Monday, March 8, 2021

Municipal merging Teachers salaries clarification

 Rc.No. 13029/11/2020-EST 3 Dated:06/03/2021.

Sub:- School Education – Certain court cases filed by the teachers working in MPP/ZPP Schools in the limits of Municipal Corporation/Municipalities to continue them in the same schools – Dismissal of W.P.s by the Hon’ble High Court – Certain Instructions – Issued – Continuation Orders – Issued.

Read :- 1.G.O.Ms.No.53 SE Department dated 12-10-2020. 2.G.O.Ms.No.54 SE Department dated 12-10-2020. 3.Procs.Rc.No.13029/11/2020-EST 3, Dt.08.01.2021 of this office. 4.Common Orders of the Hon’ble High Court of AP dated 25-01- 2021. 5.This Procs.Rc.No.13029/11/2020-EST 3-CSE dt.30-01-2021 and 31-01-2021. 6. Common Orders of the Hon’ble High Court of AP dated 05-02- 2021 in 21 WPs. 7. This Procs. ESE02-13029/11/2020-EST 3-CSE dt.15-02-2021.


In continuation of this orders issued in reference 5th and 7th read above, all the District Educational Officers in the State are requested to claim the salary of the teachers who were relieved from the schools (as per the dismissal orders of the Hon'ble High Court dated 25-01-2021 and 05-02-2021) in the existing left over vacancies (other than Category I and Category II areas) except blocked vacancies to avoid further legal complications. 



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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Biennial Elections - MCC Communicated


Certain court cases regarding Transfers 2020 - Instructions to DEOs

Memo.No. 13029/3/2021-EST 3 Dt:-05/03/2021

Sub:School Education – Writ Petitions filed by certain teachers – Interim \orders by Hon’ble High Court – Certain Instructions– Issued

Ref: 1.Govt., Memo.No.1325804/Services. II/A1/2021, Dated: 26.01.2021. 2.Govt., Memo.No.1327524/Services. II/A1/2020, Dated: 26.01.2021. 3.Govt., Memo.No.1333547/Services. II/A1/2021, Dated: 05.02.2021. 4.Govt., Memo.No.1341309/Services. II/A1/2021, Dated: 09.02.2021.

The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the state are invited to references cited and they are requested to furnish action taken report on the orders of the Hon’ble High Court of A.P., immediately for onward submission of the same to the Government for taking further action in the matter.

Further they are informed that under no circumstances, any of the above cases shall not be escalated to the level of contempt of court on the Prl.Secy., to Govt. in which case, responsibility shall be fixed up on the concerned and action shall be initiated against them under Rule – 20 of A.P.C.S (CC&A) Rules, 1991, duly obtaining their written explanation as per the rules in vogue.

D Devananda Reddy, JOINT DIRECTOR (Ser.)


Memo. No. 1325804/Services.  IIIA 1/2021.  Dated:   26/01/2021  .

Sub:-School  Education   Dept. -  High Court of AP.   Interim orders  in WP.No's.    23883, 21293,23885,23918,       22215,23919    and 21307  of 2020 filed  by certain  teachers   to continue in their respective  work  places  which  have been merging  in Municipalities   - Regarding


1.  From    the Asst.  Registrar,  Hon'ble  High Court, AP.,   Orders  dated:  15.12.2020 in   W.P.No.23883/2020.

2.  From    the Asst.  Registrar,  Hon'ble  High-Court,  AP.,   Orders  dated:  10.12.2020 in   W.P.No.21293/2020.

3.  Fro~m the Asst.  Registrar,  Hon'ble  High Court, I,\.P., Orders  dated:  15.12.2020 in   W.P.No.23885/2020.

4.  From    the Asst.  Registrar,  Hon'ble  High Court, AP.,   Orders  dated:  15.12.2020 in   W.P.No.23918/2020.

5.  From    the Asst.  Registrar,  Hon'ble  High Court, AP.,   Orders  dated:  11.12.2020 in   W.P.No.22215/2020.

6.  From    the Asst.  Registrar,  Hon'ble  High Court, AP.,   Orders  dated:  15.12.2020 in   W.P.No.23919/2020.

7.  From    the Asst.  Registrar,  Hon'ble  High Court, AP.,   Orders  dated:  10.12.2020 in   W.P.No.21307/2020.

The  attention   of  the   Director   of  School   Education,   AP.    is  invited   to  the  subject references   cited.   He  is  informed   that,  the  Hon'ble  AP  High  Court  have  disposed   off  the following    W.Ps   with   certain    directions    to   respondents;    Apart   from   concerned    District Educational   Officer,  the  Prl.  Secretary   to  Govt. & Director  of  School   Education,   A.P.,  were also made respondents   in the said W. Ps

2.In the circumstances   stated  above,  the  D.S.E.,   A.P.,  is hereby   directed   to  monitor that  all the  cases  are  properly   examined    at  D.S.E.,   / D.E.O   level;  obtain   legal  opinion if necessary    and  take   immediate    action   either  to  challenge    in the  higher   courts   with justification or to  dispose   off  representations keeping   in view the  extant   rules  in force, as directed by  Hon'ble   Court.

