Tuesday, May 26, 2020

CLEP-II - Spoken English Program for Teachers from 27-5-2020 to 30.06.2020 through Webina

School Education – CLEP-II - Spoken English Program for Teachers from 27-5-2020 to 30.06.2020 through Webinar – Instructions- Issued.

Ref : Proposal from Special Officer Project, English Medium Instruction & Director, SIEMAT, Samagra Shikha, AP, Amaravthi.

  1. All the Regional Joint Directors, District Educational Officers, Principals of DIETs, Academic Monitoring Officers, Mandal Educational Officers, Key Resource Persons, State Resource Persons and District Resource Persons in the state are hereby informed that the CLEP-II webinar series was received very well by the teacher community and there is an increased demand for spoken English
  2. program by all the teachers. Hence in continuation of the CLEP program, five week Spoken English program as a part of CLEP-II is hereby arranged for the Teaching community through Live Webinar series from 27-05-2020 to 30-06- 2020.
  3. All DEOs will be the administrative in charge to conduct this Spoken English program and DIET principals will be the course monitoring officer. All the teachers teaching primary schools, high schools shall attend the course.
  4. All the Key Resource Persons are responsible for their respective Districts under the supervision of DIET principals and DEOs. The WhatsApp group formed for CLEP-II webinar series shall continue to guide their groups if there are any doubts. MEO’s will closely monitor the active participation of Teachers in their respective mandal.
  5. All the teachers are hereby informed that the Spoken English program will start from 27.05.2020 to 30.06.2020 through webinar. The schedule and course details are attached herewith. Everyday all the Teachers shall watch the program through webinar allotted for the day. The relevant study material and self assessment tests will be circulated like the previous CLEP-II webinar program and a grand test will be conducted based on which course completion certificate will be given.
  6. All District Educational Officers in the state are requested to communicate the above instructions along with the course details and schedule of the Spoken English program to all the DIET Principals, AMOs, MEOs, KRPs, SRPs, DRPs and to the teachers concerned with instructions to follow the above guidelines without fail. \
  7. All AMOs in the state are requested to monitor the training program closely. MEOs should ensure daily participation in Webinar under the guidance and supervision of DIET Principals and DEOs. All teachers are requested to extend full support to make this program grand success.
  8. The State Nodal officer for CLEP -II is Director, 
SCERT and nodal officer for IT related activities is Sri Pokuri Sreenivasa Rao with contact number- 9849045684.


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