check the STMS from time to time and update their information about the rates of various brands. The District Administration and JC (Development) may further bargain the following materials using the services of Dy director mines, CTOs. 

 i. Aggregate (granite) – 40 mm, 20 mm, 12 mm, 6 mm – stone crushers in the district. 

ii. Steel 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm – stockists in the district. 

iii.Granite stone for flooring – granite industry 

iv.Tiles for walls in toilet – tiles stockists/manufacturers in the district. 

v. Bricks – with kiln owners vi.Electrical items Hence All the District collectors, Joint Collectors (Development), DEOs, APCs, Executive Engineers shall ensure the Parents Committee and HMs are not stuck up in selection of brands and purchasing the materials and the Nadu Nedu works gets completed by 31st July 2020.



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