3.He  is further    informed    that  under   no  circumstances,      any  of  the  above   cases shall   be  escalated    to  the  level   of  'contempt    of  court'   on  the  Prl.  Secy.,   to  Govt,   in which   case,  responsibility     shall  be fixed  up on the concerned  and action  shall  be initiated against  them  under  Rule  - 20  of A.P.C.S  (CC&A)  Rules,  1991,  duly  obtaining   their  written explanation  as per the rules in vogue.

4. A compliance    report  shall  be furnished   in each  case  to  Government    for  record.

High Court case Clarifications

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Friday, March 5, 2021

instructions on International Women's Day on 08.03.2021

 Memo.No.10-A&I-2021 Dated:02.03.2021

Sub:-School Education – International Women's Day on 08.03.2021 – Certain instructions issued – Reg.

Ref:- D.O.No.21-1/2021-IS-11, Dated:24.02.2021 of the Secretary, DoSEL, GoI., New Delhi

The attention of the under mentioned officers is invited to the reference cited and all are aware that every year, 8th March is globally observed as the International Women's Day (IWD) for celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This day is also used as an occasion to reflect and amplify on various issues that come in the way of women's emancipation and hinder realisation of gender equality. Further, in order to take forward the momentum of empowerment of girls and women through education, the International Women's Day may also be observed in the Schools/Educational Institutions with the following suggested activities

a. The day’s topic of instructions in different subjects should focus on women achievers. For example, in Social Studies subject, students may be taught about women freedom fighters in national movement (1857 to 1947), 15 women members of the Constituent Assembly; in Science, about women scientists and discoveries/contribution made by them and In language, literature by women writers and poets. 

b. Special morning assembly-online or offline: Talks on women achievers in different fields, role play, thought of the day, group song on women empowerment, award/recognition to the girl students who have performed well in different fields such as academics/ sports, dance, music, arts, social service and other novel areas.

c. Organize talks by women professionals such as those in armed forces, police, aircraft pilots, locomotive pilots, aerospace engineers, building & construction, scientist etc. and facilitate their interaction with the students.

d. Honoring women faculty members and staff. 

e. Essay writing on prominent/inspirational women of the district where the school/institution is located. 

f. Banner on International Women's Day on all Government websites.  

Therefore, the under mentioned officers are requested to issue instructions to the field level functionaries to organize the above specified activities in all schools under all managements on the eve of International Womens’ Day, 2021.

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Nadu Nedu- Phase-II – Identify Master trainers at District and Mandal level

 Cir.Memo. No.1361273 /2021/MBNN Dated:05/03/2021

SUB: School Education Dept – Mana Badi Nadu Nedu- Phase-II – Identify Master trainers at District and Mandal level – Requested – Reg

Government of Andhra Pradesh has taken up the Project Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Phase-II to provide face lift to all the Government institutions by upgrading the infrastructure facilities in Govt Schools, Govt Hostels, Junior Colleges, DIET, CTE & IASEs, Mandal Resource Centres, Bhavitha Centers, Disabled Welfare Hostels in the State. 

2. It is informed that Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Phase-II will commence from April 1st , 2021 and preparatory work should start immediately to launch program as scheduled. 

3. As part of the preparation activities Master trainers have to be identified for conducting training to stakeholders and implementing officers. 

District Level Master Trainers:-

1. Technical – Not less than in the cadre of Executive Engineer/ Deputy Executive Engineer. (03 members required from each district ) with Civil Engineering background. 

2. Non-Technical - In the cadre of Deputy Educational Officer/AD/ CMO/ GCDO/ ALS ( 02 members required from each District ) 

Mandal Level Master Trainers:- 

3. Techincal - Mandal Engineer/ Sachivalayam Engineer with civil Engineering background . (02 members required from each Mandal) 

4. Non-Technical - Mandal Educational Officer/ Head Master / Active teacher / Cluster Resource Person - ( 02 members required from each Mandal)

Criteria to select the Master trainers:

• Person should be actively associated with Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Program in the District/ Mandal level. 

• Identified trainers should energetic , articulate with a learning attitude and should possess good communication skills. 

• Age of the person should be below 50 years.

4. Therefore, the District Educational officers and Additional Project Coordinators are requested to select 5 Master trainers for District level and 4 Master trainers from each Mandal based on the criteria mentioned in the above paras and send the consolidated list to this office by 08.03.2021.

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